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  1. Don't forget "icky", "cringe"-worthy and not "developmentally appropriate.":blink:
  2. When I was in school, I did an oral presentation on vertigo. One thing I specifically remember saying is that if someone is not sure about having vertigo, he doesn't have it! With vertigo, you will have the illusion that your surroundings are actually spinning. It is usually accompanied by a very bizarre movement of your eyes called nystagmus. Your situation sounds more bp or circulation related.
  3. If you try to forget that the 1999 MP version is trying to be an Austen adaptation, it's actually a beautiful film. Of course it veers far from the book, especially in the characterization of Fanny. But then, I dislike the Fanny from the novel, so I didn't mind the liberties that Patricia Rozema took. I really enjoyed the old BBC Mansfield Park. I think someone else mentioned Fanny being annooying, I agree, but it is still a very complete and wonderful adaptation. You will have to bear with really bad production quality. I didn't fall in love with Northanger Abbey, so I never seen and can't comment on the adaptations. Whichever one you choose, enjoy!
  4. I know who he is. He takes a very agressive stance against evolutionists. What he believes is similar to ICR and AIG. I believe he is in jail right now for refusing to pay taxes, but you might want to double check that.
  5. :iagree: The appendix is a good example. It looked to have no function. It appeared to be nothing more than a vestigial organ. One of my college professors even used the appendix as an example to refute intelligent design. Not too long ago, Duke University found that the appendix does indeed have a function. (It stores good bacteria for your GI tract) Not everything is as it seems. happy researching! I second Darwiin's Black Box. I disagree with ICR and AIG, but it sounds like you want to hear from both camps, so why not check them out?
  6. My daughters dance, cheer, wear spaghetti straps (yikes!!), and will in all likelihood go to their prom(homeschool prom with dancing). HOWEVER!!! If they attended a school , we would make it clear that they are to respect and obey those rules unless the rules violated conscience or religion. In this case, the only thing the rule seems to have violated is fun. I find it very odd that the stepfather would have the boy attend the school if he is so at odds with their rules. I have no idea why the principal signed the paper, but it seems clear that the rule against dancing was in place before he signed it. It seems very unlikely that this family was unaware of the no dancing beforehand.
  7. Well, technically, it's not supposed to. Children are not given a live form of the virus in the vaccination. Technically, it is not supposed to be able to travel and settle in a nerve for later shingles eruption the way live chicken pox would. But then, how to explain her dc getting it? I dunno
  8. You don't have to touch the open sores, you just have to touch something that has been in contact with the sores. Even something that has been in contact with something that has been in contact... you get the picture.
  9. Here in California, a chain called Wahoo's Fish Taco (yum) serves plain white rice topped with a chunky pico de gallo. It is very good with their burritos and tacos. They also serve it with a side of black beans. Again, yum. Pico de gallo is the easiest thing to make. Chop tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, serrano chilis, pinch of cumin, pinch of paprika, salt and pepper, and voila. Just put it on top of cooked and slightly cooled white long grain rice. Oh my gosh. I think I'm going to Wahoo's for lunch today.
  10. My college did not require biology before A & P, so it was not an issue. I took two years of high school biology and I thought that was more than adequate preparation for the 2 A & P's. That said, my school was a real stickler about not waiving prereq's. I'm not sure how much luck she will have in getting that waived. Also, did I read correctly, she wants to waive micro as well? Usually micro is not a prerequisite to A &P because micro is a MUCH harder class. I'm sorry to say, you probably won't get them waived.
  11. Heather, I am not a big drinker, but I definitely enjoy a little merlot with steak, a glass of plum white, heck even a little sake with my sushi. This church that you describe is definitely not one that I would ever consider joining. That said, I am glad that there are churches like this out there. Many of my df's from my youth are recovering alcoholics. It is critical for them to have that social support of non-drinking peers. I never touch a drop of alcohol when I am with them. I think they would appreciate a church that prohibited drinking. I'm not sure that they would appreciate this particular pastor though.:glare:
  12. I don't think that is necessarily a Calvary thing, but rather that particular Calvary you went to. They are each quite different. I have attended three here in California. I have often had my kids with me due to some very clingy stages that a couple of them went through as toddlers. I never had a problem from the churches.
  13. If you are talking about the Diocletian division, I think that was more because of the the existing weakness than a cause of it.
  14. Well, this is the first I have heard of the guy, but I like what I hear. I wonder of Schwarzenegger,here in California, will follow his example:lol:
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