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  1. Can anyone recommend a good curriculum for classical music and famous artists? I'm looking for something appropriate for preschoolers -age 6 or so. Thanks!
  2. :) For a variety of reasons my children are not getting a lot out of their Sunday school classes. It is very important to me that my children receive a good foundation in the stories of the Bible, strengthen their faith, understand Biblical history, are concerned with social justice issues, etc...Unfortunately with a new job on the horizon I don't think I can take a ton of time to prepare fun lessons and fit it in easily with everything else we are doing. I would like an all-inclusive type program (preferably cheap and creative!). Any suggestions? My children are ages 5, 8, 12.
  3. http://www.meetthemasters.com/pricing/homeschools/ Looks like a great program (although I only peaked at it for 5 minutes!)
  4. My children are aged 5, 8, and 12. We've done SOTW and the older ones want something else. I am not opposed to Biblical history in the least but not sure if MOH is done on a more fundamental level that may be difficult to explain.
  5. Hi I don't know much about MOH but was told that it might be what we are seeking for history. We are secular homeschoolers so I am not sure if MOH would be difficult to work with. Any info is much appreciated.thanks
  6. I love all of the suggestions and there were quite a few I haven't heard of. Can't wait to check them out! You're the best!
  7. what would they be? I have a ds12, ds 8, dd 4 and we'll be doing a lot of traveling and camping this summer. Would love to hear everyone's favorites.
  8. Can I have some feedback on some of your favorite early reader books and why? We have the Bob book series and my oldest did not care for them, middle child loved them, and youngest isn't too excited about them. Thank you for your advice!
  9. Is Life of Fred a full curriculum or supplemental materials. And those of you who have used it, what is your opinion? Thanks
  10. I love the super teacher worksheet site, but I've been searching for one for middle school math. I cannot seem to find one that is as comprehensive as the super teacher site. Any suggestions? I am looking for something to supplement 6th grade math this summer not a full curriculum.
  11. the party is tonight and we found out an hour ago.
  12. My son (age 11) is invited to a sleep over party. He has learned that they are going to play Halo 3 tonight. We do NOT allow M games. I think this is wrong of his friend's parents to even be allowing this at the party and we plan on telling them that our son can't play it, but at the same time where will our son go? In another room while their playing it? They even brought a huge larger than life screen tv home so that the kids can have it be more realistic. Our son is really struggling with this. He knows where we stand but wants to go to this party. It will be hard as he will need to stand up for what we stand for. Of course, at the same time he's telling us it's no worse than Star Wars but an M rating is an M rating. correct??? UGh!!!
  13. so I feel like a bad parent as just now I am considering life insurance but overwhelmed trying to figure out which one to use. Financially, term life would make sense as we don't have a whole lot of extra income to put away each month, but I don't like the fact that we'll never see that money again (unless of course we die.) Whole life is a forced savings which would be better for me, but financially we can't put as much toward it. What do you all do?? thanks
  14. I've been searching for a vocabulary site that is similar to spellingcity.com I am using Red Hot Root Words but want to plug in the words to make games to learn the vocab words. thanks.
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