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  1. I finished O Pioneers! by Willa Cather yesterday morning and started The Song of the Lark by the same author immediately after. I'm confused on days, though. I think I need to look at a calendar. Somehow I thought I was two days ahead of schedule! I did enjoy O Pioneers! though there were some things that irritated me about it. I loved the descriptions of the prairie and the relationship of the people to the land. There were so many things I'm familiar with and that I love in those descriptions, and it was obvious that the author had a love for her native Nebraska prairie. I enjoy he
  2. So, it's okay to do it because someone else does it to us? Is that really how we justify our actions? As I said elsewhere, I expect more out of homeschoolers. If anything that shows a bias toward homeschooling, but that's the way it is. -------------- Someone else (with a unicorn icon maybe? can't remember) asked where folks could go to complain about public schools if not a homeschool board. I would answer that complaints about public schools would do the most good when given to the school, the school board, and on up the chain right down to how you vote. You could picket. You coul
  3. We have a home Bible fellowship. We have a 1999 Suburban bought new in 2000 which we haven't driven for two years now and are currently trying to sell now that gas prices have dropped enough where someone might consider buying such a beast. We've been driving a Saturn Ion for the past two years. I miss some things about my Suburban. It certainly was great for dog shows and camping trips--things we don't do as much any more. It would be nicer for driving these rough country roads. (Kansas country roads are generally not paved.) The Saturn sure is cheaper all around. We changed vehi
  4. I cried often in that book. The part you mention was just one instance. My kids had to continually take over the reading.
  5. The Bible is an obvious answer since I'm Christian, but, yes, it's at the top of the list. :D East of Eden comes in second. It has a lot of personal significance for me. These three are inspiring because of they are stories of triumph in difficult circumstances. The Hiding Place I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings The Glass Castle
  6. That sounds like me. I'm a big cry baby. I know better than to ever read Where the Red Fern Grows to my kids. Many places in the Little House series made me cry, but the part where Mary leaves for college was the worst. Summer of the Monkeys Black Beauty The Giving Tree All the Places to Love (which is really sweet and not in the least sad) Julie of the Wolves There are far too many to list. This is just what I can remember offhand.
  7. Copied from the school district's web page: "...to set policy which will have a vision for the future. This vision will assist and challenge teachers in educating our youth, will be responsive to community beliefs, and will strive to bring out the talents and capabilities of all who are involved within the school district." It seems more of a direction for the school board itself than what they would like to see students achieve. It's also pretty darn vague.
  8. Why is support of anti public/private school sentiment necessary for support of homeschooling? I've said it before. This is just another extension of the mommy wars. It's not helpful. It's divisive.
  9. I haven't read the entire thread, just the first and then the last two posts. I would like to say that although my kids are now in ps, I do fully support homeschooling and those who choose to homeschool. I also see things as happening as Pam said above. I know for my own part that I avoided posting in a thread about someone else's recent bad ps experience and subsequent decision to return to homeschooling. I didn't feel I had anything helpful to add since the original post was so vague as to the problem they had encountered. I felt badly for the poster and her daughter. I briefly co
  10. Anyone I know online is an "imaginary friend".:lol:
  11. We watched this last night. Let's just say I will never think of "Dancing Queen" quite the same. If you've seen the movie, you probably know I'm talking about something in the last scene and not that particular number. I didn't see it coming. I missed two references. My family had to rewind it for me. I'm still recovering. I agree with much of what you said about it. The scenery was beautiful. Meryl Streep looked fabulous, and I think she did quite well with the singing. Sophie was gorgeous, but she looked more like 16 than 20 to us. I would love to have or plan a wedding like th
  12. I did not say "working out", I said "working like". This was in reference to the financial impact such a move may or may not have on the schools. I'm just not sure how it would all fall. Ridiculous to say all. What I mean by ridiculous to say "any" is to say it indiscriminately without qualification, not that there are no schools like that. I would have thought you'd understand that. Yes, MY experience was/is good and the experiences of others have been bad. It's anecdotal either way. I certainly don't believe my experience is unique or rare. I do believe that if an honest study w
  13. Gorgeous! I love Arabians. My inlaws and most of the people around here are into Quarter Horses, which are also very nice, but I prefer the finely chiseled features of the Arabian to the blocky heads of the foundation Quarter Horses.
  14. Diva cups, reusable toilet "paper" (cloth wipes for everyone), and the Green Bible I must not be as much of a tree hugger as everyone close to me thinks because I wouldn't use any of these unless I had to.
  15. While I would agree that this sort of thing happens too often (Isn't once too often?), I seriously doubt that it is the norm. Yes, it would be upsetting for the children present in that classroom, and I would hope that the school is dealing with this in some way rather than just ignoring that the kids saw it. I say I hope the school is dealing with it because it is their responsibility since it happened there are likely to be parents who will not deal with it at home. While it must be very confusing for those other children, I feel that children who have witnessed something like that and wh
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