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Any simple stress relief techniques?

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And they have to be things I would actually DO. :glare:


Life is overwhelming right now: new church, big move, challenging kids, financial setbacks, dealing with grief... what else can I think of... one of my best friends is doing chemotherapy, I'm already worried about missing our social network when we move, packing, finding a home, paying bills... just the whole economic situation and the world seems kind of down. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.


Anyhow, I'm feeling so overwhelmed and stressed. I pray a lot. Oh, and I eat. But I'm too sluggish to attempt any really strenuous stress relief programs, and way too busy. I may be able to fit in a walk, but a trip to the gym ain't gonna happen, IYWIM.


The best idea I had today was to peruse some funny blogs. Just laughing hard for half an hour or so left me feeling somewhat better. I took a long hot shower; and had a few minutes of peace while my dh supervised our boys. But do you have any tried and true simple stress busters? I'm getting desperate here.

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Hmmm, I guess drinking heavily is out?:D I don't have a lot for you but a professional massage could do a lot of good. Also, possibly rethinking and praying about priorities. You know simplify as much as possible. Answer the question, WWJD? Why not apply that to all the things you have to do in life? Just a thought. Feel free to look and comment about the plank sticking out of my eye right now.:tongue_smilie:

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Kay, perhaps you can get a few short moment somewhere quiet and just do some deep (but relaxed) breathing. And as you do just listen to the sound of your breath, while letting other thoughts drift from your mind.


This relaxation technique is common in yoga practice, and is a great stress reducer.


I hope this helps you.



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Pray... eat... I sleep, too. Reading helps relieve stress for me. I like cozy Christian fiction. There was a post here recently with book ideas.


I'm a people person, but time alone does energize me, too. And as you can imagine, that's RARE. We used to require all kids to be in their rooms by 9 pm and we have let that lapse. I really need dh to help me reinstate that.


Comedies are great, but I don't take time to find good titles and request them from the library.


What blogs got you laughing? I would love to see a list.


Here are some online videos that get me laughing:


Why Middle Aged Women Should Stay Home‏!



Women Drivers

You have to watch it to the very end...

If you have speakers it's even funnier.




Another video... Father's Love Letter... This helps a lot and I forget about it.


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Warm bubble baths, sleeping late for change, going out for a milkshake BY YOURSELF(insert favorite item for milkshake if necessary). Taking 5-10 each morning for meditation-nothing fancy just quiet time. Of course, if I asked my dh; he always has the same answer for stress. But you would need your dh free for that one:D

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Well, Nathan tells me that laughing releases a happy chemical into our bodies. He tells me that whenever he insists that I listen to joke upon joke from:




They really are the funniest jokes. So, I think your humor idea was a good one.


I know you mentioned exercise, but my indoor bike really helps me -- along with a good movie which I watch at the same time. Maybe just a good movie? A feel-good one?


I love a glass of wine after the kids go to bed, sometimes while I'm taking a hot bath.


A good book relaxes me. Have you ever read The Apothecary's Daughter. It was a delightful read.

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Thanks all!


It's 6 am, and I'm up for my 3 1/2 hour drive down to San Diego to meet with a realtor. Deep breaths.


I used several suggestions last night, and ended up deep breathing, sipping cammomile tea while watching Lost and then a funny show under a snuggly blanket with a heating pad on my feet while my dh kept the positive affirmations going... I'm prepped. I think I can do today. One day at a time!


But I'm coming back to this list when I get home tonight after a long day and 7 hours on the road! Lots of time to pray...

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