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Good bowl for Spaghetti


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I'd like a good bowl for storing Spaghetti in that will not stain. A lid would be preferred instead of needing to mess with cling wrap.


ETA: cooked spaghetti. Complete with spaghetti sauce and meatballs. We usually only make 1 lb of spaghetti at a time. Does not even need to be microwaveavle because we serve onto plates before microwaving.

ETA2: My previous dishes for straining the spaghetti and storing it got used to clean out the worms from their substrate (which we feed to our bearded dragon) and since its all plastic I have NO Desire to trust it with food ever again. It is now pet ware.


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So. after reading  everything here, I realized we have a few glass bowls that are very underutilized (I usually use them for brownies/casseroles) that could be repurposed for spaghetti. Including lids (one has a plastic lid and one has a glass lid) And I went out to Walmart last night and got a colander so I could make the spaghetti today and not wait for an Amazon order to come.


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