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Just a brag!

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My younger son, the one with dysgraphia, just earned the top grade on his university research paper out of a class of 150. Our long, hard struggles are finally nearing an end! When we backed up to The Cat in the Hat at the age of 12, I never thought we would get to this point. Three hours per day of side-by side work on his writing for 5 years has paid off!

But just because it is so funny: he will be getting a writer to fill in the bubbles on a scan tron for the multiple choice part of the final exam. Ah, 2e kids. 🙂  

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7 hours ago, drjuliadc said:

Yay. Anyone who sits by their child for three hours a day for 5 years on one subject requires a medal too!

Yup!  I'm feeling that way! Just like I state in my siggy, it was a very long battle. Every day I had to get my cup of tea and my chocolate, and put on my big girl panties and get the job done. Day after day after day, with no indication that I was getting anywhere until I would look back over a year. I have written a lot about both of our struggles to maintain a good attitude in the face of daily frustration and failure. But we did it, and we did it together. He and I have become very close through this shared struggle. 

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