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  1. Wendyroo, that was so great and detailed. You gave so many specific examples. I like how you took the time to describe it so it is obvious that it isn’t developmentally inappropriate. I think that makes your description impervious to flaming. Emphasizing that it is all input at a young age and not output is what I think makes it appropriate. Worksheets are output. I do something like you did with a lot of rich, intentional language input, although you gave me other options. I did send my kids to Montessori but I taught them pretty much everything you need to know for kindergar
  2. Thanks for responding. You gave me a more well formed idea of what to do. Maybe rude was not the right word, but I was thinking what some of you said, that you can’t expect someone else to parent your child. This is all very new since he’s my oldest and normally, my kids have a lot of extracurricular activities that have been closed lately. I have four children close in age so they really were doing fine with each other until maybe the last week of three months together. My 7 and 9 year-olds seemed to start clashing. Other kids are at our house more than my child is at others. Agai
  3. I started letting my oldest, 9 year old son go to play with friends in our neighborhood if I know the parents. They mostly play outside, ride bikes, fish, feed turtles, ducks and geese at our two lakes, or play at one of the two parks. It is all things I want him to do, and I like him to be outside, so I like him doing it. He is very social and there are a lot of friends around his age here. I don’t let my kids play video games. No judgement at all for others doing so. I have told my son he is not allowed to play video games at other people’s houses, but I know it has happened before lik
  4. I love this idea. I am super excited about your post. I had to look up the word cursus. I really appreciate your example. Without an example I rarely get what people are talking about. I never hear anyone else say this though. Maybe I have a brain glitch. I also want all of your other examples. I know this is too much to ask but it is nice to be wanted isn’t it? My oldest is my “content kid.” He is 9 now but has always been that way. My 7 year old is my “skills kid.” It takes a bit of effort to teach each of them the opposite. The content kid though, I just stuff it in and
  5. The following are all three year old things. Another vote for Water wow. Wooden puzzles. Sensory bins or black beans in a container on top of a cookie sheet (to contain overflow) and measuring spoons and cups worked for one of my kids. It wasn’t independent for the other three. Two of my boys would watch the washing machine work for 20 minutes through the window on the top if I set them up with a step stool to reach. Our washing machine has a child lock. I was able to get two of my three year olds to do readingbear.org independently. I only tried with three of them though. One had
  6. Oh, my sons like Horrible Histories books too. And the same people who make the history graphic novels make science ones. i always hear that graphic novels are good for reluctant boys.
  7. I got a bunch of history graphic novels (comic books) for my oldest from Timberdoodle when they were half off. He also liked Pippo ancient history DVDs I bought before they were, or before I knew they were on Prime.
  8. We have used a wooden United States map that has the states and capitals on it. That worked really well for two of the four of my kids. I also like the CC presidents song. We have Troxel’s Videos, not CDs. We also have a presidents placemat and 2 Disney DVDs on the presidents, which covers maybe half of them. We haven’t used the DVDs yet, but the placemats were good when my husband went over them with my two oldest.
  9. My 4 year old twins started at a local Montessori school this school year. I picked it because they let them go 2 times per week and I like the owner. They announced in late October that they were now an Acton Academy. I need to decide if they will continue to go next fall. They will have to go 3 days per week, but I was going to do that anyway. They meet the age cutoff for Kindy by 5 days but they were born 3 weeks early. There are no grades at Acton Academy, so it doesn’t matter there. I like the public schools here but my kids are too bored until 3rd grade when the gifted progra
  10. This one is more expensive but a little prettier https://www.michaels.com/wood-plank-crate-with-metal-edges-by-ashland/10558274.html?cm_mmc=PLASearch-_-google-_-MICH_Shopping_US_N_AllProducts_N_N_N_N-_-Storage&Kenshoo_ida=&KPID=go_cmp-1545032874_adg-60529718124_ad-293389188136_pla-296941349660_dev-t_ext-_prd-10558274&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiuulqtuF5wIVDhQMCh1lHQt2EAYYASABEgKU5fD_BwE That link is for the small one, but the large one is only 14.99.
  11. I think I should add that I’ve never used TPT for high school English lessons, or actually lessons for anything. I just didn’t want all of what TPT offers to get lumped in with “bad” for those who aren’t going to click on the link. Also why I specifically listed what I have found TPT helpful for, since I haven’t used it for lessons.
  12. I have really loved the things I’ve gotten from TPT, but I’ve never thought of them as curriculum providers. I have used them for cute idiom posters, growth mindset posters, character trait posters and word walls printouts for: Greek and Latin word roots, parts of speech, figurative language, and math. I love their word wall printouts. I do sometimes make flash cards with them but I more often just print them out and put them in a 3 ring folder or binder and make homemade books with them. I usually do that with posters too. I am a huge fan of large, cute and colorful because those
  13. Don’t eat tuna. I thought I was being cautious by only eating fish once per week since some recommendations say eat it no more than twice per week. Nope, I got mercury toxicity anyway. Think it won’t happen to you? It happens to a lot of people who just never figure out that is what happened. My education, experience, persistence and extreme analytical personality intersected to figure out things few other people figure out. Wild salmon has very low mercury content. If you buy it in packets it doesn’t have skin and bones and is naturally on the dry side. Shrimp has undetectable mer
  14. The E/Cs would also require an excess of time, not just money. Thanks for your fun input.
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