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  1. We use olive leaf extract. It has worked for flu, shingles, stomach viruses and 4 cases of chicken pox. It takes a lot of it. For adults, 3 caps three times per day with food. Weight adjust for a child. It is truly miraculous. It made extremely painful shingles painless, stomach viruses go away after one vomit, the flu not even develop, and the chicken pox dry up and scab over in three days in all 4 kids. It wasn’t verified flu. I had a lot of patients come in with the flu about 15 years ago and I started getting a achy all over, really a hallmark sign of the flu. I took 6 OLE pills right then and in an hour all the achy went away and I never got sick.
  2. In order to sell vitamins online from professional supplement companies, they require us to private label them (put our own brand on them). I don’t know of any health care practitioners who would sell anything less than professional brands of supplements because the quality is so low and ingredients unverifiable in anything else. Professional supplement companies sell mainly to health care practitioners, not to drugstores or big box stores. As a chiropractor, my malpractice insurance is $48 a month. I am only part time though. It was less than $100 a month when I was full time.
  3. I do a fair bit of input through video too, but ours is mostly DVDs and I think these are all at our library except the religious ones. I’ll include them in case some might be available to you. My kids love Rock n learn videos, 10 commandments, liberty’s kids, read n share bible DVDs, magic school bus, listening to magic tree house on cds, all leapfrog DVDs, preschool prep math facts and math drills, what’s in the Bible (They make a lot, lot, lot of these and I think my kids will be biblical scholars after absorbing them all. They are that in depth), Character builders. On YouTube, Peter Weatherall, make me genius, StoryBots, numberblocks (more for my three year old twins but my K and 2nd grader are mesmerized by it too). Numberblocks are like DragonBox nooms in a very engaging cartoon format. Character builders are on YouTube somewhere too, which is how we found them, but I bought the updated version on DVDs. Wildkratts on a channel I can’t remember. On pbs kids, fetch with ruff ruffman, odd squad, (Cyberchase which is only slightly educational), and Word girl. I have intended to watch some Bearenstain bears on YouTube and Roman Mysteries but we haven’t yet to say if those are good or not.
  4. I would not be afraid of lithium in nutritional doses. It is an essential nutrient. I find off the chart low lithium as the number one most common finding on hair analysis. It is very common in mercury toxicity. I would be afraid of it too in prescription level doses which are much, much higher. I use one DFH Lithium Synergy per day for adults for three months, then once per week. It helps with memory and mood swings.
  5. Oxide has very low absorption. Glycinate, mslate, aspartate, citrate, threonate are all chelated forms of magnesium that are around 10 times more absorbable than oxide. Oxide can be helpful for constipation though and it is not harmful. it is almost universal for low quality supplements, like those carried in big box stores and drugstores, to have the oxide forms. They are cheaper for a reason.
  6. I have patients try a chelated magnesium, not oxide, to make sure a child is sleeping deeply first, then: Tyrosine, an essential amino acid, raises dopamine, the brain chemical that ADHD drugs mostly affect. Neurolink by Designs for Health has tyrosine and nutrients to support other neurotransmitters. Rarely is there a problem with only one neurotransmitter. I usually recommend it with Brain Vitale, also by Designs for Health, which helps with memory and motivation to learn. But trying one, then the other, then the other is a good idea. Eric Braverman M.D. used to have a great book about raising neurotransmitters naturally and now I can’t find it. Dan Amen and Billie Jay Sahley’s books are good too. It’s really criminal that drugs are even allowed to be recommended before these things. It is an extremely rare pediatrician or psychiatrist who is even aware of these alternatives. We really live in a drug culture.
  7. You look great and have nothing to worry about in nursing school!
  8. Extreme difference in my husband’s asthma. We do 100% natural everything except for Tide Free and Clear because it gets stains out that nothing else does, poop, for example. Fabric softener is the worst. We use wool dryer balls and don’t need it and love not having to buy something over and over again instead of once. They also make things dry faster.
  9. I would try magnesium for sleep issues since 80% of the population is low in it. Probably closer to 100% of spectrum people are low in it. 400 mg per day is the adult RDA amount. Give it with the dinner meal. I also like 5htp better than melatonin. Melatonin works but a person who needs it needs the serotonin too. However 5htp pills are bigger, you have to take more of them and it doesn’t come in a yummy liquid form. That’s why I give my “only hyper at night” 6 year old melatonin at bedtime. Two drops of it do the trick. I am going to investigate getting the 5htp into him somehow though. The mag and melatonin have changed his personality for the better. Good sleep just makes their brain work better on many levels.
  10. I really liked the article, but I don’t know anything about Game of Thrones or enough about Fortnight for any alarms to go off. He seems to be having fun and what he is doing sounds like fun to me too. You can “play” with linear algebra too. I only learned about fortnight this summer from a family we vacation with who are homeschoolers. Haha. My kids go to public school. But their kids are much older than mine. My oldest is 7 and their youngest is in high school. For me, I would have loved to be exposed to advanced academics earlier than I was. I was really upset when I got to high school math and it finally got exciting. I was so miffed that I just spent 8 long sluggish years on arithmetic that I understood instantly, and we were just now getting to higher math. I’m not profoundly gifted either. I wouldn’t have been capable of what he is doing at his age. My example is a little extreme because I’m 53. It is much better now and concepts are being taught earlier than they were in the 1970’s. There weren’t any gifted programs back then either. My philosophy is not the opposite of 8’s because I love play, but it kind of is because I love to play with academics. I’m so glad there are outlets and opportunities for someone like this boy.
  11. This is a good reminder that I bought Story of Civilization and Story of the Bible from Tan books last year on Black Friday and I was too stupid to figure out how to download it to my phone and I haven’t taken the time to call them yet. Haha.
  12. This is all just amazing. Did he have any early exposure to pitch, from before age three?
  13. Yesterday, I had a weird urge to watch the Mary Tyler show too. Not kidding. I didn’t read this post until today and I never post here or read the chat board.
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