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  1. Memoria Press has a really nice, active forum too since you didn’t get an answer to your question here.
  2. Take magnesium. 80% of people are low in it. 99% of my patients are low in it. People who end up at a chiropractor tend to have tighter muscles than people who don’t. People who hate yoga might have tighter than usual muscles. Magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxer. Lack of it can make people tight and sleepless. Stress makes you pee out more of it. Don’t take magnesium oxide, it is cheaper by 1/2 but only 1/10 as absorbable as mag glycinate, malate, citrate, aspartate, chloride, taurate. Mag malate by Designs for Health is my favorite, mag citrate is my favorite if patient is constipated. I get all types from emersonecologics.com. Glycinate is my favorite for people who can’t take mag without it making their stools too loose. Don’t bother testing for it, standard mag tests are serum mag. Serum is an extra cellular fluid. Mag is an intracellular mineral. Don’t expect your doctor to know about it. It is a nutrient. Doctors get 1 hour of nutrition in medical school and one year of pharmacology. Take it with food. Start with one pill. if your mag has 170-200mg per pill, work up to two to four pills. I needed 5 so that is not unheard of. It will help sleep if you are low in it but it might not help all the way. Some people need GABA raising nutrients also, like l-theanine, chamomile, lemon balm, melissa. There are supplements that contain all of them in one pill like Gabatone by Apex Energetics, my favorite. Some people need serotonin boosting things too, like 5-http or tryptophan. It takes a minimum of 200mg of 5-http to do anything. Most people who have tried it on their own, haven’t taken enough of it. Serotonin makes melatonin. Magnesium has 300 known functions in the body. If you are low in it and have trouble sleeping, you could have 299 other things wrong with you because of it. If you can’t take pills, there are liquid mags and powdered magnesium that make into drinks also available on Emerson Ecologics. Any caffeine at all makes sleep harder, even for those who don’t think it effects them. A brain hack to help someone get out of “fight or flight” and into “rest and digest” mode is to put firm pressure on both closed eyelids until you see lights. And then hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Meet the phonics letter sounds by preschool prep is free on YouTube too.
  4. There’s a good 1:38 minute snippet of letter sounds on YouTube too.
  5. A small 6 minute snippet of the leapfrog letter factory show to learn letter sounds on YouTube. I can’t seem to link it for some reason. Then readingbear.org to learn to blend. Prodigy game, squiggle park/dreamscape (like Prodigy for language arts).
  6. Yay. Anyone who sits by their child for three hours a day for 5 years on one subject requires a medal too!
  7. Very funny and well thought out, ironically funny, just like Jane’s writing. I enjoyed the insightful romp back through my favorite book. I was slightly dismayed at the dark view, but she called a spade a spade.
  8. If he came up with his “minute” comment, you are probably already doing a good job nurturing his intelligence through the way you are always having conversations with him about things. You are doing a good job mama. I suspected the authority thing. I am very old to have such young children, so my authority comes from experience in all the things. I also take credit for some of my kid’s intelligence and tell them that. I would remind him that it doesn’t take a PhD to teach someone 5th grade elementary topics. That could backfire later if you continue to homeschool, but by then you would have experience. haha. Btw, I don’t even homeschool, so I know I couldn’t do it. Mostly I would just rather someone else did it. Almost anyone who wants to do a thing would do better than someone who doesn’t. I do teach them though, mainly because I just can’t leave something so important to someone else. I especially wasn’t comfortable with leaving teaching reading to public school. When my kids got to the part where PS taught reading, I was really glad I had already taught them. I didn’t like how they did it at all. My oldest would come home and say, “Can you believe the other kids can’t even read?” I was like, “Well, that isn’t because you are so smart, it is because I am.”
  9. Hershey's makes sugar free chocolate chips that don't have chemicals in them. No Splenda or Aspartame. We use those for bribes, I mean, incentives.
  10. My first thought is that he heard this from someone else. I was surprised that only one other person suggested this as well. Either way, if he thought of it himself (good on him, sounds like something an adult would say) or got the idea elsewhere, it should probably be addressed the same way. People here did give you good ideas to address it. If you doubt yourself a little or a lot, I would definitely tell you to, "fake it till you make it." Don't let him sense that. People look to leaders, parents, teachers, doctors to display a sense of confidence, whether they feel it or not. Even great teachers have had trouble navigating the present situation effectively. Being out of public school has unique benefits now that don't usually exist. To be fair, I am hearing from public school teachers that there are some benefits to the present situation too, less distraction with half the class virtual and half in school, in our area. That surprised me, but it makes sense.
  11. Things we did with my father, have notes with written things like "You get a shower on Monday, Wednesday and Friday." Poster up with everyone's picture and large print name. Daily verbal reminders over and over again, note on his walker to remind him to use it a certain way. He always did something wrong with his walker, but I can't remember what it was. Look into Dale Bredesen, MD info for ideas to reverse dementia. We used a lot of supplements that I think slowed his progression, made him more manageable and I think more comfortable and happy. Phosphatidyl choline or lecithin, Alcar, Phos serine, GPC (all together in something like Brain Vitale by DFH or Acetyl CH by Apex), high dose vitamin D. Avoid mercury: no high mercury fish, no flu shots from multi dose vials (*50,000ppb mercury in multi dose flu shots, 2000ppb mercury in "perservative free" or single dose flu shots), white fillings only, no amalgam. *The EPA defines 200ppb mercury in a liquid as a hazardous waste.
  12. This is the wording I was thankful for. I thought I had it quoted correctly, but apparently I didn’t.
  13. Thank you for this wording. I have to write a letter for an autistic patient who is losing their disability because they think he can work. After 6 jobs in two years lost for the above problems, it helps to have you write the concise reason those jobs didn’t work out for him. You saved me some time. BTW I am not usually in this position. This patient came in for a Shoulder problem, which is resolved, and not keeping him from working, but they requested records from me and I know his work history, so I am including my 2 cents on it.
  14. I am super impressed with women who take parenting and educating their children seriously, like a lot of them who hang out on this board. Achieving a lot of anything before having kids only makes you a better parent or educator of your own children. Jackie O said something like, “What difference do your accomplishments in life make if you mess up raising your kids.” I wasn’t particularly impressed with her (that was my own ignorance) until I heard she said that. “Jobs that are traditionally done by women are universally underpaid and under appreciated.” That was a quote from my mother and one reason I chose a field dominated by men. I thought that was an extremely insightful and helpful observation my mother shared with me when I was young. I was surprised I never heard that before or since. Of course I still chose a profession that was under appreciated by the masses, especially 35 years ago, when I started on that career path. That never bothered me. I do enjoy being universally appreciated by my patients. I only worked 1/2 a day per week once I started having kids and now only work away from home 1 1/2 days per week. I like 1/2 a day per week better. It was my Jewish college roommate (2nd Jewish person I had ever met in my life) who shared with me how women in her culture almost always stayed home with their kids. It made me stop and think of the wisdom in that.
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