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  1. My 4 year old twins started at a local Montessori school this school year. I picked it because they let them go 2 times per week and I like the owner. They announced in late October that they were now an Acton Academy. I need to decide if they will continue to go next fall. They will have to go 3 days per week, but I was going to do that anyway. They meet the age cutoff for Kindy by 5 days but they were born 3 weeks early. There are no grades at Acton Academy, so it doesn’t matter there. I like the public schools here but my kids are too bored until 3rd grade when the gifted program starts. My oldest is probably still too bored in gifted, but not enough to get into trouble like before. Has anyone heard of it? It is an umbrella school started by a Harvard business school grad. It has gotten some really good press. Most of their students are using Khan academy for math but that isn’t required. They can use anything they want. I saw that one student chose Saxon. There are 5 teachers for 30 students, so I know it isn’t all computer learning. One of the 12 year old students was doing SAT prep on Khan and said she just took the SAT and got 1310 on it. I don’t know if that is typical because she was one of the few I spoke to. The high school students do most of their classes as dual enrollment at our local community college and local 4 year college. My kids are probably just garden variety gifted, like me, not anything profound. I thought elementary school was so drawn out and could have been finished way earlier. Like 4 years earlier sounds about right to me, so I like that idea. I am old so there weren’t any gifted programs back then.
  2. I love what you bring to this board. I love your questions and what you share about math and teaching math and your bright daughter. She is lucky to have you. I’m so glad you are here. It is a very good point that some of “developmental readiness” is prior exposure dependent. I just wanted to point out that a lot of people do teach one year olds how to read. It isn't a welcome topic on this board. People here throw vegetables at me when I bring it up. Haha. I thought it might interest you though. OK. Now I’m going to duck.
  3. This one is more expensive but a little prettier That link is for the small one, but the large one is only 14.99.
  4. I think I should add that I’ve never used TPT for high school English lessons, or actually lessons for anything. I just didn’t want all of what TPT offers to get lumped in with “bad” for those who aren’t going to click on the link. Also why I specifically listed what I have found TPT helpful for, since I haven’t used it for lessons.
  5. I have really loved the things I’ve gotten from TPT, but I’ve never thought of them as curriculum providers. I have used them for cute idiom posters, growth mindset posters, character trait posters and word walls printouts for: Greek and Latin word roots, parts of speech, figurative language, and math. I love their word wall printouts. I do sometimes make flash cards with them but I more often just print them out and put them in a 3 ring folder or binder and make homemade books with them. I usually do that with posters too. I am a huge fan of large, cute and colorful because those things offer more intense neurological input. I like word walls and posters because I think thoroughly knowing the vocabulary of a subject is very important to understanding the subject. Besides being large cute and colorful, a word, or math concept is often coupled with a picture that helps define it and I think that helps retention. I think it is very easy to see the quality of their offerings before you purchase. Love might be too mild of a word for how I feel about TPT. I think it fills a very unique need and I really love that a teacher can make a side income from it and I don’t have to make these things myself, because I’m sure I wouldn’t.
  6. Don’t eat tuna. I thought I was being cautious by only eating fish once per week since some recommendations say eat it no more than twice per week. Nope, I got mercury toxicity anyway. Think it won’t happen to you? It happens to a lot of people who just never figure out that is what happened. My education, experience, persistence and extreme analytical personality intersected to figure out things few other people figure out. Wild salmon has very low mercury content. If you buy it in packets it doesn’t have skin and bones and is naturally on the dry side. Shrimp has undetectable mercury.
  7. The E/Cs would also require an excess of time, not just money. Thanks for your fun input.
  8. Wonderful job. Beautiful writing. Even though he did the work to get that far, I would like to acknowledge the work you did too. What an amazing mother and teacher you are.
  9. Is the answer to this question any different than on the General Education board? So, what would you do for your accelerated learner/s’ education if money were no object? I will hire Lewelma to tutor my kids in math. I don’t know how I will make the spacetime continuum problem go away (Virginia/New Zealand), but I’m sure it is a problem money could solve. BTW I am not profoundly gifted so the many people here who are, will know that the spacetime continuum has nothing to do with my problem, but it sounded fun in the sentence. Also my kids range from 4-8 so it will be a while before they could use her and I have time to save up.
  10. Ok, thank you. I was thinking, “How could they have done that?” ... but I thought that about cursive too.
  11. I remember loving proofs when I was in geometry in school (in 1981 in public school, so no comparison to AOPS). I have no memory of what a proof actually is, just that I really liked them. I was disappointed to hear from the developer of Videotext algebra that they don’t teach proofs in school anymore. Is that true? I’m not a skeptical person, but I like to hear something from more than one reliable source. My kids are young and still in the arithmetic stage. My profession doesn’t require anything other than arithmetic so I have to rely on you guys for answers to these questions.
  12. Super motivated? You would throw my kids out post haste. I assumed it was just math. You know that is only $13,000 US. Notice how I actually calculated that.
  13. So precalculus is trig. I wondered what they did with trig. My oldest is only 8 but I graduated a long, long time ago. I’m so sorry I don’t have anything intelligent to say about this thoughtful thread. Lewelma, I would SO pay you $20,000 to tutor my kids. Is that for the whole three years?
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