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  1. Yeah, It even made me think, “I’m just going to retire.” I didn’t share that with my husband, who is in practice with me. Later, when I was complaining a little to him, he said, “Let’s just close our office and do fun stuff.” I know he wasn’t actually serious, nor was I, but it was bad enough on him (who wasn’t even there) that he got a little defeated too. I can’t even be mean to telemarketers. They’re people too.
  2. I am the complainypants, not the employee, about the yuckiness of having to fire someone I genuinely liked. People have much worse problems than me, (which never stops me from complaining) including my employee now trying to get a job in this environment. Doing it in person seemed the only human way of doing it, but you then have to take on all the stress of the other person.
  3. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Sending prayers for you and him.
  4. I can spell backwards. It is a little slower though. I don’t know about my kids. When I see word, I can look away and the picture of the word is still there. I just read the mental picture of the word, either backward or forward, just like reading it on a page. I think I read that is the way good spellers do it. I was always in the school spelling bee, every single year. I never won though. I can easily read upside down and I wouldn’t have thought that was rare. When I can do something, I tend to think everyone can do it. I draw very well, but my mother was a professional i
  5. Billion dollar statement. I couldn’t agree with this more. I like that YOU don’t get resistance to this concept on this board. Or maybe you do and I didn’t notice it. It is a false idea that introducing things early = developmentally inappropriate. There is a way to do it that is inappropriate and that is where the resistance comes from, but there are LOTS of ways to do it that are delightful and joyful and engaging and will just light a kid up. Those “lit up” kids are so much fun.
  6. It is unusual for children to have teething symptoms for as long as mine did before actual teeth came in. When it comes closer together, the fussiness, gnawing, drooling along with the tooth coming through, it is more obvious. The drooling didn’t stop in your children when their first teeth came in because they were still teething. They had lots more teeth to come. My children were quite fussy with their drooling and gnawing. The fussiness stopped within a few days of starting the D. This experience has been repeated with multiple patient’s children. I’ve also had lots of patients
  7. What made me think it was teething was how the baby was moving his mouth and gnawing on his fist. The same thing that made my MIL think it. Shortly after that, drooling started. He could completely wet my whole shirt front. 3-4 days after I started the D, the drooling stopped and never came back. Multiply that exact scenario three times with three kids. My older sister had twins when I was 12. She lived at home with us until they were three. She was only 17 and was very immature. I was very responsible and was heavily involved in their care. Although after I had twins, I wished that I
  8. Said the mom who didn’t have kids with teething problems. My 3 bio kids started with teething symptoms at 2 months old. First tooth didn’t show up until 5 months. When it first started with my first child at two months, I thought, “I swear it looks like this baby is teething.” I never said a word about it to my mother in law (had 3 children and worked in day care) who came over that day and declared, “That baby is teething.” 400 IUs of Vitamin D cured all teething symptoms except teething related fever, which was cured by calcium lactate. At about 10 months, my not very fussy kids st
  9. I have definitely been afraid of this. Mostly with my computer obsessed 8 year old. They have only been doing Prodigy as their MAIN math for 1 semester. They have been playing prodigy for years though.
  10. I wouldn’t disagree because I don’t have an opinion. I’ve never taught anyone math. All we did for math last Spring semester was drill math facts, which I think was a good use of time for those few months. Yes, prodigy still doesn’t explain stuff. It just occurred to me that they have to be understanding it to be answering all the questions right. My oldest couldn’t answer the long division questions so I showed him that and then he did. I am really not sure if I am right in this. Hence the question. How are they getting the answers right if they don’t get it? The idea of kids nee
  11. Wendyroo, thank you for typing out that awesome description. I always love your posts. It is amazing what you do and the high level you teach, considering some of the challenges you face. I feel like I could explain why long division works now. I would rather you taught my kids too. I think you are too busy though.
  12. This is in a tiny private school. The public school didn’t adapt well to online very well last year when Covid started. I wanted them to be IN school, not do waste of time online school. I was happy with the gifted program in public school for my oldest, before Covid. I was told by his gifted teacher that the public school won’t let them accelerate math even in the gifted program and long, drawn out arithmetic was the bane of my existence as a child. Other than that, I would probably send them both back to public next year, or whenever they can actually be IN school full time. The ow
  13. I don’t think so but neither can I. haha. I will ask him. Maybe I will learn something. I would much rather you teach them. Double haha. I guess I’m in good company.
  14. My 8 year old has to be explicitly taught vocabulary. He isn’t “behind” in it for grade level, just way below his decoding ability. He doesn’t glean vocabulary from context like my 9 year old. He loves the computer and loves gamey apps. He doesn’t get any non educational video games other than Minecraft, so that is probably why. I think he would do well with a vocabulary computer game if I knew one.
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