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Theology of the Body (Catholic? All others welcome to comment)


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If I want to learn more about the Theology of the Body (not just about sex, but about why God gave us bodies). Should I read the original Love and Responsibility, or should I read something by Christopher West, or something else entirely?

I'm feeling drawn to learn more about this after realizing I feel more joy when I focus more on material things and less on spiritual or intellectual ones, which is a bit incongruous with my natural state of wanting to live in my head all the time. Also I watched this, which made me question a lot of my protestant theories about flesh being the evil part of me.


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Flesh is where our sin nature comes from but that doesn't make everything fleshly sin. Sex is fun, chocolate tastes good and roses smell sweet because God wanted it that way, the problem comes when we meet those desires in the wrong way.

I'm only 11 minutes in but I agree with everything he's said so far. I'm a Baptist and I hold the Bible as the final authority.

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No advice, but I'm very interested in what you come up with. I think a theology of the body is sorely lacking in Protestantism, as well as Lutheranism, my neck of the woods. 

The miracle of the incarnation is proof that our physical existence is as important as our spiritual one.

Please do share what you find!

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