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Help Me Design a Natural Based Health Curriculum Please!

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I ordered the game Wildcraft and it hit me that I just need to give up trying to find a health curriculum we like and just design one. Since i always get such fabulous ideas and help from you all I'd like your help. Here's what I need.

1) Something that is fun, uses different things like games, hands on projects, etc. 

2) Something that is very rich in content and not a check the box thing. I want it to have practical applications in our lives.

3) I want it to be a natural based as possible. Alternative/herbal medicines, first aid, not the regular food pyramid but maybe a primal or whole food based diet for healthy eating, natural body care, etc.

4) I'd like it to start in 1st or 2nd grade and maybe move on up from there since we have to do health every year.

Can you all suggest a plan, resources, books, videos, games etc that you would use for this? What topics would you include in your health curriculum? I really like the idea of small unit studies but I'm not sure. I always bite off more than I can chew. Lol! Thanks in advance for all your help!


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Google "herb fairies".  It's not open right now but it might be part of what you're looking for.  It's by the same people who invented Wildcraft.  You can buy the ebooks individually on Amazon also.

Other resources you might like, depending on the age of your kids:

Shanleya's Quest (botany for kids), also there's a botany card game by the same author though I'm not sure what it's called

freefirstaid.com (for older kids)

Vintage Remedies Guide for Tweens or Guide for Girls (OOP I think, shows up periodically on Ebay and homeschoolclassifieds, has lots of projects for healthier foods, natural body care, natural home care)

Real Nutrition, Real Food (has projects)

Kids Cook Real Food could possibly be part of a health course

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