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  1. Thanks, I have the WTM but I guess in was hoping for something a little more....exhaustive to choose from. Thats why I started looking into the timeline books. I think what I'm looking for just may not exist.
  2. I've decided to just read books and do activities for science and history with my second grader because we can't find a curriculum that will work for us after A LOT of searching. I figured that we would do 2 years of American History with geography and then two years of World History before we go into a 4 year cycle of history. I'd like to sort of interest led science in the early years and then pick up in maybe 7th or 8th grade with formal curriculum. We are both excited about this but a piece of me doesn't want to leave anything important out so I was wondering if there were any lists for science concepts to cover and the same for history. I'd like a list of important people, places and events for american and then world history. It may be too much to ask. I've looked at several of timeline books but nothing is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you for any suggestions you can give me!
  3. Thank you! Yes that helped a lot. Do you think I could get away with just the manual and readers like someone else suggested? My daughter isn't keen on the activities.
  4. I asked for some advice on another thread and someone advised continuing the AAR program but just using the manual and readers since my daughter hates the activity sheets but I really like the program. Has anyone done this? Would you say its a good idea?
  5. How do I test their reading level?
  6. Ok, my daughter is finishing level 2 but just for kicks I gave her the placement tests. Well she aced the level 3 and 4 tests. I'm pretty shocked but maybe it's all the reading aka reading the subtitles when mommy is watching foreign movies and films that helped her so much. So my question is, so I just continue with the program because it seems like it explains the whys to her which would help her if she came across other words she needed to figure out. Right? Then I was also considering just going through OPGTR with her just to make sure but it seems so watered down. Or am I over thinking reading? Will she learn all the rules too in AAS? We just started level 1 of that and I got The Phonics Game to hopefully reinforce some rules too. What about multisyllable words? I keep seeing people say AAR will take her through high school level reading while OPGTR stops around 4th. I don't want to spend the money if I don't have to because there's soooooo many other things in my RR cart right now. Lol! Help me please!
  7. That is so crazy! I clicked on that link so many times and then i click your link and boom! Thank you!
  8. After reading so many glowing reviews I decided to take a look and maybe try it but I can only find it used. Is it no longer published or am I just looking in the wrong places? Thanks!
  9. I'm due with baby #6 in April and im feeling an overwhelming urge to simplify our day but I don't want to do do at the expense of my child. Right now she's doing RS Lvl B but if like to switch to MM. My hesitation is that she likes math and I really want her to be strong with mental math and the why behind things. Will MM do that? Is it on par with the math foundation she'll get with RS? We also started supplementing with Beast Academy 2A which she loves. Thanks!
  10. I'm finishing up level 2 with my 7 year old and the activity sheets make both of us want to poke ourselves in the eye. Do I need them? I like what the program teaches so I suppose we will stick with it but has anyone kind of just taught the lesson from the teachers guide and left off the activities or did a variation on some activities on a whiteboard or something? Thanks! 😊
  11. I totally forgot about this! I put it on my wish list before so I'll go back and look again. Thank you!
  12. I know it may be a lot to ask but i was wondering if there was such a curriculum. I wanted something that would take us a few years that included everything from the basics of mapping, names of countries and states, cultures, etc. Really in depth and hands on that we could work on little by little. Maybe completing a continent at a time. I'm horrible at creating my own plans so I was hoping someone know of anything. Thanks!
  13. Ok, so can podcasts be downloaded directly onto a computer and then transferred to a SD card to put on a mp3 player that can't connect to Wi-Fi? If so, how?
  14. I ordered the game Wildcraft and it hit me that I just need to give up trying to find a health curriculum we like and just design one. Since i always get such fabulous ideas and help from you all I'd like your help. Here's what I need. 1) Something that is fun, uses different things like games, hands on projects, etc. 2) Something that is very rich in content and not a check the box thing. I want it to have practical applications in our lives. 3) I want it to be a natural based as possible. Alternative/herbal medicines, first aid, not the regular food pyramid but maybe a primal or whole food based diet for healthy eating, natural body care, etc. 4) I'd like it to start in 1st or 2nd grade and maybe move on up from there since we have to do health every year. Can you all suggest a plan, resources, books, videos, games etc that you would use for this? What topics would you include in your health curriculum? I really like the idea of small unit studies but I'm not sure. I always bite off more than I can chew. Lol! Thanks in advance for all your help!
  15. How to shop for and understand insurance choices. Medical, rental, life, car, etc.
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