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  1. Your location will have influence on whether you have problems with finding other homeschoolers, activities, etc. We're extremely rural, homeschooling is not the norm, not encouraged, etc. If you're in a city or suburbs to a big metro area, you should have no difficulties finding other homeschoolers, social activities, etc.
  2. We got our flu shots early this year (two months ago) due to the virus. We get them every year.
  3. Yes, we're still social distancing. My husband is an essential worker, still going to work, doesn't leave the house without minimum two masks and two small bottles of hand sanitizer. We go to the grocery store as little as possible and only check our P.O. box 2-3 times a week. Washing of the hands constantly and bleach-spraying everything on a regular basis. I have a pre-existing health condition. My NFH (LPN) continues with her 2-3 day a week mask-free garage sale in addition to having people over to their house 5-7 days a week. Some family, some not. No masks ever.
  4. We have two rescues adopted long before the pandemic began: One is now 15; adopted right before she turned 11. She's 2/3 Goldie and 1/3 Beagle with something else thrown in. She's also diabetic and blind. She is so sweet and grateful for a soft bed. Our second rescue is a now 10 1/2 year old male Dachshund; we've had him since he was 8 1/2. He has a little arthritis. We call him Bob Barker, and I'm sure you can figure out why. (LOL) He's a man's dog and worships my husband. We also have a diva (Morkie) now 8 1/2, who looks at the other two and wonders when they're leaving (it's hila
  5. Clear, temp is at 32* with a WC of 26*; this after two days of two inches of snow each day.
  6. I had my first MMR in 1970. Due to a measles scare back in late 2003, and my daughter getting her immunization then, I had my MMR updated in March of 2004.
  7. Definitely trust your gut; that thigh squeeze is **way** too friendly. Also, no one else being in the room raises huge flags as well. I was sexually abused as a child, and I go out of my way to only see female doctors whenever possible. (didn't mean to use bold)
  8. Yes, for like the last 4-5 years, we started having T-Bones on the grill, shrimp, baked potatoes, and salad for Christmas Day. This year for Christmas Eve, we're going to have chili and cheeseburger soup, some type of sandwiches, possibly Philly steak or something using sourdough bread, 1-2 different types of salads (made ahead), and raw vegetables with the ranch dip. Starting next year for Thanksgiving, we're going with soup and sandwiches as well.
  9. Thank-you, Maize, so much for putting up this post. Like Zoo Keeper stated above, we **also** have had numerous issues brewing here for years. (And thank-you Zoo Keeper for phrasing it so eloquently; it's been a long year and I just couldn't find my own words to describe it. Thank-you again.) I've had to change my expectations to save my sanity/health(pre-existing condition) while trying to insure that my child gets a good education for her future. It's definitely a balancing act and can be so stressful. At this point, I take it day by day.
  10. DH and I both voted by A. ballot at least three weeks ago. There was no way we were missing this election; DD (16 in January) stated she can't wait until she can vote. ?
  11. DH will talk to J. Witness (and other religious groups) when they go through the neighborhood, but I refuse to. He views it as they **have** come to socialize. lol I just let him answer the door when he's home.
  12. I never answer the door and don't feel guilty; my husband says I'm anti-social.
  13. On the front of our house, between the inside and outside doors, it's triple locked. Always. And we no longer use this entrance. We live too close to train tracks, DH works nights, we have an extremely nosy neighbor on one side, and we have three dogs that bark at the drop of a hat from every single noise, so our windows are always closed and locked. Our back door is always double locked. We have an enclosed area for the dogs that has a locked gate. We used to have outside surveillance system (five cameras); I'm leaning going back to that. We've had extensive problems with the aforementioned
  14. Central Air and ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room. We're remodeling the kitchen and will be losing the fan in there. We're in Iowa and have already had hot weather. The heat index rose to 102* two days ago.
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