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Will the signature issue ever get fixed? Is anyone reading these threads?

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Is anyone reading these threads about site issues? Will this or any other issue ever be fixed?

I am still trying to change just one word of text. That's all. I still get a message saying it doesn't meet signature requirements but of course there's nothing to tell me what those so-called requirements are. And yes, I did send a private email about this. No one ever responded.

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54 minutes ago, OtherJohn said:

@Lady Florida. I think I have found what was happening and made the adjustments. You can also try to edit your signature yourself now. Post here if you can or cannot. You may need to log out and log back in to do so.

The change I was trying to make had already been fixed by someone since I sent the email as requested above. Instead I made a minor change to see if it works and it did work. Thank you.

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9 minutes ago, 8FillTheHeart said:


I saw that and I believe it was my thread (this one) that bumped it and reminded them. Up until then it still wasn't working. I had just tried right before starting this thread out of frustration.

I told SWB in a PM that I'm sorry for my snippy post but want to also apologize publicly. I was just a bit frustrated after trying for 4 months, not getting help, and knowing I wasn't the only one with this issue. I could have, should have, phrased it more politely. I'm glad it's working now.

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