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Any Ancestry.com or genealogy experts our there?


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I am working on family genealogy on Ancestry.com.  I have a distant relative that I am stuck on.  The son's name is Alfred Bishop dob 1801 dod 1891.  Alfred's father's name was also Alfred Bishop dob 1775-- here is the issue. Everyone lists the elder Alfred dod at 1891 same as the son, that would have put his age as 116, which is impossible.  To complicate things, there are more Alfred's in the family line.  I need to find the actual death date of the 1775 Alfred and correct the Ancestry.com link, but have no idea where else to look. Suggestions?

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if you want to PM me, I can help you when I get home.  (at the end of the month).

I know exactly the problem you're dealing with - I've had names are the same, but different people. . .

I had one person gleefully link to my 2ggm, same name, b same year, same tiny rural area. . . . I had to break her heart by telling her my 2ggm died (leaving my infant ggm) before her _gm was married.

some places are easier - so where they lived will affect where you can look.   while I love ancestry - there are still things they don't have.

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55 minutes ago, Shellydon said:

Yes, in the U.S.  I have tried the find a grave, but I can only find the youngest Alfred.  I am stumped, but will still work on it!

there is:




also do a general search for cemeteries in the county they died.

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