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Teeth seem to be chipping after braces have been put on?


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DD15 had braces put on last week, and since then, she's been finding little shards of what we can only assume are teeth in her mouth. Most were in the first couple of days, but she just found another, for a total of four or five. She can't identify where they're coming from though--none of her teeth look or feel chipped. 


Is this normal? Or maybe they use some kind of adhesive that's shedding instead? 

Of course I can call the ortho in the morning and ask, but in the meantime, I figured Dr. Hive might have some insight  :bigear:



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Yep, it's the adhesive.  Just thinking about that... I can still feel the crumbles in my mouth and freaking out that it was actually my teeth.  To this day I have dreams of crumbling teeth. 


But a call to the ortho wouldn't be terrible. They may want to do a quick check to make sure it isn't working its way out from somewhere it shouldn't.

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