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Holy carp, you guys weren’t kidding! Related to my boy drama post.


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I pulled back ds’s curfew. For the most part he’d only been going out when adults would be around.


Still too much drama! Thankfully he wasn’t involved in anything, but he always seems to be skating the edges.


The 13 and 10yo brothers in my first post have not been around. Mine leaves if they show up.


Trouble maker 10yo’s mom seems to think her kid isn’t to blame for anything because he’s 10. That’s all I hear; oh he pulled a knife? He’s only 10. Lighter and hairspray? He’s 10, someone else should have stopped him.


12yo girl punched 14yo boy who may have pushed her down.


Her younger siblings knowingly watch porn, at 8 and 11.


The adults are all nuts. None are capable of talking and working things out.


So, I think we’re going swimming today. Or something. Anything away from this crap.


Mine did a trial martial arts class. He likes it. But it’s really late for us. Class starts at 7:00-7:15. He’s usually showering by then and getting ready for bed. I do t know if he’ll join. But I am looking for other stuff. And now I don’t care about behavior fall out; he’s not allowed off the property without supervision.

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The drama continues. Not so much for us though.


One of the grandparents/guardians (of kids so far not mentioned) works at the Y and has a different relationship with the kids.


It’s possible that 10yo’s mom pushed the 13yo granddaughter. Not that it makes it ok, but 10yo’s mom thought 13yo granddaughter and 15yo grandson belonged to the mom of the 14 and 11yo brothers; the 14yo being the one who may have pushed the 13yo girl who punched him breaking his glasses.


Grandparent has been talking to all the kids, and knows mine quite well. She has talked to him, but he’s a terrible witness. Lol. And she’s seen how he might be off playing basketball with 1 kid while the bulk of an incident starts, and he’ll jump in to break up the physical.


I have it in a text that the 10yo “only has a keychain knife,†so basically it doesn’t matter if he threatened someone. My son has been on and off obsessed with pocket knives and little knives. He knows that if he even THINKS about one of his knives while in a mood, they’re gone. I don’t care how small it is, a knife is a knife especially when a child is using it as a threatened weapon!


So it looks like police involvement may begin at least over 10yo’s mom touching 13yo.


The grandparent is also starting a yoga/anger management class specifically for this group of kids. The group is huge. But it’s really only a few kids that can’t be around each other.


After talking to a bunch of adults who are around the group and subgroups, it looks like my son may always be on the perimeter because he blends with each subgroup just fine. His presence may be what keeps bringing the subgroups together. So it is him! Lol. He doesn’t take sides. While he’s not allowed near the kid he hurt, they still say hi without issue. He despises the 10yo, but would still defend him (and get his butt kicked by me for it!). The boy and girl who got physical with each other will still both hang out with my son.


And all of them are scared of me in a respecing an adult kind of way. All except my own kid. Who is a butt at home. Lol. Last night I was at the Y with him, and he said something dumb and tried to run. One of the 15yos caught him, carried him back, and made him apologize. Everyone was laughing, including my son, who was threatened (in a funny way) by all the bigger kids and girls to be nice to me.

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