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How do I do this?? Keeping meat frozen


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Dry ice will keep it frozen, but it likely won't last for 5 days.  You'll need to replace it at least once, maybe twice, depending on how well the coolers are insulated and on how cold the meat was to begin with.  


Plan to not open the coolers except to check to dry ice on the second and fourth days.  To check, simply put on a glove and lift/bend/squish the dry ice packaging to see if there's anything left.  (The dry ice will turn directly into a gas and disappear).  


Oh, and don't handle the dry ice with bare hands, even in its packaging.  It can freeze your skin almost instantly.  


Try to create a shelf of some sort, to hold the ice off the surface of the meat, to keep it from damaging the meat.  This can be a couple wooden spoons, or a folded towel, just enough to prevent direct contact.

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