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Odd placement of fridge?


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I went to look at a house for rent and my kids love it. I’m not sure, but I don’t know why beyond change.


The kitchen is at the back of the house. It’s very nice, but poorly designed. The stove is at the end of the cabinets next to a wall, and the fridge is in the closet/laundry room. To get to the washer and dryer, you have to squeeze next to the fridge in this closet.


Does that sound deal breaking annoying?


I’ll draw a little picture and try to post it later. The upside to this fridge-in-closet is that I can lock the door easily (following feeding clinic recommendations for my son).


The bedrooms on the second floor feel a bit oddly placed as well.


The big positives: normal height ceilings, wood stove and gas for heat, 2 great sized bedrooms (the 3rd is small), a basement for storage and maybe even drums, lots of natural light, and CLOSETS! Lots of closets! Only one room has carpet, the rest is tile or hardwood which is awesome for my dust allergic. The former tenants just moved out yesterday and the house is extremely acceptably clean. I didn’t smell or feel a hint of mold even in the basement.

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The house we own had a layout remarkably like this.  Stove layout exactly as you described.  Fridge did not fit in kitchen and was in a different room.  We lived with it for 18 years before deciding that if we were going to live in the house for another 20 years, we should probably make the kitchen experience a bit more enjoyable.  We have since moved the kitchen to a completely different room thereby solving both of these problems.  


It was a bit annoying, but we lived with it for a long time without going crazy (I think  :laugh: ).  


The other positives to the house sound great.  I would be more concerned with the yard/neighbourhood than the kitchen layout.

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Wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I don't do laundry every day so it would be only an occasional irritant to have to squeeze by the fridge. And since you have two kids, maybe it can become their irritant instead of yours. At least to transfer from washer to dryer. 


The fridge in that closet sounds like a plus for your situation. 


The abundant closets cancel out the oddly placed third bedroom. 


Sounds good to me!

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It’s a local move, so no neighborhood changes. The yard is *much* smaller, but it’s a flat property. Our current property is very nice, but very sloped (the back of my second floor is ground level of that makes sense) making yard work very difficult. But it’s great for short sled rides!


We’ve lived in this house for 7 years, so change feels weird. But I can’t call my landlady about problems, we have mold, 2 closets total in the entire house and no attic or Basement.


I don’t know if this house we looked at will work out. We have housing assistance and my current rent amount is less than the landlord is asking, but we’re low drama, rent can increase yearly, and I can fix most little things.

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So there are 2 housing issues. Well, 5, but 3 are not a big deal.


- outside I’ll need railings on 2 sets of steps. My father can do that easy. 1 of them I could do on my own.


- the oddly placed bedroom is more of a sitting room and is a pass through for one of the bedrooms. That back bedroom can only be accessed by going through one of the other two bedrooms (pass though bedrooms are not allowed to be used as bedrooms). But it can be solved during inspections by just moving the bed out of the room. If the inspector is the regular guy, everything could stay as is. He cares about rules, but ignores little non-safety things if everything is functional. And he loves us. :)


- the odd bedroom/sitting room does not have a permanent light fixture, but is an easy fix by just changing out the ceiling fan.


- the living room also does not have a permanent light fixture. This one is a potential problem, but I’ve been googling to see if there’s a way to get a waiver. The rules have reasons behind them but the living room gets great natural light, and I don’t mind needing a lamp or something.

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I can’t imagine it’s a simple as the lighting. :(


My cousin is an electrician! I could get that fixed in a weekend.


I hope it’s $$ (rent might be lower than she’s asking, and I’m not allowed to pay water) as opposed to scary tenant stories.


The landlord responsibilities sound scary on paper, but really once you’re beyond the initial inspection, it can’t be much work or my landlord would have kicked us out years ago. Once a year we have to sign a single paper and I’m inspected.


If it’s scary tenant, I might have a chat with the property manager. I don’t think we’restereotyped at all. Our home is nice and we keep it clean. We have a 7 year history here, so no matter what my landlord were to complain about, she left us here for 7 years! Lol. The housing inspector will give us a personal reference.


I was just looking through pictures in the ad and it’s really cute and clean and not stuffy and IT HAS CLOSETS!!! Lol

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