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Kindergarten Read Alouds


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Can anyone share what read alouds you're planning for Pre-K/Kindergarten (or even 1st)? This is my first year homeschooling, my oldest is starting K. I am looking to better plan out our read alouds, as opposed to just skimming the library shelf and finding what 'looks' interesting. Here is what he has liked so far:


Mice of the Herring Bone (we've read the whole trilogy)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (huge hit)

Mouse and the Motorcycle (I may revisit this, since it was awhile ago)

The Chocolate Touch


Things he just didn't like:

The Littles (he liked the first one, the rest don't keep his interest)

The Magic Treehouse (doesn't hold his interest)

My Father's Dragon trilogy


I'd love recommendations or just to hear what you're doing in your homeschool. Thanks!

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FWIW, our oldest just turned 7. I used a variety of booklists to help choose chapter book RA. We've read:
The Boxcar Children
Stuart Little
The Wizard of OZ (multiple times)
Charlotte's Web (multiple times)
Peter Pan
Pippi Longstocking
Flat Stanley
Little House in the Big Woods (multiple times)
A Bear Called Paddington (we've re-read favorite parts over and over)
Alice in Wonderland
The Odyssey (series by Mary Pope Osborne) a huge hit

I get my ideas from Mater Amablis, Memoria Press, A Mind in the Light, Sonlight, and more.

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We're planning on doing the following


Read aloud/audiobook:

The rest of the Little House books (were on number 5)

The Moffats

Stuart Little

TumTum and Nutmeg book 2

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic


Mr. poppers penguins


DD Reading to self:

Zoey and Sassafras (3rd and 4th book)

Welcome to Bed and Biscuit

Lulu and the Duck

Dory Fantasmagory

The Lighthouse Family

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I'm just starting some longer read alouds with DS4, because he's still wiggly, we're going with longer first readers so: Little Bear, Mercy Watson (just started this and he likes it), Mouse and Mole. I do have a long list of picture books for him that are longer and more involved so that might be a good place too then just longer books. Besides various curriculum mentioned (also don't forget Moving Beyond the Page, Bookshark, Build Your Library) I'm also going through the Mensa book list, Read Aloud Handbook, and there's something like 1000 Books to Read as well. We're also doing geography this year so part of our book list is based off geography and Wee Folk Art seasonal materials. 

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This is what we read our kindergarten year in regards to read alouds.  His favorites I'll star. :)



  • Flat Stanley
·         Little House in the Big Woods
·         Bears on Hemlock Mountain
·         Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Johnny Town Mouse
·         Boxcar Children #1 & 2 ****
      Ivy and Bean & others*****
      Betsy Tacy***
      B is for Betsy
      George and the Marvelous Medicine *******
      The Chocolate Touch******
      Velveteen Rabbit 
·         James and the Giant Peach
·         Lion Witch and the Wardrobe
·         Penderwicks- Spring ******
      Penderwicks- Garden Street*********
      Penderwicks - Pt. Mouette ********
      Little House and the Long Winter*******
      The Water Horse ********
      Five Little Peppers and How they Grew*********
      My Side of the Mountain**********
      Enormous Crocodile - Dahl  
      Fairy Tales - Anderson  
      Now We are Six - Milne
      When We Were Very Young - Milne
      Tales from Odyssey -(6 volumes) Osborne**********
      Along Came a Dog
Homer Price
Pippi Longstocking********
George's Marvelous Medicine By Roald Dahl***********
Fantastic Mr. Fox*********
Five Children and It*******
Charlotte's Web**********
Mary Poppins
My Friend Flicka ********
Half Magic By Edward Eager
Nate the Great and the Phony Clue
Mcbroom's Wonderful One-acre Farm
​Some other ideas:
​Farmer Boy******
​The Trumpet and the Swan*******
​Sarah Plain and Tall & her series*******
HTH :)

Sorry the coloring is off copied and paste off my blog to keep me straight on what my kids are reading and doing with school.  Welcome to browse my reading lists or what we did in Kindergarten see under my signature.  

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We're using the Classic Starts series for the most part. At the moment we're reading Anne of Green Gables. My plan had been to only do these during our morning time but she loves Anne so much we've started reading it before bed as well. Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be here tomorrow. Next year I'm planning on re-reading them using the literature lapbooks from confessionsofahomeschooler.com.

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