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  1. I do like previous posters said and have DD read a page or two a day and then she places a sticker on the bottom of the page. She tends to rush with larger words and the breaking words into syllables has really helped her. She's 6, but in a Spanish Immersion school and we've used Wise Owl to keep her progressing in her English skills since those aren't addressed in school.
  2. Dd 6 got frustrated at the assessment questions. They were difficult and she felt irritated that she couldn’t answer them. I adjusted it to grade 1 myself. I figured that a little review can’t hurt. She’s loved it and it has really cemented some concepts for her.
  3. DD 6 finished Ordinary Parents Guide you Teaching Reading a year ago and we are going through Wise Owl Polysyllables. She’s reading at a 3/4 grade reading level and spells fairly well for her age. She goes to an immersion language school and doesn’t get any English language arts. We didn’t do a lot of afterschooling for Kinder, but I plan to start more this summer. I’m looking for a computer or iPad based phonetic spelling program. Does such a thing exist? I need something that is somewhat self-directed Incase I work evenings an DH is in charge. She responds well to independent learnin
  4. We stopped doing formal Phonics at 5 when we finished our Phonics program. We do go through a reader (wise Owl polysyllables), but don’t do formal lessons. We will start doing a Phonics based spelling program soon though. This I feel is enough to reinforce Phonics for fluent readers.
  5. ReadingMama1214


    We used AAR Pre-Reading with DD. Then we switched to OPGTR because she seemed to be picking up concepts quicker than I would want to pay for new levels of AAR. We did add games and readers to OPGTR. In the beginning we used a white board or I wrote the lessons out on paper in larger font. DD enjoyed it especially with added games and activities. I used teacherspayteachers and pinterest to find activities to add in. DD finished OPGTR before Kinder and it was effective. We now use Wise Owl Polysyllables to work on more complex words and phonics. DS4 is just beginning OPGTR. I write his lesso
  6. DD6 attends a Spanish immersion school and DS attends an english preschool. DD6 (currently kinder) and DS 4 will be babysat by DDs kinder teacher one day a week to help maintain DDs Spanish and continue to introduce DS to the language. I plan to get a Reading Eggs and Mathseeds subscription. DD reads extremely well, so over the summer it will just be reinforcing her reading. DS is starting to read CVC words and we will work through Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. Lots of Spanish tv, songs, and books. Riding bikes without training wheels, roller skating, zoo, museum,
  7. I’m looking at these two math programs to supplement math over holidays and the summer. Dd attends K at a Spanish immersion school and they use istation to do math at home if they want (it’s extra and not required) My 6yo (kinder) dd loves prodigy as practice at home. I don’t really want to pay for it though and my 4yo can’t really do it yet. We’ve used the trialnof mathseeds and both DD and my 4yo pre-K boy enjoyed it. Mathseeds does seem to teach concepts better. If you were going to pay for one of these, which would you do? Does Mathseeds go higher than a 2nd grade level? DD
  8. DD turned 6 in December. She's in a Spanish immersion school, so we don't do much at home other than her reading aloud to me daily and some math on Prodigy. In reading she is similar to your daughter. She still prefers chapter books with pictures, but is transitioning to smaller text (still not small adult book font). She has read some of Harry Potter and some other middle grade fiction books that I have gotten for myself from the library. She mainly reads chapter books that are in the late 2nd to 4th grade level due to her interest and the content. I don't want her reading books with themes
  9. Sorry, I should have said. She’s in Kindergarten. DD is 6 and her class ranges from 5-6 yo
  10. DD is in a Spanish immersion school and they use handwriting without tears. By the end of the year she expects the kids to be able to form letters correctly, use correct upper and lower case letters, use simple punctuation (period, question mark, etc), and to write on the lines correctly using primary paper (top blue line, blue dotted midline, red bottom line). starting next week she is sending home primary notebooks for the kids to practice letter formation and proper use of the lined paper
  11. She’s been a bit clingier and cranky. Somewhat shorter with her temper. I’m definitely seeing the emotional changes at home. Nothing else at home has changed though. No big transitions. I was away for a week earlier this month over winter break. She is prone to be more anxious and analytical. She also seems to go in cycles where she’s sensitive and emotional for a bit before a cognitive leap.
  12. My 6 year old is in a Spanish immersion Kindy class. It is 100% spanish all day. Her teacher spoke with me this week and said that DD has not been seeming herself and that when the teacher speaks to her it’s like she is speaking to an empty individual. She is not sure if DD is not understanding or if it’s emotional. She did say dd seems a little more emotional and cranky. Dd reads at a 3rd/4th grade level in English. They just started reading groups and DD is at a level C of whatever they’re using. Her teacher said that if it was based off of reading fluency dd would be at an F or above,
  13. My DD started blending during AAR Pre. I felt she was moving too fast too so I decided we wouldn’t do the rest of AAR. We did Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and supplemented with Progressive Phonics and BOB books. It worked and now at 6 she’s reading extremely well.
  14. I’m thankful that our public charter school uses Singapore
  15. We really like the Mensa for Kids lists. Although DD started it before K. DD is reading at a similar level as your son. She still enjoys pictures in her chapter book so she’ll tyoically read ones that are a 3rd grade level. But we buddy read a more difficult book regularly and she reads a lot of picture books which tend to be higher. At the library she picks out a ridicukous amount of books and some not so great. I’ll sneak away books that have inappropriate concepts such as crushes and rude language. But she’s given free range on most books in the kids section.
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