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Something that really bothers me on social media...


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My opinion is that we shouldn't worry unduly about how those poor kids will feel if someday they find out that their parents occasionally griped about being parents.


I have a sanctimommy. I love her dearly. And yet I will never be able to be truly close to her, because when your parent cannot admit to herself that sometimes children are frustrating and annoying and provoking, it feels like possessing those feelings = not loving your children. I try to teach my kids that we can be annoyed at each other, and want space from one another, and that's just part of being a loving family.


It seems like you'd have to have other things, more serious things, wrong with your parental relationship to be damaged by the "I need a break from the kids!" sentiment. Especially once you become a parent yourself. If you're secure in the fact that your parents love you, I don't think knowing that you occasionally (or constantly) drove them crazy is much more than a funny memory.


With that said, I'm not on Facebook, and sometimes that in itself comes off as sanctimonious and judgmental!

This is a good point. I don't think expressing frustration is necessarily a bad thing, and I'm sure it depends on the context, but those parents that dread having to spend summers with their kids, and make it known, sometimes in front of them, can't be sending a great vibe.

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I check my facebook a few times a week - I've noticed the constant posts from parents exclaiming how they can't wait for their child(ren) to return to school, and how being home with them is driving them up the wall. It seems like so many people post these messages along with their desperate desire for an adult beverage and then bemoan that summer vacation is only half over. 



It saddens me as well as angers me.



Does this bother anyone else?



It makes me sad, no anger.  Mostly because their kids have FB and they are getting the message that their parents do NOT enjoy time spent with them and can't wait 'til they are otherwise occupied.


But, I will admit, mostly I have parents on my FB that are having a blast doing a ton of stuff with their kiddos while it's the open season. :)  I love it.

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I think with this stuff, mostly people just want a change now and then.  Often they are glad at the end up school, and glad when it starts again.


I have known a few people where I really got a vibe that they didn't really like to spend time with their kids.  I've always felt rather badly about that, though I guess it seems normal to them.

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