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gadgets to help with EF issues?


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My son has a state scholarship for kids with special needs that I can use for electronics, etc as well as curriculum. I'm wondering about maybe a smart watch, or other devices to help him? He also has a birthday later this month, and I may get him an Amazon echo dot for that. What else is there?

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Thinking out loud- if you need to spend a small amount to use up the money, there are several apps for tracking time, etc. Otherwise, does he have an iPad or phone? We got DS an iPhone and it has help improve a bit his EF.


Also, old school I know but for DS having a printed planner pages had helped his EF. I have the slots color coded in order of importance. Maybe use some of the money on either a good customized planner or planner program.

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We were looking at a smart watch for me but we found the iPod touch more useful. Since my old iPod touch was dying and my old iPhone died, we ended up getting a new iPhone with more storage for me. The ability to reply email is important for me and also the smart watch screen is small. Besides I like taking photos. I took a photo of where my husband parked his car in a large multistory parking garage so we can find the car later after shopping.


The calendar app and the reminders app that is already on the iPhone is useful. I also flag all emails that need follow up on my iPhone. My DS11 use the iPhone clock app's timer for test prep.

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Our experience is it's best to go ecosystem, like getting all the dc's devices into one ecosystem. So laptop, iphone, ipad, all using the same cloud system to sync timers, calendars, notifications, etc. That way, no matter where they are, everything syncs and all their reminders are there.


LIke the others, I personally would suggest going for an iphone before an i-watch. And if he's not in the apple ecosystem already, I might be hesitant to bother with the watch. Anything he can do with the watch, he can do with the phone, but the phone will do MORE. Oh, they probably won't let you get a phone, will they? In our state, you can use the disability scholarshp money for tech, but they expect you to go kinda economical, like a chromebook. Chromebook is fine, but if you want a different ecosystem that's not helpful.


Have you looked at 360Thinking? They had a really good webinar recently.

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That's a thing??  how cool...



Yes, it sure is! My son's uni has a program for students with EF issues and private EF tutoring is part of it. He can meet for up to one hour once a week. If he needed more frequent meetings, he could request them, no problem. The cool thing about this program at his university is that the cost is included in his tuition because it the EF program is open to all students (scheduling preference is given to those with diagnosed needs, but anyone can apply for and use the service). It is officially called "Interdisciplinary tutoring." 


The EF program at his uni is called As-U-R/College STAR. It offers the following: 


  • strategic tutoring and peer mentoring
  • learning strategy instruction tailored to the needs of college students
  • drop-in assistance
  • quiet study rooms at Study Central 
  • specific training to address executive function challenges
  • access to assistive technology
  • transition assistance for incoming as well as graduating students
  • coordination of individualized services



All As-U-R students are required to spend 3-6 hours per week in Study Central. Study Central is designed to serve as a library space for our students. It features two large study rooms and two smaller rooms for quiet studying. Using Study Central as a primary study space gives students direct access to assistance from Support Staff, as well from their peers. 


All As-U-R students are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of the As-U-R Seminars. Seminar 1 is designed for incoming freshman, incoming As-U-R students, and transfer students, but is not limited to current As-U-R students. This two-credit course focuses on goal-setting, strength identification, different learning styles, organizational skills, and study strategies. Seminar 2 is intended for As-U-R students who have completed Seminar 1, but again, this is not a limiting factor. This two-credit seminar takes a book-club approach with discussion as the emphasis. "Learning Outside the Lines" by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole, as well as "Mindset: The New Pyschology of Success" by Carol Dweck are the current reading material of this class. Students take turns being the discussion leader each week and are encouraged to become comfortable in discussion settings while talking about challenging material from the books. 

It is important to note that these seminars have very little outside work. They are designed to help students with their current course loads, not add to them. All students enrolled in seminar are required to complete 6 hours in Study Central each week.


All As-U-R students are given the opportunity to be matched with a Support Staff Member to work with throughout the semester. All As-U-R students are required to have one academic check-in per week with the As-U-R Director or another Support Staff Member. During weekly meetings with their mentor, students receive individualized "to-do" lists for the week, strategic tutoring, and organizational assistance. Students will also be referred to other campus resources as needed. 


In addition to free printing, planners, notecards, highlighters, etc., students also have the option to use Livescribe Smart Pens to assist with note-taking. Students can rent a Livescribe Smart Pen with a notebook at any point during the semester. 


In addition to the intensive academic support that As-U-R students receive, community is also a large contributing aspect that makes this program successful. As-U-R produces an environment that is always positive and it is so encouraging to see our students motivate and encourage one another on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to participate in activies together outside of academics, which is an important part of student stress relief. Activies this past spring semester included private yoga classes, animal-therapy bunnies, and pizza parties. 

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