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Don't Forget Final Transcripts

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Yup-change to "graduation date" and change to "Final Transcript", also recalculate the GPA to reflect all courses.  And send AP scores.


Totally forgot to do this, had to be reminded by college (possibly more than once).  In my own defense over the two months before the start of the school year I travelled to another country for surgery and moved half way around the world.  That just didn't make my to do list on the first go.  Trying to be better next time.

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My son received his AA through community college. He was shocked last week at his transfer school orientation during his advisor meeting when his advisor recommended several Gen Ed classes. He panicked a bit and was texting me. At some point, my son realized that the school had JUST received his final CC transcript and had not yet given him credit for his degree--which automatically credits all gen ed requirements. Lesson learned!

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18 minutes ago, kand said:

I'm getting ready to mail the final transcript, and am wondering if I'm supposed to do something special with the envelope. Do I need to sign across the sealed opening or anything? I recall my high school transcript being done like that, I think. Are there any instructions to guide me on this? Do I enclose any kind of letter with it? Or just pop it in an envelope and mail to the address they say to mail it to? I feel like this is my final homeschool administrator task for my oldest, and then I can truly say "done!"

If you used the Common App you can just upload it, if not, I guess I’d send it however you sent the one for the application.

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