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Required post for long time (2008) member, rare poster


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:001_smile:  I finally decided to come out of the shadows, and I tried to do the Easter Poll.  I'm not sure why it told me I had to have at least one post, though. I thought I had over 200. Impressive, right?  HAHA


 Maybe with a new name that is necessary?  But the change was a must since I was just a little too easy to find with my last username.  How can I vent about my sweet MIL and reveal my darkest secrets if people can find me here?


Anyway, here it is!!! This is my required post. Off to vote again. 

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And now I got distracted by the missing posters thread and haven't voted.  Oops.


I miss Remudamom, but I saw she was here recently. I'll always remember SSS from her. :ohmy:  :001_smile:  Peela, Pam, Amy in FL, Denise, Ree, MMV, and more come to mind.  I know Ree isn't missing, but she doesn't post here anymore as far as I know. 

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It gives that error if you don't answer all the questions. So, if you tried to skip picking between BUNNY! and BUNNY! BUNNY BUNNY!, it's going to give you that error.


ETA: assuming we're talking about that poll - I think there's only one Easter poll at the moment, right?

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