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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


Drink coffee/pray

Clean out fridge (and rest of kitchen)

Mass at 10

Breakfast at home -(waffles and eggs)


Go to talk our new Catholic environmental group is hosting - inaugural event!  

After talk - maybe go visit my sister who has been ill

Dinner is on dh - some kind of take out I think.

Do Latin homework

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Good morning!  We are back from Spring Break at the in-laws (dodged 24" of snow and instead only got 5") and back in sunny FL.



-laundry (at least 10 loads,  UGH)

-drop books off at the library

-grocery store (regular shopping and prep to start another Whole30 this week)

-figure out a plan for dinner (my parents are bringing the dog back so I need to feed them)

-make sure oldest comes up with a subject for his school research project

-get ready for the homeschool week

-watch Homeland and Big Little Lies tonight

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Good morning!


•Kids & I are going to have a fun shopping day today. We're going to the art supply store, bookstore, candy store, and wherever else they want to go. Might go out to lunch, too.

•plan out my week


•dinner=scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, & grits

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  • Left my sister's house after midnight and drove home for an hour.


Slept in and skipped church.


Gave the kids their work list for today.


Washed some dishes, cleaned a bathroom & a bedroom and some clutter.


Got caught up on social media.


Will be working and doing laundry the rest of the day.


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