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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Pack snacks & drink for a long day
  • Didn't get housework done yesterday but at least finished laundry
  • Make sure dog gets out early
  • Morning appointment with client
  • Afternoon appointment
  • Trying to get some academic reading done between appointments
  • Afternoon / evening appointment
  • Write reports
  • Drink tea and recline  :)


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Good morning!  Happy Mardi Gras (for those who celebrate it)


To do:


Clean kitchen

Get 15 yo to Bio class


Get 18 yo to Gov't class


Clean dog

More reading

Study Latin with teens

Dinner is out somewhere

watch 16 mo old while his mom goes to class

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Good morning!


•get kids up early so we can do horse chores before thunderstorms start


•my usual attempts at housework & officework

•farrier appt.? may need to reschedule because of weather


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Good morning! Regular Tuesday here. I slept well and and starting to feel recovered from the weekend. 


To do:

boys up and educated

clean kitchen

general chores

mail bills/check for ds1

sports administration

list making for next two weeks/next swim trip

check leftovers in fridge

homework with dd2

PM practice

dh-judo run


Have a great day!


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  • Drove kids to school early for math review.


Cleaned kitchen, bathroom, and some clutter.


Today is a deadline day, so I need to be pretty focused.


Not sure if I have a conference call or not - I hope not.


Some more housework, laundry.


A little reading, exercise.


Kids don't have an activity tonight - dare I hope we can do TKD??  Or at least practice our form at home ....


Kids' work.




Kids to bed.




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