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Buying audio books

Night Elf

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You don't have have a paid subscription to buy Audible books. With a paid membership you earn credits each month (your subscription level determines how many) and you get special prices on some books. However, anyone can create a free account and buy audio books. 


That said, how does she feel about library books? If your library has Overdrive she can borrow audio books from them and download them directly to her phone. She just has to listen before the loan period is up or they go poof.

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I have found a method that is often as cheap as audible membership without the monthly commitment but is not available for all books.


1. go to amazon and find the kindle book version of the audiobook that you want.



2. under the formats and prices is a small box that lists the length of the books and several program that it can be part of.  The one you are looking for is audible narration and it should say "ready".


3. Click on the gray arrow by ready and it will give you the price of adding the audible narration to the kindle book. You can use this feature to flip back and forth between the kindle book and the audible book and they will stay synced up but you can also simply listen to the audio book.


As an example: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is $28.00 at audible without a membership.  It is $14.95 with an audible membership and a commitment to more or you can buy the kindle book for $9.99 and add the audible narration for $7.49 for a total of $17.48. Many books can be purchased this way for less than an audible credit.



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Our library system doesn't have a great selection of audio books on overdrive. There are lots of kids books I wanted to read but had to get the print version. I think dd has some specific books in mind. I buy Kindle books but only the ones I know I'll reread a lot. I'll often read the same book 2 - 3 times in a month then pick it up again a few months later.

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