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The Ski Lodge (aka Teachers Lounge) 1-26-2017


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Happy Thursday!


For beverages in the Ski Lodge today, along with coffee, water, and soda, we also have 

something new: Mormon Tea! Evidently, the Mormon pioneers discovered this herb on 

their trailblazing adventures out West. Because they didn't drink caffeine, they looked around

to find something that would have the same stimulating effect as coffee sans caffeine. They found

this plant now known as desert ephedra, or Mormon tea. You basically steep the long needle-like leaves

in the same way you do tea. I'm trying it out this morning. So far, so good!  :thumbup:


What's your go-to pick-me-up drink? Here: it depends, on the day, the hour, the mood. Most mornings it's

coffee. Some days I don't really need anything in the morning. Early afternoon I might have tea or coffee.


Any interesting classes this week for you or dc? Here: Last night I went to a class title 10 Desert Plants that

will Get You Well. I wouldn't have even known about it if a friend hadn't sent me the info. She said she instantly

thought of me when she learned about it.  :cool: There was so much good information, I'm going to stick the handout 

into my herbalist notebook. Oh, and tonight I start taking tae kwon do with the kids.


What are you up to this weekend? Here: tomorrow night the kids and I are going to a community theatre play "She Loves Me." This is the original story that the movie "You've Got Mail" was (loosely) based on. DH will be going to a mission conference dinner. Saturday, I'm thinking about going to a Thin Blue Line rally, to show my support for local law enforcement.  Then that afternoon, I'll be working at my security guard job. Sunday is church and rest. Although, I'll still need to do some food prep for the week, etc. 


Talk to me! :bigear:




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I'm here, just very very sleepy. Didn't get much sleep last night - either something had wheat that shouldn't have OR my reaction to uncooked milk has gotten way worse. 


Go-to pick me up drink: Coffee in winter, with lots of creamer and sugar. In summer, it's an ice cold coke. 


Classes: Nope. Nothing here. 


Weekend: Errands and sleeping :)

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Hello! I have a super busy day so I'm just stopping in for a quick minute.  :001_smile:


My go-to pick me up drink is iced coffee made with almond milk. I drink at least three of them a day. For years, I had a diet dr. pepper addiction, but I recently gave it up (sob!). Just kidding, it really hasn't been that bad - and I'm not missing all those artificial sweeteners and who knows what other chemicals they put in that stuff.


Classes: Same old thing here.


Weekend:  I haven't given it any thought yet, but hopefully whatever we do will be relaxing. I always dream about lying on the couch all weekend reading a good book, but it never turns out that way.  :laugh:


Scrap, that is pretty interesting about the Mormon tea. I'm not Mormon myself, but some of my ancestors were.

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Good morning!!

Interesting about the Mormon tea. Wouldn't it be just as "bad" as regular if it does the same thing? 


What's your go-to pick-me-up drink?

Definitely coffee in the mornings; I love Diet Pepsi, but don't drink it often. My favorite tea is Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy herbal, caffeine free. I don't usually need a pick me up during the day, so I just drink other things because I enjoy them. 


Any interesting classes this week for you or dc?

My GED students yesterday were so excited about their math. They were really getting it and are so eager to learn! I started helping in Awana last night, too. It was a lot of fun. 



What are you up to this weekend?

Ds has a basketball game, and then I go north of Atlanta to meet and pick up my special needs nephew I care for regularly. He'll be at my house until next Wednesday morning.


I don't remember how much I've shared in this group, but his dad (my BIL) committed suicide 2 years ago. He'd battled mental health issues for 10 years and took Tamiflu that week. We really believe it impacted the decision based on journals he wrote in that week that included hallucinations he'd never had before. My nephew is 24 hour care, so I'm taking care of him monthly to give my sister a break. He has seizures following an infant vaccine injury and has had poor seizure control his whole life so lots of developmental delays. 



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The Mormon tea is cracking me up because most Mormons I know (I'm Mormon) view ephedra as a drug today.


Drink: I pretty much only drink water.  If we go out I'll get root beer sometimes.


Interesting Classes: Not really that I can think of.  Pretty typical stuff this week.


This weekend: My husband and kids are going to Pax South on Saturday leaving me all alone for an entire day!


Have fun at taekwondo, scrap!  I hope you love it!

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Amy, sounds like you have your plate full! Sorry to hear that about your BIL but what a great sister you are for helping out

with the kiddo! Not sure any of my siblings would step in like that for one of my kiddos but they'll all step in for our mom. Which is fine.

She's done SO much for us over the years, none of us should have ANY problem taking turns to help her and my stepdad. For those

that don't know, my mom has dementia and Parkinson's.


My wrench in today is that my son does not feel well. He was really moody on Tuesday, and I remember thinking that night how I'd heard someone

say they could always tell when one of their kids was getting sick because he would always get moody right before. Then last night he wasn't feeling

well and today he isn't, either. In fact, my 12yo son put himself back to bed this morning!  :blink:  so I'm guessing he really is sick. No discernible physical 

symptoms, though.


Now I am off to a local tea shop to talk to the owner about the class I went to last night AND to pick up a great virus-kicking tea. She is the lead character in a play that opens TONIGHT and she's not feeling well.  :bored:


Back later!

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Good morning!


Most days when I stop in here I have a baby on my lap.  Today she's teething and miserable, and finally went down for nap.  I'm crossing my fingers she gets the rest she needs.


Go-to pick me up: orange juice or coffee.  Both do the same thing for me. :)


No interesting classes this week.  We're plodding through January.


And our weekend plans aren't big, either.  I'll be doing the usual - grocery shopping, library run, schlepping children around....



It took me two hours to come back and write this from the time I started, lol.  I think you can guess how the baby is feeling.

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Oh, HomeAgain, sorry your baby isn't feeling well. Teething is the pits.


I'm obviously back from tea shop. Now I'm simultaneously in here and playing

Scrabble on Pogo. After Scrabble game, going to do an assessment of where dd

is in her school work today. I'm slowly beginning to think I need to start relegating

her to the downstairs when schooling. Not sure sitting on her or my bed, while

admittedly comfortable, is great for concentration!

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Scrap, hope your son feels better! I started helping with my nephew, and then the court agreed to pay me when I do. It came at just the right time with our dd starting college. She has a full tuition scholarship, but there's still room, board, books, etc.


HomeAgain, hope the baby feels better!




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My daughter has been sick for a long time.  We're trying to get to the bottom of it.  Two years ago she was diagnosed with Celiac and we were hopeful that was it, but it's not all.  She's better in some ways (that would be expected removing gluten from her diet), but worse in others.  The endocrinologist we saw today was lovely.  So nice.  Best bedside manner ever.  She confirmed we're on the right track that it is unlikely Ani will be able to attend college classes except possibly on-line, but was thrilled she has a path to a career (program director of a taekwondo school - they hope she will and are training her to take over a school some time in the next year).


So what's wrong.  We don't know.  Possibly Addison's Disease.  She has all the symptoms, but she had a random cortisol level that was within normal limits.  So she's having her cortisol antibodies tested and an adrenal stim test next month.  I need to make an appointment for her to go back to the rheumatologist to investigate the possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.  If none of those are it, an immunologist is the next step to see if there is an immune system issue or an undiagnosed food allergy causing inflammation.  And if all of that doesn't work, we're going to try a Mayo Clinic place.  That's really expensive and a last resort sort of thing, but by then it would be the last resort.  They apparently can figure anything out.  I'm just rather relieved we have dome ideas of what it could be and a path to diagnosis.  I'd really like my daughter to have the energy to be a normal 16 year old!

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Celery had speech today, where the some autism expert observed him and then talked to me afterward (part of some annual parent autism training or something). After that, we had lunch, and then we finally went to the Niagara Power Authority... or, well, at least, tried to. I put in the address of the place, and not the address of the parking lot, so then we were stuck on some road. Ended up being able to stop at a park (Devil's Hole in the Niagara Gorge), where we walked around some (mostly up and down stairs - big elevation change). And then after that, we went to the power plant. Their visitor's center is indeed really neat (and free). They even have a moving theater where you follow a raindrop into a turbine, and then later follow electricity around. And a bunch of interactive things for the kids to do. Both kids want to go back sometime soon.


After we got back home, I put on the Land Down Under song because of Australia day, and now they're watching something about the Great Barrier Reef on Netflix. In a bit, I'll have to go make lasagna (unrelated to Australia, obviously - I didn't realize it was Australia day until last night or so), and I'll need to do the 2nd quarterly reports to hand in to the school tomorrow.

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