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2017-2018 planning thread for 2nd grade


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quoting myself to say we've had this for a bit and are now half-way through week 3.


I am a bit torn on this program. I don't know that we will stick with it long term although as of now we are continuing to work on it. I like the nature study & artist study of Primer & the spelling work is fine.



the big cons to me are-

(1)too much drawing- I prefer the narration work of WWE, throughout the entire book they only draw narrations, which dd is already tired of, I like the incremental steps in WWE working them from oral retelling slowly and then written narration.


(2)copywork varies wildly in length. I much prefer the WWE approach of copywork correlated with narration. Yesterday there was a passage from Anne of Green Gables, 4 lines long or something but only 1 sentence, way too much for 2nd grade. It just doesn't match up at all when you have simple narration passages from Winter's Aesop's Fable. Yesterday I just pulled a sentence from the fable itself for copywork.


I downloaded a (free) copy of The Good & Beautiful Grade 2, we might use parts of it. She is a pretty good reader but I wouldn't mind some more work here.

So, perhaps a tenative plan is to continue with Primer for the rest of the year, doing it as we see fit. Changing copy work and doing written instead of oral narration.


Next year doing WWE2 as I like the narration work in it far and above anything else I've seen and sing Good&Beautiful for reading & spelling. With G&B being free I can cut out whatever I want without guilt but if I find it really worthwhile I might buy a physical copy.

Soror, How is Cottage Press working out now that you've had even more time to work through it?

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Pathway Reading 2 (and 3 depending on how fast she moves)


Exploring the World with Jack and Annie (science, social studies and literature)


Human Anatomy unit


Daily Geography Practice 1


Miquon and MEP for math


Pentime 2/3


Spanish 1



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Tentative Plans:


History/Science    Finish Beyond Little Hearts (HOD) and start Bigger Hearts.  She's on Week 15 now of Beyond so we'll just keep that going.


Math:  Finish Saxon Math 2 and begin Saxon Math 3  (She's on Lesson 86 so we may be able to finish it up this summer).


Language Arts:   Dictation Day by Day for spelling (studied dictation) along with  R&S Grade 2 spelling

                           AAR (finish Level 2 and go on to Level 3)

                          R&S Grammar Grade 2


Art:  Her favorite subject - I picked up Art with a Purpose at the homeschool conference so we will probably work on that along with the projects scheduled in HOD


Bible:  We've been doing Picture Bible Old Testament as a family this year so we'll probably keep going with that.

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My current plans, always subject to change:


Math: debating between BJU 2 and Right Start

Science: older brothers are doing RSO Bio 2 so she'll be reading living books and doing related science kits at her own level.

LA: currently thinking ELTL. Also WWE2 and AAS2. The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting.

History: SOTW3

Art: Home Art Studio

Bible: Bible Study Fellowship lessons and weekly class

Geography: Some sort of geography workbook

French: Mission Monde 1


Options Day for art, music, PE and science. 

Two seasons of soccer, one of gymnastics.

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Math: CLE 200

Phonics: Seton Phonics 2 which we recently started and reading through the I Can Read It books. (she's reading, but not fluently...I'd be worried but she is making progress and her older brother was the same way, reading kicked up significantly in 2nd grade). 

Grammar: FLL 1, then 2 (we just started level 1)

Writing: WWE

Literature: Random books I pick from lists on various curriculum sites...hopefully some that go with our Ancients cycle

Handwriting: Seton Handwriting 2

History: TAN's Story of Civilization

Religion: TAN's Story of the Bible, Tell Me About the Catholic Faith, Once Upon a Time Saints (and the sequels), Faith Formation class a our Parish

Science: maybe Catholic Heritage Company Behold and See 2, but not sure on that. Plus documentaries, etc. 


Art -??? 


Spanish??? Is there one that is mostly oral for a nice intro? Given that she's not reading well yet?

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I think we have most things figured out...


Math - this one I'm not sure about. We are finishing up MM 1 and will definitely make a change. Still researching.



AAR 2 (finishing up) and AAR 3



Zaner-Bloser 2M for handwriting



R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Earth and Space

E-M Daily Geography 2


Home Art Studio DVD's for art


Continuining clay classes and PE

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Here is our second grade plans...





Sonlight B




Sonlight B




Math U See Beta


Language Arts 




The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 (using this for poetry, art appreciation, grammar, and extra reading practice)


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Just saw this thread... I think 2nd is finished planning:


Math: Singapore 2 with CWP  

History: tag along with olders: World 1800 - today

Science: Mystery Science with books/documentaries added

Spelling:  Daily Dictation using Spelling Plus lists

Writing:  Jot it Down (biggest change we did WWE1, which they liked, but not sure if they are ready to jump to WWE2)

Lit: Lots of awesome picture books, some FIAR books we haven't done yet, some I'm just picking

Geography: Family lit based study of Asia, Europe and Oceania

Grammar: Finish FLL1 and start FLL2

Phonics/Reading: ETC online, continue Reading eggs/eggspress, read aloud to mom

Handwriting: Zaner Bloser book 2C

Art: Madcaplogic.com, artist study as a family and free time online drawing lessons

Logic: Assorted logic books (prufrock press etc)


4H primaries, archery



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Here's my plan at this point for my youngest of three, who will already be in 2nd grade! How did that happen?!


Bible - AWANA & Veritas Press Self Paced Bible


Math - Math U See - Beta


Grammar - Shurley Grammar Level 2


Writing - IEW People & Places in Our Community


Spelling - Phonetic Zoo - Level A


Literature - Veritas Press


Handwriting - Write Through the Bible


Latin - Song School Latin


Geography - Expedition Earth (Confessions of a Homeschooler) & Geography Songs CD (Kathy Troxel)


History - Veritas Press Self Paced History


Science - Listen in to Apologia Anatomy with brother and do some experiments. We may get some Tinker Crates as well throughout the year. Expedition Earth also explores some of the animals and habitats from the various regions, so there's some science in there too.


Music - Piano

I may add a critical thinking book in there too if we have time.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Discussed this with my kiddo today and decided to post here again just to keep all of my thoughts in one place.


ELA: ELTL plus Jot It Down


Reading: keep practicing with mom, make a phonogram picture dictionary


Math: MUS Beta



- Quark Chronicles: Anatomy

- RSO Life

- Escape inside the Human Body books

- IF more time: Earth Science


History: SOTW Medieval plus activities and enrichment books



- Kiddo expressed interest in learning about Dark Ages / Middle Ages

- I showed kiddo Long Story Short and he liked that so we will do that together.



- Martial Arts?

- Swimming


Health: look at the new curriculum I bought for this / integrate with Anatomy.


Library: keep on with something simple.


Fine Arts: Kiddo is interested in pottery.


Geography: Kiddo wants to learn about maps.


Co-Op: we both decided that this year is too busy for co-op, but we will keep trying to do playdates.


Well, haven't things changed a bunch in 2 months.  I'm still planning to use MUS for Math, but almost everything else is up for grabs.  Looking at Cottage Press Primer, REAL Science Odyssey, and Mosaic.  If anyone else has feedback on those (especially comparing them to ELTL, Quark, and regular SOTW), I would love to hear it!


I haven't been thinking much beyond tomorrow, but here's my general plan.  It is kind of relaxed because we only do a few subjects a day together (and my son's awesome grandparents help me out by each teaching one class).  We use Barefoot Meandering's Wayfarers as a general guideline.


ELA: ELTL (with limited memory work), add in other poetry and reading aloud for fun when we can


Reading: RLTL and reading leveled readers from the library


Math: Math-U-See Alpha/Beta


Science: Quark Chronicles Anatomy, not sure what else (if anything else), maybe go back over Botany and Zoology at a higher level


History/Bible: SOTW and Lessons with Grandpa


Gym: not sure yet ... we have been doing Parkour Lessons and Swimming Lessons, but not sure if we can make it to those lessons next year


Arts: Lessons with Grandma and occasional field trips and/or music appreciation


Health: Try using Primal Kids, continue research approach to various health topics if it goes well this year


Library: Keep going twice a month and read / research


Co-Op: THIS is our new thing for 2nd grade and I'm excited about it ... parents teach some classes, so I might teach Geography (something we wanted to do in 1st grade but it never really happened)


Other: my son recently got interested in Chess, so I'm hoping to continue developing that (maybe with Co-Op??) ... or, another interest if another one comes along by then


The Claritas Memory Work and SQUILT look interesting too ... I'll have to do some research.



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I just uprooted my whole plan and decided to try Wayfarers.  I realized this year (our first year) that I did pretty well with getting math and LA done, but not so hot with the other things.  I like the mix of Classical and Charlotte Mason and the first term was only $25 for the PDF (plus paper and all.the.books.  Thank goodness for thriftbooks!)


We did ELTL and RLTL this year and liked it, so we are going to give the full on Wayfarers curric. a try.  

We will be doing Modern with his older sister, so our plan looks like this:

Math: MM2


Spelling/Reading: RLTL 2

History: SOTW 4 Spine with Wayfarers literature.
GeographyUS Focus
Science: Still wavering a bit here.  Waiting for the books to come in that I ordered based on Wayfarers recommendations and will go from there
Bible: Wayfarers PLAN 2

Latin: SSL2
PE: Tumbling Class, Swim Lessons, maybe Soccer and/or Lacrosse

Music: Hoping to get going on guitar lessons


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I have been back and forth and still haven't landed on science. I have a coming 4th grader with an array of learning issue, and I think I've decided to consolidate several subjects between my precocious 2nd grader and my 4th grader. Anyway, here's where I landed:


History/Literature: Sonlight Core C

This came with a lot of searching and praying and considering but this year I feel we failed with too many literature guides and not enough actual reading. I think this might be helpful for both kids.


Spelling: Spelling Workout C


Penmanship: A Reason for Handwriting T


Language Arts/writing: Bravewriter, Core Skills LA


Math: Math Mammoth 2A/2B (Life of Fred for summer reinforcement)


Bible: VP gospels


Latin: Prima Latina

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This year is kind-of experimental for me. I homeschooled my middle child a couple years ago and failed miserably, put her in PS and wasn't happy with that either, so I'm going to give HSing another try. Her personality is the polar opposite of mine, so it's difficult to choose curricula because she hates everything I like! 


Math: MEP2. Backup: Miquon. Supplement: Prodigy (She already likes that so I'm safe there.)


LA: TG&TB2. Backup: Language Smarts C. Maybe: Editor In Chief. 


Science: Elemental Sci Biology (non-negotiable b/c she has to do this w/ sis)


History: SOTW1. Also w/ sis. I've incorporated a lot of arts, crafts, & cooking projects into it.


Handwriting: Cursive that I come up with. 


Bible: Easy Peasy


Reading: Her choice of library books.


Piano: Hoffman Academy


Typing: Dance Mat Typing 


PE: Her grandma is getting her a Wii Dance game and we'll have lots of park days.


Character Building: Piecing together lessons from hubbard's cupboard and character first ed.


I might start Song School Latin 1 halfway through the year; it just depends on how the first half goes. 

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My twins will be in second grade next year. Holy cow.


We are relaxed/ ecclectic


Math: Math games & MM for reinforcement

Language Arts: Bravewriter

Science: Earth Science Units & Nature Study

History: Interest led, probably ancients to be on a rotation (we did US history this year)

Geography: Pin It Maps

Handwriting: New American Cursive

Art: You are an artist videos & artist studies


That's all I'm planning. DD does gymnastics and violin, DS does soccer and piano.

Science we are adding Spangler science kits, adding in Song School Spanish, and BA for my DS.

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Oh fun! :)


I am not sure if I have it completely nailed down just yet but here is what I have so far...


Phonics: A beka language 2


Grammar: FLL2 and CPP1 (going to try both...we will see how it goes....)


Spelling: Spelling you See C


Cursive: continuing in Reason for Writing T (I don't love it but until we have a better cursive option we are rolling with it)


History: American History (cobblestoned together by me with lots of lit)


Science: Elemental Grammar Chemistry with some ROS labs thrown in


Latin: Songschool Latin 1


Geography: Cantering the Country and Draw the USA (with books thrown in)


Math: continuing with our Horizons 2 and Singapore 2A and 2B hybrid. It is working well so far.


Art: Meet the Masters B and C and she is taking musical theater at our choice program


Music: she will be taking piano and our choice program and continuing with recorder


PE: she is doing soccer again and wants to do karate at our choice program.


Computer: typing instructor for kids platinum and kodable (for early programming)


Elective at home: she is interested in sewing so I am trying to put together a sewing elective but REALLY struggling. Throw math and science at me and I am golden but sewing causes me to lose sleep at night haha!

Well how quickly things change. This has been revamped....


Phonics: we are just going to do a lot of reading. She is a fluent master reader and after looking through phonics 2 she already knows it all.


Grammar/writing: ELTL 2 with some MP and VP Lit guides thrown into the mix


Spelling: SYS C (unless ELTL gets to be too much writing and then we will switch to Spelling Power as a back up)


Cursive: Pentime


History: US History with tons of living books


Science: Apologia Astronomy with Astronomy Lab for Kids


Latin: Prima Latina


Math: Math U See Gamma


Geography: Cantering the Country and Draw the USA


Art: Meet the Masters track B and C and musical theater


Music: piano lessons


PE: soccer and gymnastics.


Computer: Typing Instructor for Kids (she also wants to do kodable but I don't think we can fit it in)


Elective: Fashion Design 1

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  • 4 weeks later...

Pathway Reading 2 (and 3 depending on how fast she moves)


Exploring the World with Jack and Annie (science, social studies and literature)


Human Anatomy unit


Daily Geography Practice 1


Miquon and MEP for math


Pentime 2/3


Spanish 1



OK so this has changed a bit, we are calling this year Adv 1st instead of going full on 2nd grade (she is a young five and while she CAN do everything I have listed we're having issues in whether she SHOULD).


Reading- Pathway Grade 2 and The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 with a little of the K level for review.


Math- Miquon Orange, Red and Blue and Green if she gets to it.


Science- My Body unit and Grade 2 Interactive Science Notebook


History- is up in the air but she's still doing geography.


Handwriting- Pentime 2/3


Foreign Language- Spanish Gr 1


Grammar- ELTL 2 and probably some McGraw Hill worksheets

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So much has changed for my second grader but we now have it cemented down...


Math: MUS Gamma


Grammar: ELTL 2


Writing: EIW 2 (and using ELTL lit to lightly do WWE)


Comphrension/vocab: using a combination of lit guides to accompany ELTL



Spelling: SYS C


History: Adventures is American History


Geography: Cantering the Country and Draw the USA


Science: Apologia Astronomy


Art: first semester drawing class and second semester Meet the Masters B


Music: Piano


Computers: kodable and typing instructor for kids


Greek: Code Crackers and then SS Greek


Cursive: SCM cursive


She is also taking musical theater at the co-op and also gymnastics and soccer.

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I can't believe I haven't posted here yet...must be a third child thing. 😜


Bible: a family study of the Gospels, BSGFAA Bible summary cards, Mega Verses

Math: MM 2/3

LA: AAR 4, AAS 2, FLL 2, BW, NAC

History/literature: BP year 3

Science: God's Design for Heaven and Earth

Spanish: The Fun Spanish

Co-op 1X/week for Recitation, history, science, and lit.

Extras: piano and team gymnastics

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