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  1. I feel like everything is kind of up in the air, as I have no idea whether our co-op will actually be able to meet this year. We will see what happens, I guess. Math: Math Mammoth 5 Teaching Textbooks 5 and begin 6 as independent work in the evenings. Science: Masterbooks Life Science (with our Co-Op) History: Joy Hakim's A History of US series Review of Presidents and States/Capitals Listen to Story of the World 3 and 4 Listen in on some of his sister's stuff from Masterbooks' American History Literature to coincide with
  2. I think I am almost settled on 2020-2021 plans. Maybe. 😆 Lots of this is based on our co-op actually being able to run this fall, so I guess some of it may change if they don't. We shall see. Math: Principles of Mathematics Book 1 and hopefully a good chunk of Book 2. Teaching Textbooks 7 and maybe start their Pre-Algebra as individual work ("homework"? Haha!) in the evenings. Hopefully, between the two, we can get my math-resistant kiddo a solid grasp and get through Algebra 1 by the end of 8th grade. Science: BJU Life Science (with our Co-Op) History
  3. This is eerily similar to our plan for the year. I have had a tough second year of homeschooling (sophomore slump?). We did really well the first year, but things kind of fell apart and got crazy around November and we never really got back on track. Therefore, we are going to try acellus as a "keeping us accountable" prop for this year. My husband doesn't like the idea of this being our primary curriculum or of them spending hours in front of a screen every day. So they will work about an hour or so a day on acellus and the rest will be more typical homeschooling. This will
  4. I just uprooted my whole plan and decided to try Wayfarers. I realized this year (our first year) that I did pretty well with getting math and LA done, but not so hot with the other things. I like the mix of Classical and Charlotte Mason and the first term was only $25 for the PDF (plus paper and all.the.books. Thank goodness for thriftbooks!) We did ELTL and RLTL this year and liked it, so we are going to give the full on Wayfarers curric. a try. We will be doing Modern with his older sister, so our plan looks like this: Math: MM2 LA: ELTL 2 Spelling/Reading: RLTL 2 History: S
  5. I have my kids mark (underline, circle, highlight) the numbers in the problem, then find/mark the words that tell them what to do with those numbers. From there, we transition it into a formula and then solve. Mine are 1st and 3rd grade. Not sure if it will get more complicated as we go, but it works for now.
  6. We should totally be buddies! 😄. Our list looks similar:3rd grade DD: Math mammoth 2/3. Beginning 2 now and hoping to get through 2 and 3 by the beginning of next summer. ELTL 2/3. Beginning 2 now and hoping to get through 2 and 3 by the end of next summer. RLTL 1 (and maybe 2) SOTW 1 (probably only listening to the audiobooks and creating our own activities to go along) Song School Latin 1 Home made US Geography Science -undecided Zaner Bloser Cursive ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1 Maybe some additional writing. Brave-writer? 1st grade DS: Math Mammoth 1 ELTL 1 RLTL 1
  7. We are finishing up our year in public school and will be homeschooling next year. I feel like my 7 year old hasn't truly grasped some concepts in second grade public school, so we are beginning this summer with level 2a in Math Mammoth. She seems to be blowing through it easily, but I prefer to make sure that we cover everything thoroughly and that She is confident before moving into the level 3 books. As we have been working through the first chapter or so, she seems to LOVE the "puzzle corner" problems that we have encountered. Does anyone know of a resource for similar math puzzles
  8. We are doing ELTL as a stand alone next year and then RLTL for spelling/reading. My kids are coming out of public school K and 2nd (2 more weeks!!!) and are fairly decent with reading and spelling. I am not a fan of the methods in which they were taught in public school, however. I have decided to back them way up and do RLTL 1 with both kids to teach phonograms and go from there.
  9. My (rising 3rd grade) daughter mentioned this afternoon that she "loves to draw, but is not very good at it." I am a complete failure at all things art and therefore, am no help. Any ideas for curriculum that can teach her drawing (bonus if my rising 1st grader can tag along)? It could be a complete art curriculum if there is a great all inclusive program out there, but she seems primarily interested in drawing at the moment.
  10. Oddly enough, I also have a second grade girl in public school that seems to be "struggling" with writing. It is a large portion of the reason I am looking so hard into homeschooling next year. Like yours, my daughter is well ahead of her public school peers in the school's reading assessment program. However, she has been at the same "level" since the end of first grade due to the inability to pass the written comprehension portion of their mClass assessments. I feel that, at least in our district, the emphasis is on reading and comprehension, and not at all on allowing creativity
  11. Dreambox is on homeschool buyers co-op through today. Not sure how good the deal is, as I haven't looked into it before. Just noticed it when I placed my order for Math Mammoth. :)
  12. We are about 90% sure that we will pull our kids out of public school next year for 3rd and 1st grades. My very tentative plan for my will-be 3rd grader is: Math: probably singapore. I need to do the assessments with her to figure out placement, but want to wait until I am 100% sure that we will do that curriculum. Math is her "worst" subject in her current public school, which still isn't awful, with an 89%... But I want to make sure I choose a curriculum that will help her understand the concepts a bit better. I am just intimidated by how parent intensive Singapore seems. Gramma
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