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Crash Course Economics

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I'm looking for a one-semester overview of economics for my 10th grader who is interested in business. I don't care if there are quizzes/tests, really... I'd be fine to call it an elective and grade it P/F. Would Crash Course Economics fit the bill? The videos look really interesting and engaging. But is this enough material to call it a course?

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IMO, it is.  They covered pretty much everything that was in my college Micro Economics class.  ETA:  I didn't test or anything either.  I just have a conversation every once in a while about that they'd learned, mostly to make sure they were actually watching it.

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We used Crash Course Economics alongside some texts (Penny Candy and seem other stuff) and the Stossel freebie videos with lesson plans (we didn't use the lesson plans as much but they are free and convenient). And the Great Courses "Think Like An Economist" audio only.
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Additional things we used were:

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy : https://www.amazon.com/Whatever-Happened-Explanation-Economics-Investments/dp/0942617649/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1483121166&sr=1-1&keywords=whatever+happened+to+penny+candy

Bluestocking Guide : https://www.amazon.com/Bluestocking-Guide-Economics-Jane-Williams/dp/0942617630

Financial Fitness For Life : http://store.councilforeconed.org/t/categories/financial-fitness-for-life/s/ascend_by_name

Thinking Like an Economist: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/thinking-like-an-economist-a-guide-to-rational-decision-making.html

Stossel In the Classroom Videos (Economics DVD with lesson plans )http://stosselintheclassroom.org/ AND Free DVD (with lesson plans) : http://stosselintheclassroom.org/freedvd/



(I'm a High School Social Studies teacher by background and my Oldest is majoring in Econ)

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I am planning on using it next fall, in conjunction with Cartoon Guide to Economics (macro or micro I haven't decided) plus Chester Comix Comix Economix, plus a couple of other comic books I have lying around (free from the Fed): http://commonsenseeconomics.com/comics/


By itself, Crash Course economics is only 35 videos, so I do feel like it needs at least a little supplementing.

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I used Penny Candy + Clipper Ship Strategy and the one with Money in the title together with the Bluestocking guides for each of them for my daughter who wasn't much interested in anything business related. She enjoyed those and learned a lot - as in she really understood what she had learned. I also got her to play the Stock Market Game (our homeschool group participated in that but there are free online sites that are similar).


I am teaching it online and at our co op next semester and I plan to use Penny Candy as it does explain things well. I also plan to use Crash Course as kids love those. I am about to do more research but I know there are also free online simulations and games about economics. I don't use tests much so if you do make up your own course, just get your children to do a few projects. Here are some ideas:


1. Create a poster to explain some economic concepts (Canva.com is a good site to do that on)

2. Create an animation to explain concepts (moovly and powtoons are good sites)

3. Create a slideshow (use keynote, powerpoint, Google slides or prezi)


You can find quizzes on sites like Quizlet, Sporcle and Quizzizz is you want to add some of those in.

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