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Who's going to tackle Sunday tomorrow?

Jean in Newcastle

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Sunday just about done here


3 loads of laundry washed, dried and brought in  - still to fold


3 kg of strawberries picked and turned into ice- cream topping


house vacuumed


inside of car cleaned


star rewards charts for twins, plus new son , plus ds13 ( so he doesn't feelelft out) printed , laminated cut out and on the wall. twin 1 is really keen and managed to achieve his star goal with jobs today and requested a milkshake with a straw. ( YAY!)



assist ds13 in clearing out his room and getting it ready for new son. He is camping in ds19's room for one week and one day until ds20 can come home next weekend and shift all his stuff into storage.


bake choc chip and banana muffins


make ice cream


cook tea


Still to do


 sew bed cover for new son

fold laundry

make my bed up with freshly launded sheets


4 days until new son comes to live with us











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Good morning!



wrap gifts for giving tree at church and take with us



remember to bring check to winter CSA and pick up veggies

get xmas decorations down from attic and figure out centerpieces (4 of them) for Christmas party (for homeless kids next Sat.)

plan AHG badge work for tomorrow/do I need to get gingerbread house supplies?

encourage 15 and 17 yo's to get schoolwork done now rather than waiting til last minute

17 yo goes to work at 5

Dinner?  No clue!!!

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Good morning! Dd2 and I are back from Texas. It was a fun meet and she hit the family two requirements for a great national meet: one best time and not last. Our two other swimmers did the same, so everyone (save poor girl with crazy dad) was happy with the experience.


I am so glad I have today for a little R&R, since I have traveled for two stress-filled events two weekends in a row. Lots to do to get ready for next week. Ds1 comes  home on Thursday and Dd1 on Friday.  :party:

To do:

coffee (ongoring)

pay bills (done)

get everyone up for Mass (slowly...)

calendar updated

info for hs meets this week (work with dd1)

make sure dd1 is caught up and ready for finals

accept invitation for all-star meet (both ds3 and dd2 were invited-pretty exciting as that has never happened)

watch football


enjoy the snow and lights on the tree


Have a wonderful day!

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