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I'd like a small-ish tablet...

Halftime Hope

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mostly for surfing, but that would also allow me to read books.  The most likely source of books would be from Amazon and e-books from the library, so I'm probably not going to want anything from Barnes and Noble. 


I'm not a Apple fan. Nothing against Apple, but we've not chosen to use iAnythings.


Size: 4 x 6ish?  About the size of a Samsung Note?  (I want a separate device, not a big phone.)


Off brands are fine, as long as they are reputable and works with common apps, because I would also like to use it for personal organization needs, too.


Anything you like use and like?


Thank you!!


ETA:  fixed the spelling mistake

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I love the size and feel of my kindle fire; all our other tablets get ignored in favour of the Kindle. To me, it's very user friendly. I read a lot of books on it in the middle of the night, so I have the pages set to black background with white text and set as dim as possible. I'm very light sensitive and this setting doesn't keep me awake in the night.

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I love my Galaxy tablet. It's probably a little bigger than what you're looking for, but they make smaller ones. I have the Tab A 10.1. Any of the low to mid-range Galaxy tablets will probably fit your requirements. A 7 or 8 inch would be just right. I read mostly on my Kindle Paperwhite but when I want to read something with color (or a magazine) or something with photos or drawings, I use the Kindle app on my tablet. 


ETA: Before I got the Galaxy tablet I had a Kindle Fire. It just seemed too limited by Amazon to me. I wanted to be able to get more apps from more places without having to side load them. I don't know if the newer Fires are more open.

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Possibly consider a "Phablet" . That's a small tablet that's also a phone.  I'll find one for you on the web site of the store where we buy cell phones. This is a LENOVO 6.9" Phablet. Prices here in Colombia include 16% VAT tax. This is approximately USD $130, including 16% tax here.  This has 4G LTE.  This has 2 cameras, 13 on the back and 5 on the front.    Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility. We bought 2 Motorola phones and a Lenovo phone in that store this year. All work perfectly. Might be worth considering.  GL with what you decide to buy!




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