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Just got back from Family Camp!


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I just wanted to pop on here and say that if you've never thought about taking your family to family camp, you should consider it! Obviously it's not for everyone, but this is the second year we've gone and it's an awesome fresh breath for our family. My kids absolutely ADORE it, and even my very skeptical husband just loves it. Archery, laser tag, gun range, kayaking and canoeing, mountain boarding, horse program, beautiful lake, bible teaching...it's all there. AND...I didn't have to make or clean up one single meal in 6 days! Oh, and they even assigned 2 counselors just to our family, and sent us out on a date night! 


Best of all, I got the idea from someone here.  I had never thought about going before and someone said there was actually a great one in my state. I had never heard of it, but after googling, found out it's just 1.5 hours away.  A little gem tucked away in the northern valley. Just wanted to share our experience.

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I would love to do family camp. But all the ones I know of are religious and focus on worship and talks revolving around religion. As a result, my husband would not go at all and I would be a little uncomfortable myself. If anyone knows of any that are less religious, I would love suggestions. Like, don't mind chapel being offered or prayers before means, but do mind the focus of everything being God and worshipping and such.

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