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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Laundry (my washing machine seems to be dying....NOOOO!)  Most of today was spent folding/putting away -- my last loads of the "to give away" piles are hanging, but there is always more coming).


Kitchen/Bedroom tiding




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-work out (I hour legs)

-shower and get ready

-son to pitching lesson

-laundry (baseball, sheets)

-clean up kitchen


-get youngest to do some math and spelling review

-get oldest to high school and all stars baseball practices (5-10 pm total)

-figure out what to feed oldest, figure out what the rest of us will eat and when

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A/C is still out but the weather has been tolerable.  I mean right now there's a nice little breeze floating in from the window!  Today though it is supposed to get hotter and more humid.  


Bathroom reno workmen due here at 8

Wake kids

Breakfast school



I need to work more on Theology stuff


I think we'll spend the afternoon at the library if it is too hot here.

Dinner - chicken salad sandwiches, green salad

Don't know if 14 yo has rehearsal tonight or not.

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Jean, I'm jealous that another member may get to meet with you!


Faithr, sorry about your AC! 


Dh is starting home today. He'll either come the whole way or spend the night at my dad's in TN if he's tired. 



fed cats



To Do:

take ds to morning swim




meal plan and grocery list

take ds to swim this evening


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muffins - need to put away


kitty litter

dishes - 2nd load air-drying


menu plan - in progress

buy groceries

shop for gift


trash night


It's not looking good, y'all.

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Good Morning!


Kids and I slept late since Dh got up super early to go swim. Cloudy here, but hot and very humid.



project or pool or just play at home?


dinner - Not the leftover ribs, since dh will have had that for lunch. Need to get something out of the freezer now. Maybe burgers because the sides for ribs go with them well. 


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Whew. It's Monday. I am hiding in my room for a minute because the sight of my kitchen makes me want to throw everything out.


For Today:

Done Breakfast

Done Laundry, part 1

Done Check music practice

Done Put away mixing bowls

Done Drink water

Done Dishes

Done Laundry, part 2

Done More dishes

Done Put away misc. pans

Done Story time

Done Drink water

Done Laundry, part 3

Done Sort through cleaning supplies

Done Put away cleaning supplies

Done Pick up ds from work

Done Drink water

Done Pick up dd from work

Laundry, part 4


Lunch - cottage cheese, fruit

Dinner - hashbrown casserole

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