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Please help me solve dilemma: How to listen to an audio book in a car without a CD player


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My husband would like to listen to audio books while he drives to work - about 35ish minutes each way. However, the truck he drives comes with a radio but no cd player and no audio inputs.  He drives a company vehicle so we can't make any permanent modifications to it.  


I have at my disposal:  A kindle fire and an iphone. 


I would not feel comfortable suggesting to him earbuds for listening while driving.


So.....any ideas?

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Oh, many people have this issue! There are solutions:




Google "iPhone speakers cigarette lighter plug" and you will find products he can use.


Good luck!


If he likes projects:




If he doesn't:




And so on.


Such a far cry from the redneck solutions we had for our Sony Discmans in high school, lol!

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Just listen out loud to the iPhone at high volume sitting on the passenger seat. Or use a rechargable speaker for louder sound if needed.


Also, try on-ear headphones. I use them for books and am often the first to respond to siren sounds.

Driving with headphones is illegal in some states: http://lifehacker.com/5902802/ever-wonder-if-its-actually-legal-to-wear-headphones-when-youre-driving

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I have a Jabra Cruiser.  It is a hands-free device that receives signal from iPhone via Bluetooth, AND it has an FM transmitter that transmits that signal directly to your FM radio.  It charges through a USB cable from your car's lighter socket, but it operates wirelessly.


When you turn on the Jabra.  It automatically connects to the phone via Bluetooth.  It has a speaker and a microphone, and it's clipped to your visor, so you can use alone as a hands-free device.  Or, you can push a button and it will transmit to your radio (the radio and the Jabra need to be set to the same frequency).  Then, you just use the radio volume control to get the sound level you want.  


Here's a link to the Jabra Cruiser at Amazon




And, here's a link to the Jabra website.  It appears that the Cruiser has been replaced with a newer model; The Freeway



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Does the vehicle have an auxiliary cord plug-in? It is a cord with headphone plugs on each end. One goes into the iPhone or iPod, and the other into the car's aux plug, so the sound plays over the car's sound system. I have an iPod plugged into my car right now for podcasts. A lot of cars have them if you look around for them. Mine is inside the center console. My last car's was in a tray on the dash.

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