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what to do when dishwasher not draining


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My Fridgadaire dishwasher isn't draining all the water. It must been draining some as I ran it again (thinking someone had opened it before it finished) and it didnt overflow.I had this happen before and I called the company and someone told me some combination of buttons to push and it emptied it. I called, but they didn't know what I was walking about. They suggested checking the garbage disposal and turning off power to it. Did both of those with no luck.

I soaked up all the water, about 10 beach towels worth, and then took out the screen and food trap over the drain. There was nothing struck in there that I could see. Poured water straight into drain, and it seemed to drain.

Ran the washer with nothing in it, and the water did not drain. This water is clear. Originally, the water was cream color.

Any suggestions as what to try next? Thanks.

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A kink in the drain line? A clogged filter?


Definitely search your make/model online. We had a different problem with our dishwasher and were able to find a video on YouTube that helped fix it easy peasy.


If all else fails, try a local appliance repair place. Ours was reasonably priced, prompt, and they fixed it right up.

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On mine I clean the screen over the disposal grinder once a year.  It gets covered over with junk and clogs.  We have hard water, so I usually take apart the sprayers and things too while I'm at and get it all clean and tidy.  It's a ritual.  :)


My favorite place to look for parts and videos is RepairClinic.com

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