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Let's talk about plans for the summer!

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What are you all planning?  I have a million ideas, but I'm not sure how much can be accomplished.  Planning is not done yet, but here are my thoughts:


  • Camps/classes
    • Nature conservancy camp (includes sleepover camp)
    • Latin American culture camp
    • Math Monkey camps
    • Theatre camp
    • Horse riding camp
    • Gymnastics camps / class
    • Rec center camp?  (fill-in)
    • TKD classes
  • Evening activities (just with mom/aunt)
    • Listening therapy
    • Reflex therapy
    • Vision therapy
    • Piano lessons taught by me
    • Library / park / museum visits
    • Yoga, Tai Chi etc if I can fit it in.
  • Travel:
    • 2-week trip to Europe by plane/train.  Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Ireland.
  • Academics at home (I already have all this material, so let's see what gets done):
    • Language Arts
      • Aesop-based easy LA books for Miss A
      • MCT books, I have a collection, let's see what works
      • Learning Language through Literature
      • Some read-alouds of language-oriented books
      • Some quick grammar review workbooks
      • For Miss A, some reading comprehension exercises
      • Some writing exercises
      • Wordly Wise and other vocabulary exercises
      • Reading good stuff that isn't on the AR list and whatever else they are dying to read.  :)
      • Easy Spanish readers, and maybe some French for Miss E
    • Math
      • Life of Fred
      • Singapore problem solving workbooks
      • Some quick review workbooks
      • For Miss A, 2+2 does not equal 5 and the 2 books that follow, and Kumon multiplication & division
      • Read-alouds of math-oriented books
      • Mathtacular DVDs?
    • Social Studies & Science
      • Content area reading
      • Several DVD series
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We don't have a lot of scheduled activities. DD will have a weekend camping trip with her troop and I may sign her up for a gardening class. I am hoping they have the weekly 4H stream walks like last summer. Mostly we will go on hikes, to parks and I will be gardening. The kids will each get their own small gardening space to take care of too.


For academics with dd who is going into second I will need to do something for reading comprehension. I will try to work through some of the visualizing and verbalizing manual and I am looking for something else that is more than just filling in bubbles and teaches what to look for. With math I am hoping to finish up 2 plus 2 equals 5 and I will be working through CLE the first light units of grade 2 with her. I will also do some SOTW and make sure she gets some books about science topics. We will continue go to the library and do lots of reading before bed.


For my son who is going into kindergarten I will keep working on teaching him to read hoping it eventually clicks. I am using Right Start Math B with him right now. He listens in on SOTW and enjoys reading books on science topics and watching videos. I am hoping to get him writing letters, words and numbers finally. He finally is making progress in that area.


I am really hoping to squeeze in the academics as well as spends tons of time outside. We have a little over 2 week trip planned to visit family.


We have less then 5 weeks left now. I can't wait until the school year finishes so we aren't tied down to the school schedule and there will be no homework and tests. By the end of the summer I will be glad to get back into the routine. I hope dd gets a good teacher next year and ds gets the kindy teacher dd has.

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Kids are opting to go back to B&M public school after 3 years of online school.  So this summer we need to buy school uniforms (navy blue/white shirts, navy blue pants) and school shoes, and nag the school district about PI (performance improvement) transfers from our assigned school to a "better" school.

We are also scheduling our boys' OT and speech therapy evaluations and I might just have to file a 504 if the assigned school is not as accommodating as the previous B&M my older goes to.  My boys also have to get their TB test done this summer as the school needs a recent TB test.

Kids will be going to golf camp and probably robotics camp.  The rest of the time we'll just stay out of the summer heat.

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My rising HS junior will be doing 3 credit Expository Writing through Taylor University online to prepare her for AP English Literature and AP American History next year.  She'll also do a week of ACT prep and go through a few ACT test prep books, and we'll go to the beach at Pensacola for ten days, and see the Blue Angels.


My eldest is working as a CNA, but I'm hoping she will start an LPN program this summer. She graduated a year and a half ago with her history BA, and then had a year of intensive Spanish immersion and Teaching English as a Second Language in Costa Rica so she is bilingual, but there really aren't any jobs here for history majors.

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We decided not to do any camps this year. Our kids school has an extended school year model, so they only get 8 weeks of break. It goes so fast!


1st week they're out we're headed to the Gulf for vacation (so excited!). Academically we'll continue EPGY math for my older daughter, LOF for both girls, dictation/copy work and journaling exercises, and lot's of reading. We usually stop by the library 2-3 times per week, and have memberships to all the local places (zoo, art museum, children's science museum, botanical gardens, etc.). Also, plan to do lot's of park and pool visits :)


My girls attend a French language immersion school, so I may hire one of our bilingual friends to tutor the girls once per week. They'll be in 1st and 2nd next year.

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We have so many things in our head that we want to accomplish during summer but we do not have enough time. The first week of summer, we will go down FL to have some fun. The last two weeks of summer, we will travel overseas back to my home town. Therefore, we only have about 7 weeks to do some summer works.

For academics, our teacher suggested reading, journaling and keep practicing math facts. Currently DS started the summer reading log from Barns and Noble book store last week and already half way completed (4 books read).



Math Mammoth G2 review books (2 pages a day, 5 days)

Dreambox (whenever he feels like it)

Kumon Addition/Subtraction (or timed math worksheet)

Memorize time table 2, 3, 5



Dancing Bear C (already half way through it now, 10 minutes per day)

OG tutoring once a week (1hr)

Reading Assistant twice a week (20 minutes each)

B&N summer reading program/Library summer reading program



Evan Moore Write a super Sentence & Paragraph Writing

Vacation Journaling (while we travel)

Project Read writing program with tutor once a week (1hr)

Story book project (a friend is propsoing this project and is willing to help each kid publish her/his own story book by the end)



review Chinese phonics

review 120 Chinese characters learnt this school year

immersion environment at home (grandma will stay with us for three weeks)

trip to Asia for two weeks

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