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  1. Yes, we left a church after being members for a long time (we're not old enough to be anywhere for 20 years at this point). Any social organism, including a faith community, can become ill and rehabilitating/making a church a better place is very difficult if people are not willing to step forward and do the work. It's probably a lot of work even if people are willing to step forward. This.
  2. I've just chased kids outside. â˜ºï¸ The Dr called and said I am in the clear and I think I'm going to go Internet free for a little while. So just a heads up for any worriers that the two things are not related. As far as hip issues go, I have a muscle that "flips" out of place and wow does that hurt.
  3. Surprise biopsy today (no big deal but it's taking my whole day. It's really sweet how this staff works to make it a one day ordeal). The dr nixed capoeira for the week and it'll be a couple days before I can run. So I guess I walk and ride a bike?
  4. Whew! I was worried for a moment there. I'm still reading Searoad and have a ton of overdue stuff to return to the library. I'm swamped with work that needs to get done ASAP and so it looks like, for the next two months, I won't be doing much reading. On the upside, the green is taking over and it's not just a world of messy stirred up mud outside. Happy spring everyone!
  5. I'll be doing six miles in a damp, wet world (doesn't that sound almost embryonic?) or on the tread mill. Negin- You were up early today!
  6. Regional. It's always a Regional but I'm acting more like an Angola player the older I get- I'm getting slower and lower to the ground all the time. The collapsing is bad Soror. It's like I'm having trouble rotating my hips or something. It'll work its way out eventually.
  7. Free form blue-sy capoiera to songs like this this morning :001_cool: Did backbends and handstands as planned. I'm collapsing walking my legs around from a bridge which is new. Someone remind me next week to start learning my new sequencias as I've stalled for a month now.
  8. 4 easy miles today. I'm enjoying my last ice cream this week as I've been gorging on it all week to soothe my sore throat. Tomorrow is a rest / clean eating day and hopefully Saturday will be all about kicking, backbends and handstands again.
  9. I've been thinking about sociopaths and how a church can turn cultish. If anyone has books to recommend on this, I would be interested.
  10. I guess my goal/need is to just have fun so martial arts combined with long distance training is OK for me. Keeping loose enough to not become injured is going to be the issue as mileage increases.
  11. I worked through my sequencias slowly and tacked a bridge pose and pop-up on the end of each one. I'm still stiff but am starting to bend again so there's a light at the end this tunnel. Inflexibility really messes with my ability maintain my balance when doing sequencias.
  12. 4 gentle miles today. I'm surprisingly sore from flopping around pretending to stretch yesterday.
  13. 20 minutes of gently kicking over the top of a chair and then a half hour of flopping around on the ground pretending to stretch. It's going to be a rough couple of days trying to get my body to bend again. Happy Monday!
  14. Gah! I can't keep up with you all. I'm still reading Searoad and am waiting for Mere Christianity to come in. We are spring cleaning, painting walls and I'm a little under the weather. I'm going to bed now so here's a bedtime haiku ;) Wrapped in blankets dream Morning's cares fly far and wait Let rest funnel through
  15. Yoga? Swimming? Or maybe just practice sleeping in a bed again...........???? A 13 mile hike sounds lovely. I'm envious.
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