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  1. Does anyone have suggestion for dropping ending sound of a word while reading? DS can decode the word correctly but often drops ending sound like -s, -es, -ed. He does OK with -ing ending though. His OG tutor has been working with him for word list with -ed ending and plan to start nonsense word list with him soon to see if it will help. We have been trying to correct this habit for a long time but seems not able to eliminate it completely. Few years back, he had same issue with his oral language but now he rarely has this issue when he talks. The issue mostly shows on his reading and writing only now.
  2. They recommended Wilson 2 times per week and 1hr each time but can be break down to 30 minutes each and 4 times per week. He is still at school and has IEP. He is supposed to meet reading specialist 3 times per week last school year and I know reading specialist is Wilson trained. However, I just knew that they were working on comprehension, not Wilson reading. This school year, he is placed in inclusive class that has special Ed teacher in class support his reading and language arts. From what I know, she will use direct phonic instructions while reading with him but not specified if it will be OG. I need to find out more. Speech therapy goals were achieved last school year but SLP will continue working on his Pragmatic Language part which is not set in his IEP. We have an tutor at home. She is OG trained but not Wilson. She does guided reading and writing with my son since 2nd grade. This school year, tutor will use megaword, vocabulary workshop and writing with skills along with four square writing framework with him. I will ensure he does reading assistant at least 3 times per week. I mentioned that to our private evaluator, and she thinks the home plan is solid. I will provided the report to our case manager and see what she says. Our IEP is due to renewal in January.
  3. Ladies Thanks for the great advise at the beginning of year when we started our IEP process. During passed summer, I finally took DS to do private dyslexis evaluation. Below is the score. CTOPP-2 Phonological Awareness = SS 88 (Average = 100), 21% Elision 50% Blending Words 5% Phoneme Isolation 37% Phonological Memory = SS 92, 30% Rapid Digit Naming 25% Rapid Letter Naming 37% Rapid Symbolic Naming = SS 92, 30% Memory for Digits 16% Nonword Retition 50% *************************************************** He got diagnosed with a Oral and Written Language disability consisting of dyslexia, dysgraphia, syntactical issues and poor working memory. Wilson reading, reading assistance are two things recommended for decoding and fluency. In addition to that, he also needs to work on retelling and sequencing. Is there any suggestion?
  4. Our district sent us whole report 10 days before IEP meeting. Do you only get the score or you have the whole report? My son had WISC-V for his IQ and woodcock johnson for achievement test. His IQ is not able to interpret due to variance of index scores on different categories (high VCI and PSI but very low WMI). The psych suggested to use his VCI as IQ index. In his woodcock johnson score, the comparison base is the score of majority children at his age can perform and then you can compare your DC's score from there.
  5. We use MM review book in the past two years. It has 2-3 review pages for each topic and then follow with one page test for the topic. At the end of each review book, it has year end assessment which contains several pages of mixed questions belong to the content of the year. I use it as refreshment during summer and prepare for next school year. So far it works well.
  6. Our social skills group runs by clinic that is out of network. We pay them first and they provide us receipt with code so we can submit it to insurance. We got 70% reimbursement back for out of network. We have United Healthcare. We just submit receipts online and the check will be mailed to us.
  7. I also got email from school psychologist as I mentioned that we want to know if DS has any change after we stopped fish oil two weeks ago. She checked with classroom teacher and reports no significant change after he stopped taking fish oil. At home, I continue noticing handwriting improvement, better attitude and better tolerance of frustration. His tutor and ice skating coach both reported better attitude and cooperation during session. Now all he takes in the morning is multivitamin (with 37.5mg b6, 15mg zinc), opc3 (Pycnogenol), and 200mg magnesium.
  8. How about borage oil? I just ordered a bottle of GLA from Nordic Naturals and my Dad gave me a small bottle of cold press flaxseed oil. I think I will start to give him GLA over the long weekend and see if it makes any difference. So far DS has been reacted nicely after we stopped fish oil. Two emotion incidents reported after we stopped fish oil but school psychologist told me that he handled fairly well. Calm down faster with adult and was able to come up with solution for problem solving.
  9. DS has slightly smaller than regular red blood cell (68/72) and slightly lower hemoglobin level (10.6/12). It's not due to lacking iron intake. Let me research more on this.. Thanks.
  10. Recently my son told me that taking fish oil seems make him cranky. I asked how? He said when other kids are joking, he will be more emotional if he takes fish oil that day. If he does not take it, he will just join them and laugh. So I stopped his fish oil last week. The first thing I notice is that his hand writing becomes neat. Everything stays on the line. Second thing I notice this week is that he can take correction much better and does not argue too much now. While showing improvement on some areas, he was more forgetful after we stopped fish oil. He forgot to bring back some homework twice since last week and forgot to turn in his reading log last Friday. Has anyone experience this? He is taking Nordic Natural Pro EPA fish oil. Background: DS is 10 and in public school. ADHD PI, Mild Specific learning disability in reading and writing
  11. I just signed up summer camp yesterday. We will do the same camp like other summers in the past. It's half academic and half fun activities. This summer my mom will take my niece here so we have Mandarin immersion environment at home this summer. I am planning to do more Chinese lessons through this summer. I also think about signing him up for Mathnasium summer session to see if it will help more than just doing MM workbook in summer. Swimming lesson and ice skating (he wants to switch to hockey track) will continue through summer. We also need to prepare his violin audition for Youth Symphony this summer. I hope he can get in and get some different experience playing in orchestra setting. By the end of summer, we will go on road trip to Boston and Acadia National Park.
  12. I guess it will depend on school district. We just went through the process from district and child study team in our district has been very helpful. In addition to run tests in school, we were also referred to psychiatrist outside for psychiatric evaluation which was paid by district. Each professional shared and reviewed all information. Each of them provided us individual report from their perspectives. My son ended up getting more help than I expected. But educational psychologist will mainly focus only on improving his function in educational setting. I did ask them if I should go to audiologist to sort out APD possibility and they said it will be our choice as it will not change whatever they have in IEP for him. In addition, they do not diagnose nor give out label. However, the psychiatrist we were referred to is able to give us diagnosis (ADHD combined, mild dyslexia, mild dysgraphia, adjustment disorder) on his report after he interviewed us and reviewed all results from school evaluation. If you have concern outside of academic area, neuropsychologist may be better choice to go to.
  13. Thanks all for commenting above. We went to IEP eligible meeting today and DS did qualify for IEP under ADHD. During meeting, they mainly focus on his working memory and ADHD. But they did put down he has reading difficulties so it's addressed in his IEP. His Wilson reading with reading specialist will continue 30min x 2 times per week to work on his reading skills. They will have special ed teacher push in his class twice per week to support his language arts (both reading and writing) for the rest of his 4th grade and extend to 45min x 5 times per week each for reading and writing on 5th grade. He also gets speech therapy twice per week, classroom aide for science and social study next year when he is on 5th grade, both individual and group psychological consulting with psychologist once per month, enabling text to speak feature during state test for math and tons of classroom modification. I have not done reading the whole IEP draft yet but those are pretty much on top of my head after meeting.
  14. What you said above is very true. Psych put the similar comments in the report. He observed that his WMI score got impacted by his ability of attention and impulsiveness (choose answer without finish looking all options).
  15. geodob English is his dominant language. He is basically using English to learn Chinese now. Here is his bilingual exposure history: birth - 14mo All Mandarin 24*7 14mo-4yo M-F attending full time daycare center 8am-6pm English 6pm-8pm Mandarin WEEKEND - All Mandarin 5yo-8yo M-F attending public school + after school 8am-6pm English at school 6pm-9pm English at home Saturday 12:30-3:00pm Chinese school 8yo-10yo (present) M-F attending public school + after school 8am-6pm English at school 6pm-9pm English/Mandarin at home He has very limited oral Mandarin now but is able to understand 50-60% of daily conversation in Mandarin. It took him 2-3 times longer to retrieve Mandarin words than English. When learning to read and write in Chinese, his retention is very minimum. He tends to remember more complex words than simple words. Generally he speaks English smoothly and has great vocabulary. Occasionally we observe that he has difficulty to retrieve words and end up he needs to repeat part of sentence few times before he can grab the word and continue with the sentence. But it does not happen all the time.
  16. No. We started Social Skills Group when he was in K. His K teacher recommended us to try because he was lacking social emotional control in K (threw tantrum when he did not get his way). She said that one of her students in other class got improved after trying the social skills group. He was paired with other two boys that also have ADHD labels. Therapist mentioned that he shows frustration on word retrieval especially when the conversation speed starts to pick up. It will take him 2-3 tries to get the words that he wants and some kids may lose patience for that. She was afraid it will hurt his social situation. As of WH question, I did mention it to his ESL teacher but she did not observe the same issue when he was in her class. He got referred to ESL service when he was 6 but discontinued when he went to 2nd grade because they see no benefit. He speaks English fluently. What therapist observed is that he answered WHAT question with WHERE or WHY answer. Example like when therapist asked him "What will you normally have for Thanksgiving" and he answered "We are going to Edward's house". I bought some DVD from Super Duper and practiced with him. He is able to answer WH question in the activities without any issue so I was not sure if he has issue with WH question or more culture background knowledge issue as we do not normally celebrate Thanksgiving in the family....Now at 10 years old, if you ask the same question again, he can answer perfectly fine.
  17. DS has been in private social skills group since first grade. He is now 10yo in 4th grade. He was paired with other two boys in the group and developed good friendship. The group runs under Dr Jed Baker's social skills training project. I have already notified his social skills therapist about the finding of poor pragmatic language. She was the one who found that he has issue responding WH questions and wants me to look into language evaluation to sort out.
  18. That sounds very much like DS. He mixes up syllables in multisyllabic words, transposes digits in numbers, does multistep directions out of order, and also really complains about noisy environments. However, it does not happen every time though... I think I will have to look into this more. Thanks for great information. From the report I received, I can see school thinks that his ADHD (inattentiveness, impulsiveness and self regulation on his emotion) impacts more on his social and education situation. We don't mind to go private to sort it out if we need to. We have pretty good insurance coverage.
  19. Will he be able to get speech therapy from school for Pragmatic Language? Or is there any help we can get outside of school? I was googling Pragmatic Language Disorder last night and found it does fit DS. Now we are not sure if it's part of his ADHD or something (CAPD, AS) more. I checked symptoms of CAPD but he does not fit completely. He has good ear while learning violin (play by ear) and good audio memory. He often follows along the storyline well when he listens to audio books. He memorizes whole paragraph from the book and is able to repeat it without a book. He has no issue identifying 4 different tones while learning Mandarin and some other dialect (has 8 tones) from my home country. However, he does fit description of some CAPD subtypes. I will need to get it sort out from audiologist.
  20. His WJ IV Achievement Form A also indicates issue with reading: Cluster/Test RPI SS (68% Band) READING 37/90 81 (79-84) BROAD READING 37/90 86 (83-88) BASIC READING SKILLS 48/90 85 (82-87) READING COMP 53/90 79 (75-83) READING FLUENCY 44/90 87 (83-91) READING RATE 89/90 100 (96-103) BROAD WRITTEN LANG 57/90 86 (83-89) WRITTEN EXPRESSION 79/90 92 (88-96) MATHEMATICS 94/90 105 (102-109) MATH PROBLEM SOLVING 95/90 108 (104-112) MATH CALCULATION 92/90 102 (98-106) BROAD MATH 93/90 104 (100-107) Letter-Word Identification 30/90 84 (81-87) Applied Problem 95/90 107 (102-112) Spelling 68/90 91 (81-94) Passage Comp 45/90 82 (77-86) Writing Sample 46/90 85 (81-89) Oral Reading 51-90 84 (80-87) Sentence Reading 37/90 90 (86-95)
  21. The reading support at school is using Wilson reading Foundation as curriculum. It's a gentle version of Wilson Reading but it's taught by certified reading specialist in small group setting. He used to get 5 days of reading support (30 minutes each) but reduce to 2 days (30 minutes each) this year. No, SLP did not run CTOPP and we did not have previous psych evaluation. We only had neurologist evaluation for ADHD previously. He got reading support through school intervention due to not meeting benchmark on his reading assessment each year. The school psych did run TOWRE-2 and he scored lowest end of average on Sight words and below average on Phonemic Decoding Efficiency. In WJ IV ACH, he scores low average on Phoneme/Grapheme Knowledgement and Word Attack subtest. They did not give us GAI. I am seeking answer of what issue we are actually facing and why he is so struggling in language learning (reading and writing). I have utilized all resources to help his reading in the past 2 years and he worked pretty hard as well. However, the improvement is limited and we are still not able to fully close the gap after working hard with OG for 2 years. I want to find out if he is qualified for more support resource at school or any other issue we can help to address out side of school. The term of pragmatics language is new to me. After looking the definition up from internet, we did observe the situation in the past. When he spoke, he liked to talk about his own topic. He responded people's question with irrelevant answer. He does not fully understand the meaning of certain words and misused it in wrong setting/people...etc. We did not red flag those earlier as we are bilingual family. Most of people kept telling us that's due to bilingual situation and he would outgrow eventually. His pragmatic language has improved over time when he gets older and gains some social skills. He will respond question to the topic now but still consistently redirect conversation to topic (topic he likes) that is irrelevant to previous one. I was thinking about expressive language (trouble describing events in clear sequence) at the time we requested SLP evaluation as I did not know which term will be properly described the situation.
  22. DS is currently enrolling PS. He has been Intervention program for two years and reading support (Wilson Reading Foundation) for 3 years. However, his achievement test on reading still scores poorly on the lowest end of average range. We reviewed his progress last September and agreed that there must be something more going on so we requested the evaluation. The purpose of evaluation is to find out what else school and we as parents can do to help him in the educational setting and daily life. So what you see is that there is no SLD sign showing on the testing result? How about his low average working memory? The note in speech report indicates that he was found relative weakness in the area of awareness of the setting and the audience, topic management, purpose of conversation, visual-gestural cues and abstractions. In CASL, here are breakdowns: Antonyms 105 (Average) Syntax Construction 81 (Below Average) Paragraph Comprehension 95 (Average) NonLiteral Language 89 (Low end of Average) Pragmatic Judgment 74 (Below Average) Total Test 86 (Average) OWLS II Listening Comprehension 99 (Average) Oral Expression 98 (Average) Oral language Composite 97 (Average)
  23. Thanks. Which professional we should seek for CAPD testing? I forgot to add that he has ADHD PI diagnose from pediatric neurologist last year. Not sure if this will impact the score as well.
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