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Spin off: What are your favorite 'educational' games?

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Classic card games are great for math.


Memory and Bingo can be used to learn just about anything - language arts, religion, science, art, etc.


Sequence makes a kids-version. My Kindergarteners have always been able to keep up with (patient) players in the adult version, though; particularly the version based on US States. I think we got that one at Target.

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My dd5 loves to play games and I got a lot of good choices from the previous thread. However, I'm having trouble finding some games that are educational in the sense of academics. Any suggestions?

Missed the other thread but here is a list I typed up to share with someone a few years back, my dc enjoyed playing these games at around age 4-5 onwards;


Board Games


Junior Monopoly (various editions = v.e) (math)

Draughts (v.e)

Junior Chess (v.e)

Guess Who



Junior Scrabble

Alphabet Soundtracks

Alphabet Detective



Dino Math

Aunty Pasta Fractions

Number Race



Bible Who (cards) (easy level questions)

Bible Charades


Other (math and follow sequences)


Snakes n Ladders (math)

Picnic (pre-k)


Create a Critter (science) (math)


Card Games

Scientist’s Card Games (hist)

Standard Playing Cards (v.e) matching/sorting/adding

Animal Match

Catch the Match

Memory Game

Art Memo Match (art hist)


Other Games


Connect 4 (v.e)

Cranium: Balloon Lagoon

Mancala (hist & strategy)

Domino’s (v.e) (math)

Think it Through (Discovery Toys) (math/phonics)

Marbles & Mat (math) (hand-eye coordination)

Chinese Checkers

Perfection (math) (hand-eye coordination)

Odyssey – Marble Elevator

Junior Tri-ominos (math and visual spatial)

Go Getter - Cat & Mouse



Junior Pictionary

The Crocodile Hunter

Hungry Hippos

Buckaroo (hand-eye coordination)

What’s in Ned’s Head (tactile/ memory)

Tiddly Winks (math) *

Pick Up Sticks (v.e) (hand-eye coordination)

Barrel of Monkeys (hand-eye coordination)

Elastics (PE)

Twister (all subjects adapt)


Logic Games

Colorku Suduko (math)

Colour Memory (Pegs)

North Pole Camouflage

The Peg Solitar – Hoppers

Puzzle Cubes

Puzzles (metal & wood)

Jigsaw puzzles

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My 4 year old loves UNO, puzzles, go fish, memory type games, guess who, connect 4 and anything he can get his brother to help with.


We made a bunch of number puzzles and he loves those. We also have a puzzle where you match the written number on one piece with the correct count of various objects pictured on the other and that is a hit.

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The Professor Noggin games are fun and cover a wide range of topics. We didn't play them the way the game is supposed to be played; we just asked each other the questions, easier questions for the younger kids and difficult questions for the older kids/adults. It was great for riding in the car, waiting at the dr's office, etc. My dd now uses them when she goes babysitting.

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