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  1. Starting from basics upto intermediate NZ-centric (still some practical helps for mum/mom as the coach) World Driving on youtube also has some handy video (can't link the channel)
  2. @Robin M hope laying down the tracks for the album went well! @mumto2 May listening to Rabbi Smalls "Friday" keep you entertained while your body heals (ouch indeed, @Kareni) **** To books.... Completed: Luck and Judgement: DC Smith Bk 3 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (4) Mature content. This Police Procedural surrounds members of a “Married Singles, Swap-sey Club”, what a perfect setting to generate a murder. As intended, Grainger ensures the reader, me, feels sorry for the young wife and child. I liked Serena in later books so it was good to hear about her back story here. The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax, Bk2 ~ Dorothy Gilman, narrated by Babara Rosenblat (repeat listen) (4) I enjoyed my relisten through this audiobook. I snuck Alliance: A Linesman Bk2 ~ S. K. Dunstall, narrated by Brian Hutchison (4-) in as a "busy hands" listen . (Any excuse would have done, I wanted to listen to some more about Linesman) The story as a whole was good, just not quite as good overall as the first book, Linesman. I’ve downloaded book three to listen to, next month … after I’ve completed some other books. (So glad @Kareni recommended this series.) Current read/listen: I started relistening to The Unknown Ajax ~ Georgette Heyer for a Heyer book group challenge. Hoping to finish The Problem of Pain ~ C.S.Lewis this week, some of which has made for challenging read. I have a few titles still on sip read and am sipping away at those.
  3. audiosync (Y/A) freebies for this week: ( )
  4. That is a long day away! Does your commute gift you with a decent amount of time for audiobook 'reading' (or do I have the wrong BaW). I'd get hardly any books "read" if it wasn't for audio.
  5. 👍😍 (I'm just about to hit play on my first read through the second book....)
  6. The ones I've read were predominately set in the Kings Lake District, Norfolk. (Bk 3 does feature, briefly, a trip out to the North Sea rig from off the coast of Aberdeen. Are you detailing your reads set in Scotland too?) If you do that fancy bookreads recommend/ selection thing 😉 , I think I've detailed the locations of each DC book I've listened to for my Brit Tripping then , and for a later go through. (I wanting to have another read round through that challenge with some of the books you listed.... )
  7. Time is in short supply this week, just stopped in to read your posts, and link hop 😉 Love the pictures you're sharing at the end of each week @mumto2 - virtual trip to the U.K. I appreciated seeing, last week, where you are with your 10x10 @Matryoshka - encouragement for me to keep at it Quick book update. Completed: Hosea (Life Application Bible) Forty Autumns (4.5*) (Thank you for recommending this Negin) I enjoyed this non-fiction book so much! A Private Investigation: DC Smith Bk 8 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (5) (Mature content and sensitive issues) This book is the grand finale for DC Smith’s time in the Police force and it ends with an emotive cliff hanger. I’m definitely going to be reading Songbird: A Kings Lake Investigation at some stage to find out what happened to DC. I’ve started reading Joel (KJV) and listening to Luck and Judgement ~ Peter Grainger The Inspectors in A Private Investigation referred back to the case in this earlier book so I decided I’d back up and listen to this one too; and, I'm going to count it towards my spelling challenge.
  8. Well done on the catch up: and, the reading! (I've never physically read a Heyer mystery, but have been through them via audio, enjoying some more than others.) This! Exactly 😄 I've just finished adjusting titles so that there is as little cross over (sharing) of titles across the categories as possible.
  9. My Ds is a huge (!) Dostoyevsky appreciator and asked me to read some of his books with him this year. I agreed to two of his works and have purposely been dodging The Idiot (@Violet Crowns take on it, and now yours, makes me glad I picked the two Dostoyevsky's I did) . I think @Pen has the right of it, B.K does feel like it is moving at a quicker, more interesting, though darker, pace than C&P. (B.K is one of my sip reads and has more side plots and characters.) Yet I'm glad that I read (book and audio) C&P first and would recommend it too. Keeping the characters in both books straight has been/is interesting😋 so being able to reference those has helped. Whispersync audios have made the reading much more enjoyable, and generated an easier way for me to learn to pronounce all the Russian names: Crime & Punishment The Brothers Karamazov This is an absolute family favourite! The audio version made it a keeper for us.
  10. Not sure if this Rakuten Kobo code RQU7U6 for 90% off aselect titles (audio or ebook) is good in the US? Adding it here on the off chance it does (expires 11 July '19). Freebie from AudioFile this week: The Canterville Ghost ~ Oscar Wilde
  11. I enjoyed the hunt, and found some, other, distracting titles along the way. If I had only learnt to read German, you could have slept peacefully tonight.
  12. I've hunted through the possibilities that might gift it to me in English..... and couldn't find anything either; so, now I really want to know what that series is like😄
  13. A few of my reading associates avoid Rabbi Small due to the dated, from that era, chauvinistic mindset of some of the characters. There are less than characters who make racist remarks: From memory one book was so racist, and, derogatory, really bad, that we, Dh & I, and I ditched it. I stopped listening to the drug taking teens one too. Hope you enjoy the first Rabbi Small book, I did. @Kareni the book covers are amazing. ** Though book 11 is titled The Day the Rabbi Resigned, Rabbi Small's presence seems rather scarce 😕 This one seems to be focusing on a few of those chauvinistic characters, which is a- perfect set up by the author to have me really dislike them. Vincent is just asking to be eliminated! I do feel sorry for the ‘poor plain' emotionally neglected orphan Margaret. One of my 10x10 challenges this year became During and post-WWII and thanks to @Negin's review I’m now listening to Forty Autumns and enjoying it ( "enjoying" seems like the wrong word for the sober topics in the WWII books I’m reading through). I thought I had completed one of my 10x10 challenges but have such anti feelings about one of the books on the list - it gets worse every time I look at the title and has became a less that 1* read - that I'm not done until I replace that nasty book on the list with a better title. 😋
  14. Hello to each one reading here, Thanks @Robin M I have been looking forward to this month Bookology Challenge, and having George Guidall read The Day the Rabbi Resigned: Rabbi Small Bk11 ~ Harry Kemelman. Dh and I have listened to all the Rabbi Small audibooks audible has had available to date, bar that one. Congratulations @Violet Crown I love the title of your completed 10x10; and the list is amazing! ((@Negin )) ❤️🙏 ** To books….. (I'd better post this before I run out of time, hope to come back and chat later....) Completed: The Last Year of the War ~ Susan Meissner (3+) WWII (Christian fiction is a genre that is challenging for me to find authors/ characters/situations that interest me enough to want to continuing reading.) Made it through this one 😜 The Note Through the Wire ~ Doug Gold (4.5) NZ mature content/ swearing, including f bombs. The story was by turns very gritty, sobering, and, humorous, and was one I really wanted to read – the voice relaying this story is Kiwi through and through - so I endeavoured to glide over the swearing as best as I could. Still reading/listening to: A Seaside Practice ~ Dr Tom Smith, Elon Musk ~ Ashlee Vance, The Moonstone ~ Wilkie Collins, The Little Grey Men ~ ‘BB’, The Problem of Pain ~ C.S. Lewis
  15. Your quilt sounds amazing! I hope we get to see the end result of your skill. If you stretched the rules would one of the 176 mammals starting with n ... off here work? I'm trying to focus on whodunits , mostly, sort of, for the spelling challenge. Both 'n' and 'r' are more of a challenge for me this year too (due to lack of interest in titles available...) Ngaio Marsh was a good go-to for letter “n”, for me: I refuse to read her though, it has to be an audio with either Philip Franks, Benedict Cumberbatch, o,r Anton Lester narrating. For some of the letter ‘i’s I've put aside a few in the DC Smith, police procedural, series, as I've enjoyed the ones I’ve read to date. 'V' is being covered, mostly by the series my Dd has recommended to me, Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James by Charles Veley and Anna Elliott, They are all, so far 3-4 * (not quite a 4). @JennW in SoCal wishing you a quick return to health - the benefit of comfort listening doesn't make up for the 'ugh' you are feeling.
  16. Well done! Agreeing with your abandon comment: letters 'i' and 'e' and 'v' are challenging to find books and keep reading letters for me. How about you? I'd be counting that letter 'i' read too 😄
  17. @SKL TKaM would have been on the 'cannot' cope yet list for my Dd at 12 (some dc are ready, others aren't.) She was absolutely ready at 17 though. We have an, extended, inter-racial family and some topics are just very tough. Wowa! Kite Runner as a kids book?! (gobsmacked) Nodding in agreement at Æthelthryth's comments. That's it. Perfect ! Oliver Twist ..... Over exposure to that book ruined it for me.
  18. I remembered you saying you enjoyed it, I had a failed attempt years back, so decided to revisit it: enjoying it now as an audiobook..... I think my reading palate may have 'grown up' since 2007😉 You'll achieve it, keep plugging. With so many interesting books available, it's hard not to get distracted by other titles - well, for me it can be😋 I asked for recommendations last week and my download/hold list has received a lovely boost. Thank you BaWs! The book is a very interesting read. There is no attempt to gloss over Musk's personality issues/psyche, failures, or his habitual use of the f-word, nor to downplay his machine like drive, genius - he really is - or the achievements. We do have Tesla's here (they are one brand of, around, the 10,000 electric vehicles currently in NZ). I haven't seen one myself - haven't been looking. Trivial extra: we have a charging station about an hours highway driving from us, time I paid attention. @Negin ❤️🙏 Dd was amazed at how much she enjoyed TKaMB, how are your dc doing with it? (Some loath it). "Successfully forced" 😄 Hope you keep posting that 100 books to-go list, as you get to them. I like @Junie challenge term for reading books she missed out, published too late (?), and read children's/ Y/A titles that I've missed, on occasion, too.
  19. Beautiful! Thinking of you and yours @Negin 🙏 Hoping you can find some leverage up, or around those issues, along with the support you need. This showed up in quite a few of the links @Robin M shared. That's a solid reason for a favourite 🙂 I have The Goblin Emperor downloaded & lined up to read later this year, hoping I love it too. @mumto2 I feel your pain! I started on some hard copy tossing awhile back. Looking forward to see your completed spelling challenge list, when your done. Love this sentiment, and wholeheartedly second it!
  20. Posting first, and coming back to read and chat later/ another time ( I must not get distracted here, yet 😉 ) I pushed the Little Grey Men to one side and devoured Kareni’s Linesman suggestion, which means I’ve now completed reading the spelling challenge for this month: D= Earthly Remains: Commissario Guido Brunetti Bk26 ~ Donna Leon, narrated by David Rintoul (4) O= Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer: One Pilot’s Extraordinary Account of the Battle of France ~ Alastair Dyson Panton (4) N= Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh, narrated by Philip Franks (4) N= Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World ~ Max Lucado (cc) (4+) goodreads review A= The Wilhelm Conspiracy: Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Bk2 ~ Charles Veley and Anna Elliott narrated by Edward Petherbridge (3) L= Linesman, Bk1 ~ S. K. Dunstall, narrated by Brian Hutchison (4+) goodreads review E= The Luminaries ~ Eleanor Catton (4-) (started with audio switched to ebook 848pgs) O= The Other Woman ~ Daniel Silva , narrated by George Guidall (4) N= Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel ~ Matti Friedman (3++) N/F The collection of books I am currently reading/listening to looks like a real lolly scramble. I enjoy reading this way over winter, it keeps things interesting and encourages me to hop around amongst the “library shelves” and not just comfort read. Going at this slower pace over this many books all at once will also gift me a few letters I want for next months spelling challenge "DAVID SMALL". The Little Grey Men ~ ‘BB’ juvenile fiction (Carneige winner) The Last Year of the War ~ Susan Meissner WWII (Christian fict: a genre that is challenging for me to find authors/ characters/situations that interest me enough to want to continuing reading.) The Moonstone ~ Wilkie Collins, narrated by Peter Jeffrey Classic (excellent narration) Elon Musk ~ Ashlee Vance N/F DS recommendation. There quite a few f-bombs in this book, grits teeth and perseveres as it is a very interesting, informative read! The Problem of Pain ~ C.S. Lewis, narrated by Simon Vance (cc) NF continuing with my ongoing read through Lewis works.
  21. I spoke too soon😕 The book, The Sentence is Death ~ Horowitz , starts out so good mentioning the filming of Foyles War, then a police Detective shows up who has all the hallmarks for being brilliant, and a pain in the neck to the author, a young man's husband (the divorce lawyer) is murdered and the D.I shows up at the crime scene in chapter 3. Sadly, for me, the language content just goes down hill from there - lots of F-bombing (my pet peeve in audiobooks. Impossible to skip over). I've abandoned the audio and if the library gets this as an ebook, I'd like to revisit it that way as I want to know what happens. Thank you Kareni for mentioning it! I absolutely, flat out , enjoyed this book (!) and just kept listening until it was done. I definitely want to listen to the others in the series, which doesn't seem to be finished yet (?) @mumto2 I think you'd enjoy too. For others that haven't read it, Linesman ~ S.K. Dunstall, it's not stunningly brilliant writing, and it feels like there are a plethora of characters to unravel, added to that, Ean always seems to sweat-stained and needing a shower; but, I found the storyline to be a fun listen. There is some, grandpa generation, swearing (and one f-word). @Robin M Aircon gone, and especially with it being summer, is not a good look. Kudos to your clever Dh for repairing the home unit.
  22. No, I haven't (small grin). Just doing a pretty standard rebel read and picking the book that sounds the most enjoyable, for me, in this series. Have you read it? I am enjoying, so far (& for others that like to know thing like this too; there is some language content, though no f.bombs) Hope you enjoy your read in the series too! So glad you linked and reviewed it @Mothersweets Hope you enjoy Spring Magic! I haven't listened to too many Stevenson books, yet, but have enjoyed the third one in the Drumberley series, and Summerhills the most so far. Thanks to @aggieamy reviewing the books last year, I've got the audiobooks for the Katherine series lined up for my spelling challenge ETA: your trip to Seattle sounds - so amazing from where I am in the world - like are a very special and wonderful time away @JennW in SoCal ** A link/book either @Kareni or @mumto2shared last (?) week has gifted me with a book from two Australian authors in a genre I don't usually read from, Sci-fi. Linesman ~ S.K. Dunstall (some language content, and the mention of lots of lover swapping/both sexes hitting on the main guy. No salacious details, yet and I'm up to chapter 22). I'm enjoying this space opera so far.
  23. I just twigged listening to a sample of the Horowitz book you mentioned, that he crafted Foyle's War (such a good WWII dvd series). Yay. I've used a credit and downloaded the audiobook for this. ** Just completed Spring Magic ~ D. E. Stevenson, narrated by Lesley Mackie (4) (London, Hertfordshire/ Scotland/ WWII). This definitely ranks as comfort listening for me. Vintage, clean romance. Extra: Quite a few scenarios of children being emotionally adandoned/neglected, some physcially due to the wars. The least likeable soldier is a womaniser who is cheating on his wife. Not fussed on the outcome Stevenson gifted to the wife.
  24. @Æthelthryth the Texan If I read that Alison Weir book, I'll definitely post about it here. Thanks for the heads-up of the key pad trick you use to help created @ you ( I just copied and pasted the one you created upthread.) I can generate æ, Æ ( press down together) CTRL+SHIFT+&, (then by itself) a or A perfectly on a Microsoft keypad into a document, but not here on this forum: love documents conundrums like this (nerdy interest). Wonder if anyone else on the forums knows how..... I'm glad you had a try to navigate around it too @Kareni (Thank you for all the rabbit trail links you share, fun way to while away afternoon tea breaks). @Pen I'm with @Matryoshka (laughed at your nerd comment, waving hi on that score too), Æthelthryth, and @mumto2 : Goodreads is where I now track all my reading. I use a word doc too. Agreeing that a well narrated audiobook can make a book fly, and a poorly narrated one makes it crash. I think @Kareni shared this weekly summertime freebie, audiobooks for teens last yea, repeat sharing it for anyone that missed it: I've got my eye on three audiobooks a few weeks ahead. @JunieI really appreciate you sharing your personal story with the review of Wonder. (Those that bullied you really missed out on getting to know a wonderful person.)
  25. Æthelthryth, (interestingly, no matter how I type or copy n paste your name in the @ notifier doesn't work 😉) good to see you back. Nice reading list too!! My Ds really wants me to read the Elon Musk book, and seeing your rating here is encouraging me to pull it forward as one of this years reads. I have Alison Weir's The Lost Tudor Princess (n/f) on stand by but the reviews on goodreads aren't enticing me to start it, do you have that Weir book lined up in your reading sights? ** I started this in April, just finished yesterday: The Mystery of Three Quarters: A Hercule Poirot Mystery Bk3 ~ Sophie Hannah narrated by Julian Rhind-Tutt (2-3) Cosy-mystery. Late night listening which was well narrated. So long as I reminded myself that this is a book featuring Hercule Poirot, and was written by another author, the storyline and I managed to rub along okay. Not brilliantly though as the telling of the mystery is a bit longwinded and would really annoy me in a daytime listen/read. I found the murderer pretty easy to identify, though not all the intricate reasoning behind the case/s. This is a one-off listen for me, and not one I want for my keeping library.
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