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  1. In my late night reading I’ve read three printed books, books six to eight in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series by Sulari Gentill, so far this month, and the series is averaging between 3-4 out of 5 stars from me. There are some content issues (could be triggers for some) in these books, the bedroom scenes are all closed door. I was so happy to complete two sip reads this week that I began late last year – both are Christian non-fiction: Keep a Quiet Heart ~ Elisabeth Elliot, God in the Docks ~ C.S. Lewis. I enjoyed the first half of Elisabeth Elliot’s book more than the second ha
  2. It’s the style my DD dresses in, and was a new word for me too until clothing items starting hitting her wardrobe.😋 (interested to see what it looks like in books @Kareni)
  3. @mumto2 You may have already read this book.... while I was listening I thought this is a book you might enjoy: No Cure for the Dead: The Florence Nightingale Mysteries Bk1 ~ Christine Trent, narrated by Lucy Rayner. I gave it 3- out of 5 stars. Here's my goodreads review. If you enjoy cosy mysteries and a, Carola Dunn toned, Daisy Dalrymple character being Florence Nightingale you’ll like this historical mystery series. This definitely has all the hallmarks of first in a historical series with the setting up of characters and locations in the Victorian era. A few other book
  4. No, no need to read these in order. Cotillion is a fun read, if you like Heyer: I do, many of her books are comfort-read favourites. I'm just about to start Winspear's memoir, so your "enjoyment" comment caught my attention (hoping I do too). 12 Rules has been on my to read list for ages, for the same reason's you've mentioned.
  5. @Lady Florida. I completed T.C.o.M.C a wee while back .... looking forward to any possible BaW discussion at the end of this scheduled read: I can see why you gifted it all the starts you did 🥰 (hoping you're continuing to heal and strengthen after your op: thinking of you often!) Looking forward to coming back and falling down those rabbit holes (links) you've provided @Kareni @Junie Oh my! Paddington Bear! What a flashback of wonderful memories. I LOVE the original Paddington Bear chapter books and yet failed in the attempt to read him aloud to my D.C, I'd end up laughing mysel
  6. Thank you to who ever mentioned/recommended The Devotion of Suspect X: Detective Galileo Bk1 ~ Keigo Higashino , Translated by Alexander O. Smith, narrated by David Pittu. I gifted it 4 out of 5 starts. This story is unlike any other mystery I've listened to recently, the crime and the participants in this story are revealed right off, then a twist comes with suspect X taking the initiative to ..... can't say too much it'll generate spoilers. Clever. I wasn't expecting THAT ending. So many layers to this story with the background issues; domestic violence, single parenting, attem
  7. Have you read the sequel to Bel Lamington, Fletchers End ? I'm stalling hoping it will come available on audio. I am enjoying them for that reason too: there are decent chunks of Australian history in there that I didn't know about.
  8. Posting first and then hoping to get back here in a few days and catch up on what each of you are reading, or have read. Thank you (!!) @Robin M for these book threads. 💐 I appreciate the book recommendation, given a while back, @Kareni. I just checked and, amazingly, our library does have a printed copy. In the last six or so weeks , I've spent a good amount of time going back through series I'm familiar with - then it doesn't matter if I go to sleep as I already know what happens. I originally went through The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert for/with
  9. Interested to hear your review of the movie (at some stage) as I really enjoyed the book, a few years back, as a read aloud with one of my teens. We can access the movie too here in NZ.
  10. @Seasider too ymmv, but I enjoy Wilkie Collins books much more as audiobooks. With The Moonstone, about a third of the way through the book I was wondering if I wanted to keep investing in this "taking forever" serial styled story - time to read a quick summary and see where the story was going. I’m glad I did, as it gave me the impetus to keep listening to Peter Jeffrey's excellent narration of this work. I'm currently listening to No Name and read a summary before I even began. ETA: 15 Chapters in and I'm finding No Name hard going, even on audio.
  11. Posting first, reading the thread next. I am hoping that once we get past February I can get here to read and post a bit more than I have been - not just zoom through the threads signed out. I may have to take a page out of @Matryoshka book and post once a month. Reading is a little challenging this month, yet I'm achieving some of that too, as we prepare for 3 birthdays we observe - one is my ds 21st - and then my in-laws 63rd wedding anniversary💞. We're hoping nothing happens down here to stop those celebrations taking place. I am getting through a few audiobooks. I've
  12. I get distracted reading each new BaW thread (this year) and then run out of time to post. Posting tonight, coming back to thread read another day. My reading ideas for this year: Read 52 in 52 (12 physical books and 40 new-to-me audiobooks), and have a try at completing an A-Z challenge. I'll continue reading Christian based/ faith based books that will hopefully inspire, and, challenge me –it’s easy to read books/authors that I know I will agree with: it stretches me to read books where I know the authors beliefs and mine will vary. Please just ignore the titles in I’m readin
  13. Must have heard you calling @Robin M😋 I've been determining since November to sign in here and say "hello!" I've missed being here seeing what you're each reading. I'll try to come back later .... if I don't get back, may I sincerely wish each one of you some gentler days in 2021. Here's my reading year in a nutshell: my reading plan/challenge this year emorphed into mostly squishing in comfort listens, lots of repeats, to audios: and, to physically read 24 printed books. I'm not going to achieve that later challenge. I'm still working through wanting to read as many wor
  14. I'm about to start listening to the second book in the Paige's Kathryn Ardleigh series. Interested to read what you think of that book, it's definitely a different styled story with those two 'old spinisters' ... 😞 That will be hard for your aged community? (But necessary). I know it will be tough for you, or will you switch to ebook reading?
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