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  1. I'm about to start listening to the second book in the Paige's Kathryn Ardleigh series. Interested to read what you think of that book, it's definitely a different styled story with those two 'old spinisters' ... 😞 That will be hard for your aged community? (But necessary). I know it will be tough for you, or will you switch to ebook reading?
  2. Posting, to say hello to you all, and so that I can come back and find this thread easily and see what your doing, and how each one of you are. I just finished listening to a title @mumto2 recommended during our Brit Tripping (thank you! I did enjoy it): Death at Bishop's Keep (Kathryn Ardleigh, #1) Robin Paige, Helen Johns (Narrator) (4+) Unplanned, this is the second suffragette themed book I've read this month, the other was The Burning Issue of the Day, I prefer Death at Bishop's Keep so much more for these reasons: the characters are better drawn and well developed -
  3. New Zealand has confirmed 7th (Wellington) & 8th (Queenstown) case today. Both are travellers from overseas. (These are the first two cases, confirmed, outside Auckland.)
  4. NEW RULES FOR NZ * Every person entering New Zealand from anywhere in the world will be required to self-isolate for 14 days, excluding the Pacific (as @Ausmumof3 mentioned). These restrictions will all be reviewed in 16 days' time. * The existing travel ban for China and Iran will continue * Cruise ships banned from coming to New Zealand, until at least June 30, 2020 * Strict new health measures at the border for people departing to the Pacific * Measures to help those in self-isolation to be announced next week * Government will work closely with the aviation se
  5. Thankfully no. This man arrived in NZ last week, and tested positive on Friday 13th. (Thinking of @lewelma's family as they wait for their son/brother to get home !)
  6. (not sure if this has been shared) 6th case in New Zealand, they flew home to Auckland from New Jersey via Houston. Update: From midnight Sunday, every person arriving in New Zealand will have to isolate themselves for 14 days.
  7. I've listened to a few books in February, and that included two Mary Stewart's Rose Cottage ~ narrated by Samantha Eggar (4), and, Nine Coaches Waiting ~ narrated by Ellie Heydon (5) One book I wanted to come and share here before March's busy-ness gobbles me up again , and thought that others here may enjoy too is: The Semi-Detached House ~ Emily Eden, narrated by Peter Joyce (5) I enjoyed this comedy of manners story as the author invested in witty discourse and 1850's drollery, and, had Rachael, the orphaned niece, quoting Shakespeare. I'm hoping the next book The Semi-attached
  8. 2nd case in NZ https://www.health.govt.nz/news-media/media-releases/second-case-covid-19-confirmed-nz (Thanks for all the info sharing here)
  9. Tracking that this year too then... I dont know about usually, but this year, so far I'm about 50/50 ( and as no surprise to me, most of the audiobooks I've selected have been narrated by men).
  10. Sorry. My wording wasnt clear: 'Nine Coaches' was my first Stewart title for this challenge.... it is the second book I've read, ever, by Mary Stewart. My first book of hers, I read in Nov 2019, Madam, Will You Talk?, was okay but not as good as Nine Coaches.
  11. So that I can follow via email I doing a zoom through post and waving hello to each one here. (February is a busy (!!) month with birthdays etc, so not much time for me to book chat). An 'O' title you might like to consider @mumto2 One-way Tickets: A Case For Willows and Lane @aggieamy The Eloquence... book I mentioned last week does have some 'skip it' content for me - so I am. I'm noting things on GRs so others who like the bedroom door to stay shut, don't like f-bombs etc may be a little forewarned before reading too. **** I finished my first Mary Stewart book s
  12. I ended up purchasing the Basford book Kareni mentioned (thank you!!) through Bookdepository - so looking to working in it. @mumto2 I forgot yesterday.... love seeing you mention the Miss Silver titles you're reading (I'm reading a few series in order this year, and garnered the idea of rereading that series again from you) Finished two books this week, both via audio. Overture to Death: Roderick Alleyn #8 ~ Ngaio Marsh, narrated by Anton Lesser (abridged) (3) I'm going through the stories in order, this time, and this edition created an entertaining quick option. The old
  13. thanks you @Kareni for the AiW illustrator link, I'm hoping our library has books that Angel Dominguez illustrated. ( ETA: I'm going to go and link hop with the Basford book you just mention on my way out of here. ) Quoting seems to an optional extra today... I'm enjoying reading through the books you've each read and for the title sharing. Sincerely hope you're family is back to stronger health soon @aggieamy. (Appreciate you sharing that Wentworth title which I've just downloaded free from Faded Page (https://www.fadedpage.com/sc/wentworth.php) Thinking of you (!)
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