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  1. No, I haven't. Thanks Kareni, I'll add him to my list of authors to check out. (archived a few links you've shared to come back and checkout too. ❤️) Must repeat this: The Linesman book is so good... I'm trying to stretch it out and not finish it: thanks for recommending this series to me. (I have The Goblin Emperor downloaded to read for Oct's spelling challenge; hoping I love it too 😋 ) Aww, thanks mumto2. Whew. Well done, seriously(!) on completing the epic challenge for July! I did like it! Such a good book .. when I added the BBC finish to it 😉 I thought it was you - thank you for the mention, it was a worth while read! (I'll keep an eye out for what you think of M.Dicken other works). Yes! Me too on Klassen. I tried a Pembrooke setting read of hers a while back - hmm, nope. So I think I'll leave the above Klassen title as my only read of hers.
  2. Books Completed: Sarah Morris Remembers ~ D. E. Stevenson, narrated by Patience Tomlinson (3-) WWII (Durham/ London/ Scotland) House of Spies: Gabriel Allon Bk17 ~ Daniel Silva, narrated by George Guidall (2-3) Israel/Chunkster (544pgs) epukapuka (Gosport, Hampshire/ Postbridge, Devon/ London) The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland ~ Jim DeFede, narrated by Ray Porter (4) Wives and Daughters ~ Elizabeth Gaskell (4.5) (sip read, May to August 2019) The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax, Bk3 ~ Dorothy Gilman, narrated by Babara Rosenblat (4) One of the titles for my “rinse n repeat” 10x10 challenge. The Market Square ~ Miss Read, narrated by June Barrie (5) Lovely, gentle story, about two families, the Norths and the Howards, and the intertwining of their lives during the early part of the 1900’s. This is definitely the first part of a two book series and June Barrie made this a pleasure to listen to. Extra: one of the woman ends up divorced from her sleep around husband. The Reluctant Widow ~ Georgette Heyer (5) repeat listen, favourite. The Land Girls ~ Victoria Purman, narrated by Jennifer Vuletic (4.25) Return to Me: The Restoration Chronicles Bk1 ~ Lynn Austin (3.5) (cc) Even though this was an ancient era setting the dialogue, and attitudes became decidedly modern at times. At this point, I have no interest in reading any further. Girls' Club: Cultivating Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World ~ Sally, et al, Clarkson (4* for the audiobook) The Maid of Fairbourne Hall ~ Julie Klassen, narrated by Elizabeth Jasicki (3) (cc) A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax ~ Dorothy Gilman, narrated by Barbara Rosenblat (3+) Repeat listen. Barbara Rosenblat is Mrs. Pollifax, I just love her narration of these books. 4 Ingredients One Pot, One Bowl: Rediscover the Wonders of Simple, Home-Cooked Meals (epukapuka) ~ Kim McCosker (3) Going Loco: Further Adventures of a Scottish Country Doctor ~ Dr Tom Smith (3+) Book Girl ~ Sarah Clarkson (4+) (sip read 11/2018 to 27/08/19 ) One Pair of Hands ~ Monica Dickens, narrated by Carole Boyd (4+) (Recommended by another BaW.. Mothersweets?)
  3. I think I missed posting all of last month – once a month posting looks like it will be the new norm for me for a good while - so first, waving hi (!!) and then to do a catch up list of books I’ve read. (I see I’ve missed out on gifting birthday and anniversary ‘best wishes’…. doing that now. Really hoping your therapist can help assist you with some effective pain management, @Negin. Constant pain is so wearying (hug). ) Spring has definitely arrived in my area of the world and it’s so beautiful to see the bulbs blooming, and yesterday, Father’s Days here in NZ, the first of our Spring lambs were born. Being able to walk about again (yay!) means outside time and audiobooks for me ♥ Reading/listening to: The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color. Techniques for Using Watercolor and Color Media on the Go ~ Shari Blaukopf Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes: Peter Nimble Bk1 ~ Jonathan Auxier (restarted read. Began this in 2018 then never got back to it…) Confluence: Linesman Bk3 ~ S. K. Dunstall, narrated by Brian Hutchison I’m sad that this is the last book in the Linesman series. I’m not a sci-fi, or space opera fan but really like Ean Lamberts story. Bk2 was not as interesting as bks 1 , and, 3 (for others that like to know too, there is some profanity) The New Girl: Gabriel Allon Bk19 ~ Daniel da Silva (epukapuka) The Read-Aloud Family ~ Sarah Mackenzie @Kareni did you read any of the next series by Dunstall?
  4. Agreeing with your comment to Violet Crown : I had to slow down read through your post properly, VC. What you're doing with JBA, for next month, I had to do with David Small this month ... I thought about doing Rabbi too, but want to read a few books than will not help to 'spell' anything 😉. Sending you lots of reading encouragement as you spell your way through JBA. I like the quotes you shared from you book @Junie So pleased to see the charm has returned. (How Miss Read could do that to Mr..... in book 3 irks me. Best thing, in hindsight, later books, though. I've used up my time allowance here with so many interesting books, and links, to check out: thanks BAWs 👍
  5. Term 3 of our schooling year has begun, today, so Dd and I have been riffling through the books she needs to read and write an reading response on: the first book this term is Night ~ Eli Wiesel a book Ds and I both rate as a solid 5* read; I'm looking forward to seeing what my Dd thinks of it. I finished The Problem of Pain (3) reviewed on Goodreads , which means I’ve completed my version of July’s bookolgy challenge – I’m not reading through the Rabbi portion like you are @mumto2 : D= The Note Through the Wire ~ Doug Gold (4.5) N/F NZ mature content / plenty of f bombs. A= Forty Autumns: A Family's Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall ~ Nina Willner, narrated by Cassandra Campbell (4.5) N/F V= Elon Musk ~ Ashlee Vance, narrated by Fred Sanders (4.5) N/F language content I= A Private Investigation: DC Smith Bk 8 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (5) D= The Day the Rabbi Resigned: Rabbi Small Bk11 ~ Harry Kemelma, narrated by George Guidall (3) S= A Seaside Practice: Tales of a Scottish Country Doctor Bk1~ Dr Tom Smith (4+) N/F M= The Moonstone ~ Wilkie Collins, narrated by Peter Jeffrey (4+) Classic A= Alliance: A Linesman Bk2 ~ S. K. Dunstall, narrated by Brian Hutchison (4-) L= Luck and Judgement: DC Smith Bk 3 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (4) Mature content. L= The Problem of Pain ~ C.S. Lewis, narrated by Simon Vance (3) (cc) N/F Currently reading/listening to: I’ve been sip listening to Wives and Daughters ~ Elizabeth Gaskell since early May and have decided to make some decent strides through it so that I can count it towards August’s spelling challenge, 'Fred Vargas' ( I might only read the 'Fred' part). Sarah Morris Remembers ~ D. E. Stevenson, narrated by Patience Tomlinson WWII (Scotland) The Autobiography of Peter Cartwright ~ Peter Cartwright (cc) ETA: Just finishing up a repeat listen of the Unknown Ajax ~ Georgette Heyer, which this time through has been a 5* listen.
  6. Before the chat flips over to a new week.. @Robin MHoping your ds is doing okay after the twitter incident (wonderful news on the build finish!) love the pictures! @mumto2 lovely children in a lovely setting.
  7. @Matryoshka posted an update on her 10x10 challenge, here is my progress at the moment - I keep shuffling titles between categories so that they are in no more than two: Scotland (8 of 10 books) New Zealand/Australia (country or Authors) (9 of 10) Christian Fiction (7 of 10) Chunkster (5) Books with minimum of 500pgs Classics (8 of 10) Non-fiction (9 of 10) + Christian N/F (6 of 10) (15 of 20 total) WWII (8 of 10) Israel (4 of 5) Rinse n Repeat (14 of 20) New-to-Me Fiction Authors (15 of 20) I would have completed Scotland this month, but decided I wanted to listen to Linesman bk 2 and A Shameful Murder: Reverend Mother Bk1 ~ Cora Harrison instead. The later is an historical mystery set in 1920’s amidst Ireland’s civil war, which is not something I know much about so I’m appreciating the story formatted history lesson. It took me a while to get used to Rosalyn Landor’s faux Irish accent and I think the book will remain as an average 3 stars read, unless something unexpected happens to Harrison's writing style 🙂 . (For those that like to know extra content before they start reading - none of the following is graphic or salacious, it's just there in the story: married men as predators of teen girls, a discussion of pregnant teens committing suicide, one pregnant teen is full of hatred for the baby she is carrying and then adopts out. The Reverend Mother muses to herself about poverty stricken children, from starving families, being used in prostitution.) *** Sounds good, @madteaparty Keep us posted if you do decide to do that.
  8. Wow! That becomes a nail biting 15 hours for (some of) the parents/guardians ..... I'm in awe! Trying to teach 1 child has been a challenge - it's me, not the child; though he's not really interested in learning either, similar DC to mumto2's - the driving school is an anxiety saver, for me! Wishing you the very best as you pack to move in with your Dds 🙏❤️ I hope you're able to photo share - no pressure to though - while you're there. (I'm flat out enjoying the pictures Negin & mumto2 share.) @Faithr Well done on the Heyer reading run! (Off to check your post after this 😉 ) Even though I didn't like any of the characters, I still enjoyed Penhallow as a one off read too.
  9. Starting from basics upto intermediate NZ-centric (still some practical helps for mum/mom as the coach) World Driving on youtube also has some handy video (can't link the channel)
  10. @Robin M hope laying down the tracks for the album went well! @mumto2 May listening to Rabbi Smalls "Friday" keep you entertained while your body heals (ouch indeed, @Kareni) **** To books.... Completed: Luck and Judgement: DC Smith Bk 3 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (4) Mature content. This Police Procedural surrounds members of a “Married Singles, Swap-sey Club”, what a perfect setting to generate a murder. As intended, Grainger ensures the reader, me, feels sorry for the young wife and child. I liked Serena in later books so it was good to hear about her back story here. The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax, Bk2 ~ Dorothy Gilman, narrated by Babara Rosenblat (repeat listen) (4) I enjoyed my relisten through this audiobook. I snuck Alliance: A Linesman Bk2 ~ S. K. Dunstall, narrated by Brian Hutchison (4-) in as a "busy hands" listen . (Any excuse would have done, I wanted to listen to some more about Linesman) The story as a whole was good, just not quite as good overall as the first book, Linesman. I’ve downloaded book three to listen to, next month … after I’ve completed some other books. (So glad @Kareni recommended this series.) Current read/listen: I started relistening to The Unknown Ajax ~ Georgette Heyer for a Heyer book group challenge. Hoping to finish The Problem of Pain ~ C.S.Lewis this week, some of which has made for challenging read. I have a few titles still on sip read and am sipping away at those.
  11. audiosync (Y/A) freebies for this week: ( )
  12. That is a long day away! Does your commute gift you with a decent amount of time for audiobook 'reading' (or do I have the wrong BaW). I'd get hardly any books "read" if it wasn't for audio.
  13. 👍😍 (I'm just about to hit play on my first read through the second book....)
  14. The ones I've read were predominately set in the Kings Lake District, Norfolk. (Bk 3 does feature, briefly, a trip out to the North Sea rig from off the coast of Aberdeen. Are you detailing your reads set in Scotland too?) If you do that fancy bookreads recommend/ selection thing 😉 , I think I've detailed the locations of each DC book I've listened to for my Brit Tripping then , and for a later go through. (I wanting to have another read round through that challenge with some of the books you listed.... )
  15. Time is in short supply this week, just stopped in to read your posts, and link hop 😉 Love the pictures you're sharing at the end of each week @mumto2 - virtual trip to the U.K. I appreciated seeing, last week, where you are with your 10x10 @Matryoshka - encouragement for me to keep at it Quick book update. Completed: Hosea (Life Application Bible) Forty Autumns (4.5*) (Thank you for recommending this Negin) I enjoyed this non-fiction book so much! A Private Investigation: DC Smith Bk 8 ~ Peter Grainger, narrated by Gildart Jackson (5) (Mature content and sensitive issues) This book is the grand finale for DC Smith’s time in the Police force and it ends with an emotive cliff hanger. I’m definitely going to be reading Songbird: A Kings Lake Investigation at some stage to find out what happened to DC. I’ve started reading Joel (KJV) and listening to Luck and Judgement ~ Peter Grainger The Inspectors in A Private Investigation referred back to the case in this earlier book so I decided I’d back up and listen to this one too; and, I'm going to count it towards my spelling challenge.
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