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Would you be concerned with ds 4.5, who is "young" for his age?

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I had a son like that. It felt like he was living in a bubble. The rest of the world had time going by and he just was not getting older as fast as anyone else or even the clock. He turned 6 yrs old still wearing size 4. My now 6 yr old wears the clothes he wore in 3rd grade or so. He walked late and when he started kinder, he was a Nov birthday so he was almost 6 then, he still could not spell is name or say his alphabet.


Anyway, by 5th grade, he was so far ahead, that he qualified for the gifted program where you had to be 96th percentile and above. He is very bright and in accelerated everything (he is still in public school).


So...hope this helps...there is definite hope. Now I have a 4 yr old who is not small for his age, but academically, seems to be following the same route. He cannot even get what an A is.

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My 7 year old son weighs 38 pounds soaking wet.


Well, and I wouldn't be too worried that he couldn't tell you that his ear hurt. Probably he feels stuffy with a bad headache and can't really articulate that.


Nothing in your post makes me feel very worried. I'm not big on giving medicine for every little sickness, so I probably would stop giving him the benadryl and whatnot. (I live abroad and they absolutely do NOT give abx for ear infections here). Let him rest and give him lots of fluids.

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Yes, I would have him evaluated. 37 wks is almost full term, so there was no need to make changes to his expectations even the first two years. (After 2y/o even micro preemies need not mention gestation in most circumstances.)


He's small, but that's not a big deal. Attached to thumb, again not a big deal--unless it bothers you. Not being able to articulate his feelings or sensations really should be checked out. You can get much of this initial testing done by the state for free.


fwiw, our triplets were behind academically until 4.5y/o. I just wasn't able to meet everyone's needs, so worked on immediate issues (food, shelter, and two school age sibs) until we prepared for K. They caught up quickly. We did find a couple unsuspected issues (dyslexia, slight speech impediment--quickly rectified). So, please don't think that my suggestion of seeking help implies anything negative. It's just to let you know where his current strengths and weaknesses lie and how to make any weakness and eventual strength.


Hope DS feels better soon and the ear and sinus infection go away quickly.

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As for the cough - the benedryl may be thickening the mucus, prolonging the problem. Have you tried using nasal saline or nasal washes (sinucleanse, netipot) to thin the mucus? I had a sinus infection this spring and the doctor told me I was making it last longer by taking antihistamines, even though I was doing the right thing by using the netipot. When I stopped the antihistamines and just used the netipot, I recovered.



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