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S/O Dansko clogs

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Has anyone else had problems with excessive scuffing on their Danskos? I somehow got a small scuff on one toe, then the rest of the material started peeling off. :confused: they are the Tiger's eye print I bought a year ago, and now the toes are white. They look awful and I can't wear them anymore except around the house. I really would like to buy another pair, but they are too expensive to have to replace every year.

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Some of my Danskos are 9-10 yrs old and they still look great! I have about 10 pair now. I don't own any Dansko Tiger's eye print shoes.

Edit: I have a couple that don't look great, only good, but that's because I wear them a lot (one pair of open back clogs and one pair of sandals).

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detail.asp?pfid=DAR01810&keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&width=880&height=892volley has a rubber toe.


I got the pink flower last spring.


Now for fall, I want to pick up these. detail.asp?pfid=DAR01810&keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&width=880&height=892(it won't allow me to add a second thumbnail - so there's a link.)

they are supposed to be good for wet/rain shoes. they also come in an ankle boot with stretch panels.

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Some of my Dansko's are 9-10 yrs old and they still look great!


I'm on my second pair now, but my first pair lasted close to 10 years. I had to repair the back strap once because the elastic wore out and the sole wore down from use, but the top was still in really good shape.


No, I'm rough on mine, use them to push around IV poles, chairs, and doors at work. I have one small scuff that is barely noticable and it never spread.


I was pretty rough on mine as well. I'm no longer working so I can't imagine how long they will last minus the abuse.

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ETA: I've only ever owned the white leather ones.
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