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Beth in OH: Look at what my dd10 made!

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No power tools but she did use a hack-saw! It is for practicing her gymnastics and for doing tortures like tricep dips.




If you click you will see a series of pictures.


Get her to start making dog jumps and she can have her own ebay business. Those look almost exactly like some jumps I bought last year!


ETA: And I feel really lazy and wasteful for buying something a 10 year old girl can make! Your Dd is putting me to shame.

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I love it! That girl has skills--creative, carpentry, and gymnastics. I don't know which is more impressive, the apparatus or the handstand with her hands wider than her shoulders.:hurray::hurray:


I really think that one of the top benefits of homeschooling is letting our kids create. BTW, PVC is a really useful, inexpensive material. I regularly use it for creating an overhead garden support.


Tell your daughter she's welcome to borrow my tools when she's ready for power! :lol:

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