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Astronomy Picks for a 6yo?


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My DS 6 loves all things space. We have a few Usborne books (both recent and older titles) that we enjoy and do cover a decent amount of ground, but I'm wondering if there is a good "comprehensive" encyclopedia-type book anyone would recommend. Almost textbooky, but not quite. Perhaps something you would as a spine if you were designing your own science for the year.


Our library is fairly decent, but I'd also like him to have something he can read/explore over and over. He's the kind of kid that likes to sit and read the encyclopedia. :lol:

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my 7 yo loved space but there didnt seem to be anything appropriate for his level sometimes. We did get the Slimy Science space and aliens book (from the Horrible History people) and also I read the two fiction books by Hawking - George's Secret Key to the Universe and George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt. it looks like there is a third one, George and the Big Bang. Fiction, but fiction which discusses cosmology a lot and has pages of actual pictures and facts in between here and there.

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Thank you, all!


The Seymour Simon books are great.


I would mention some of the Usborne books, but that seems to be not what you're looking for? I know they have a "Complete Book" of space and a "First Encyclopedia" of space.


It's funny, because I was thinking an Usborne book would be good, but when I was searching I couldn't find exactly what I was envisioning. Then I pulled out TWTM because I KNEW I'd read some good recommendations somewhere! Yes, those two look like what I want! :tongue_smilie:


Astronomy: Discoveries, Solar System, Stars, Universe by Kingfisher






Usborne Internet-linked Book of Astronomy




We have the Usborne book linked here, but I wanted something even a little "more."


I'll check out all the links. Thank you again!


ETA: The H.A. Rey books look wonderful as do the Seymour Simon titles. I feel so silly for not checking TWTM first! I've been so focused on the 3Rs, I barely registered other recommendations.

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There is an free app from NASA that is pretty cool. Lots of it would probably be too much for a 6 yo but there is a section for students and then in that there's a section for k-4th and there's good stuff there. Lots of amazing photos though. Really beautiful.

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