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  1. My 16-year-old will sleep through alarms. I was the same way as an adolescent. My father woke me up every day to go to school throughout high school, so I don't push it. My husband wakes him up at 6 AM as he's slow as molasses and I wake up 45 minutes later to prepare school lunches for him and my youngest daughter.
  2. Dd (10) will be doing the following: MATH: MM 4B and MM 5 ENGLISH: Grammar Voyage, Galore Park Jr. Book 3, POETRY: Harp and the Laurel Wreath SPELLING & VOCABULARY: Spelling City using words culled from Natural Speller SCIENCE: A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp HISTORY: Story of the World 3: Early Modern Times LITERATURE: Reading silently, reading aloud, and answering questions, a book report or two GEOGRAPHY: Evan-Moor Seven Continents: South America ART: w/Dad SPANISH: Duolingo and 10 Minutes a Day: Spanish
  3. Ds (13) will be 14 in September and in eighth grade. I signed him up for five Virtual School classes: Language Arts 3 Comprehensive Science 3 Beginning Spanish (he should progress through this quickly as he's been taking Spanish for a long time) Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Learning Strategies Comprehensive PE - Health, Nutrition, and Fitness The rest of his courses he's taking with me: Pre-Algebra: An Accelerated Course (1985 edition) by Mary P. Dolciani - he's finishing the latter part of this book, plus History using K12 The Human Odyssey Vol. 2, K12 Intermediate World His
  4. The Physicians Formula mascaras are most likely available at your local drugstore and are only about $10 or less if you have a coupon. Good luck and let us know which one you like! Another option is to search for "mascara samples" and see if anything satisfactory turns up. I recently overhauled my whole stash of makeup to nontoxic products.
  5. I just very recently (literally a few months ago) began calling my mil and referring to her as mom. I've known her for almost twenty years. I don't call my own mother mom. She's Mamsi, Mami, or Alita, as I'm from a different country originally. My own "mom" doesn't like to be called mom (as in the American "mom"). Thus I feel okay referring to my mil as mom.
  6. I'd get an eyelash curler and use something like Physicians' Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Bigger! Better! mascara (white case) or Organic Wear Jumbo Lash mascara (green case). I have good luck with those, especially the latter for evenings. For a more natural look, just longer eyelashes, I like Honeybee Gardens' Truly Natural mascara. I'd stick to those aforementioned mascaras for a fifties' look.
  7. My Pals Are Here offers an international edition for 5th and 6th grades. The only consumable part is the workbook, but you could circumvent this by having your student use a notebook. These books are sold at Christianbook.com and Rainbow Resource.
  8. Math: 1985 Dolciani Pre-Algebra with or without Math Mammoth 7 worksheets for extra practice Leonardo of Pisa and The New Mathematics of the Middle Ages English: Voyages in English 7 and online enrichment, Writing & Rhetoric Books 4 & 5 Literature: The Sword and the Circle, The Lord of the Rings, The Canterbury Tales, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Prince and the Pauper Literature Analysis: Figuratively Speaking, Critical Conditioning, one literature analysis guide (not sure which one yet) Science: Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations and online enrichment, BFS
  9. After being almost done with BFSU 3, next year I'm planning on moving to Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations, which is recommended for grades 7-9. I found the Conceptual Academy, which provides videos and other resources to help you along. Scroll down to see the info for the above-mentioned book.
  10. Resurrecting this thread - I'm considering an all-in-one English Writing & Grammar program and I like the looks of Voyages in English 7 (2011 edition). Has anybody used this? Any and all opinions welcome, please. Even if the writing wasn't used, I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks!
  11. I agree, Farrar. Ds has been getting attached to these characters. They're like extended family.
  12. Oh yes, and The Canterbury Tales are by Geraldine McCaughrean, not the original one by Chaucer!
  13. Thank you for the great advice, Mamas! I remember I read Lord of the Flies in high school and I've never forgotten it. I'll double check on Bronze Bow and modify the Literature selections tomorrow. Goodnight!
  14. My DS will be turning 12 in early September. Although he enjoyed Books 1-6, he hasn't finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet as he said it was too emotional for him. I appreciate that he knows his limits and that he feels comfortable letting me know. This is my Literature read-aloud list for this year. We pause and discuss, and once a week I ask questions. It looks very short as we have lots of historical fiction and nonfiction he's reading as well. Also, we may not get through all the books, but we still have 7th grade ;) The Bronze Bow The Eagle of the Ninth My Side of
  15. Congratulations! These are so pretty! I agree, they do look much better than the Erin Condren IMHO. The only reason I didn't go with PP is that I needed more space to write, and hours for appointment already included. Otherwise, what a good-looking, customizable planner :)
  16. I have recently bought a Franklin Covey planner - can't wait for it to get in! My preference is for ring-bound as I already have an FC Classic leather cover, but here are all the Franklin Covey planners that are wire-bound and ready to begin on July 1st: http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/buy/Weekly/cat960012/categoryfacet.jsp?_DARGS=/store/browse/categoryfacet.jsp.4_AF&_dynSessConf=-2468889206598424260&trail=SRCH%3Acat960012%3A8222%3AClassic%3A8226%3AWire-bound%3A10250%3AJul+2015+-+Jun+2016&_D%3Aqfh_ft=+&qfh_fsr=true&_D%3Aqfh_fsr=+&qfh_rct=0157984059&_D%3A
  17. Cary Elwes and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Later I also had a crush on Pierce Brosnan's James Bond. One more.. how could I forget? I was 13 when I was crushing on one of the Menudo members - Robert Avellanet. I even got to meet him briefly :svengo: :tongue_smilie:
  18. Back in 2001, as newlyweds, my husband and I bought a green metallic Volkswagen Passat 2001.5 together. We had been married for about a year and a half, and it was the most exciting we had done after getting married - and getting a puppy :) We sold it about six months ago. We were ready, and so was the car. It's too small for our family - three children and no room for all our stuff. It had served its purpose. We love our minivan. In fact, I can't think of a scenario where I won't have a minivan - I can see my husband moving his paintings in there, our luggage neatly put in the back, furni
  19. Thanks for the tips! I really like this lady's pages too - check out the printables. http://scatteredsquirrel.com/printable/ I ended up going with the traditional Franklin Covey Seasons refills plus starter pack. Early in the morning (around 4:30 AM) my hubby's phone rang and my overactive mind devised a way to use my planner in just the way that fits me. At least I think it is..! I ordered this in Classic size: http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/buy/FranklinCovey-Exclusives-Planners/Seasons-Ring-bound-Daily-Planner-/prod410172/ It's two pages per day, pretty, has ins
  20. Hmm.. I can see myself using the bullet journal style maybe in a decade lol - but right now I need the structure that a Franklin Covey or Etsy type planner would provide. Off to check out more forms - and Franklin's own.
  21. I will definitely check out all the suggestions here. I had never heard of bullet journal. Thanks!
  22. First some background: I may have ADD - I've never been diagnosed, but reading the book Women and ADD confirmed a lot of things I've been struggling with since I was a child. I'm looking to organize my life all in one place. I need to see everything at once, but at the same time I need a long to-do list as I need to be specific in each task. Ideally, I'd have a monthly, weekly, AND two-page-a-day daily planner, lol. I already own a Franklin Covey leather binder I'd like to use. It's in Classic size, which needs 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 paper refills. I homeschool two children, but eventually
  23. 4+ kids Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. This year I've been happy with the progress we've made in math, science, Spanish, grammar, and writing. We've also enjoyed our history discussions. However, I have dropped the ball on poetry, and Latin and music have been weak. We've done some art, but the kids are clamoring for more art from their Dad (he's an artist). My goals for this coming year invariably are going to be: Poetry More literature analysis Reading simple books in Spanish More music (possibly band will take care of this) Art with Dad Continue strong with math, science, grammar, Spanish, and writing I've als
  25. We started in 2nd grade. I use Natural Speller and Spelling City with both kids (11 and 7). I choose their lists based on approx. grade level, then write them all down - all 36 weeks -in their spelling notebook. (This way they're also learning how to read cursive without knowing they're doing it.) Then I take DS11's weekly lists and type them all up in Spelling City. They each start out on Mondays by copying each word. DS11 has 18-20 words per week, DD7 has 6 words per week. She's working her way up to 8 next fall. The following day they simply study the words using several strategie
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