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My dad is ok. Thanks for praying!


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I posted Tuesday night about my dad being admitted to the hospital with possible stroke symptoms. He was released this morning with a diagnosis of Transiet Global Amnesia (whatever that means). Basically, they couldn't find a physical cause for his apraxia and confusion, so this diagnosis fit. I spoke with him this morning and he was cussing and making fun of people, so I know he is mostly back to normal. I am still a bit worried since he has other health problems, but this episode seems to have passed. Thanks to all who prayed or sent a good vibe his way!

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Im glad he didnt have a stroke. My grandpa had a major one and it left him paralyzed.


I hope hes ok from here on out though and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks! He has COPD, arthritis along his spine, and bulging discs. Perhaps the pain he was in, coupled with the stress of working offshore on a rocking boat, contributed to this episode. His arteries look great for a man his age. His cholesterol is fabulous. Hopefully my bipolar mother can care for him appropriately and not make him, at 64, work in terrible conditions again.

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