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What to use for math "enrichment" during school

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Long time lurker coming out to ask for help...


My son's teacher is going to let him take the mid term and year end math assessments, and then come up with a program with me for him to do in class instead of the normal math period. He is in fourth grade and his school uses Everyday Math:)


The only hitch seems to be that our county does not allow him to accelerate past fourth grade math, he is only "allowed" enrichment.


Any ideas, suggestions, BTDT with your kids that can help me come up with a plan before we meet on Monday? My initial plan is to have him work through fractions and decimals with the Mammoth math series and the Life of Fred books. They cover both in fourth grade, though the MM says 4th and 5th. I think I can get away with a little if I keep it under cover.


She was also receptive to computer or online programs.


I've been asking for this for years. I really want to make the most of it!

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Take a look at Primary Grade Challenge Math, which is suggested for grades 1-4, and Challenge Math, which is suggested for grades 4-9. The chapters are divided by topic rather than grade level. DD's teacher bought them for her last year, and I was happy with them as something she could use independently. DD would read the introductory material in a chapter, do the first two of levels of problems, then the teacher or I would check how she did (depending on if she was at school or home), and then DD could do the higher level problems in that chapter.


DD also did Kahn Academy at school, but it was not a big hit.


I have to go get DD now, but I will try to think of more for later.

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FWIW, my ds did MM5 at school last year. It involved a little more independence than if I had been teaching him at home. It worked out fine. (It worked out so well that this year, with the same teacher in a mixed-grade classroom, he's using AoPS Prealgebra, though he's doing much more of it at home where I am available to help, because it's so much more challenging and the format is also a challenge for his young age)


I think it's a fine plan. If you don't want them to see the grade level, use the blue topic books ;) or just send in a stapled packet of sheets daily/weekly.


eta, in our case, I think the teacher was just happy not to worry about my ds's math needs - I was basically in charge, with her blessing. I wish more teachers were as flexible.

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Have you looked at Dreambox Learning yet?


If they'll pay for Dreambox I'd take it in a heartbeat. It's sort of fun, totally independent, and I thought the 4th and 5th grade was really well done. I've complained before that Dreambox didn't have a true 5th grade level, but they have corrected it in recent months. My son was doing division problems in his head with dreambox yesterday that I could never do without paper. MM is also good but I'd be a little concerned about only doing the subject books all year and he may need a little more teacher support than w/dreambox.

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You could also look at Beast Academy. It’s probably below where he is, but it’s presented in a different way. My 4th grader is working through it and loving it. The concepts are easy but are often taken to a higher level in the problems.


I’d also second the Primary Grade Challenge Math.


There are also a bunch of math books that we have and pull out occasionally: Math Mysteries, Penrose the Mathematical Cat, The Number Devil and The Man who Counted.

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