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  1. For my own rising 11th grader I can copy and paste with just a wee alteration! 😄 And other than Arabic, nothing is scheduled before 11 am!
  2. We were originally looking to use DE for a few classes, but our flagship state university requires 27 college credits as one of the options for proof of college readiness for homeschooled applicants. Once we complete that option, my dc is basically halfway to an AA, so we looked into that. Our state has a guaranteed transfer program from the CCs to most of the State Uni BA programs. It is a significant cost savings, and allows dc to still make significant progress online while we wait out the Covid crisis. Also, even with FT DE, it should leave some time for personal pursuits like art and dance. Especially since we are not having to drive to campus. I spoke to an admissions officer at the State U, to verify our plan was acceptable, and I will have to graduate dc prior to completion of the AA, so they are getting the AA as a CC student not a DE CC student. So, we will pay DE rates for a year, graduate high school, pay regular CC rates for the year after that, and then dc can be a junior at the State U. eta: Also, dc plans to get an MA right after the BA, so expects to be on campus for 4 years anyway, but finishing an MA at the age they would normally get a BA.
  3. My 16yo who does Irish dance is going back to dance class today for the first time since March. The dance school is holding classes in a different space, at another school's dance studio rather than at our regular gym or church hall. The floor has been taped off in a 10 foot square grid pattern, with each dancer assigned to a square. There is a well articulated safety plan, with smaller classes, masks, no parents in studio, hand sanitizing on arrival and departure, waiting in the car, and entering and exiting one at a time, etc. I am not 100% comfortable with the idea, but my kid really wants to try it and I trust them to behave responsibly. I discussed the plan with my ex to hash out whether or not we are insane to do this, and kid also discussed it (virtually) with pcp this week, who sounded supportive. Our area is at a level 3 reopening stage, with falling numbers to support the changes.
  4. I have asthma, and have been breathing a bit easier with this style of mask: I made my own by watching a bunch of YouTube videos for "3D mask." I find that having some space for a pocket of air really helps. I also pop a Ludens cough drop in my mouth before putting on a mask to keep the mucus down.
  5. Probably 75 rolls. I have had the store brand 30-pack on my curbside pickup grocery shopping list every week since I started using that service in April. Until 3 weeks ago, they only had it in stock once. I finally got some, 2 weeks in a row! So, I just removed it from the re-order list. I probably was close to running out except that I found a 24-pack of quilted northern on amazon in late May.
  6. I have some, and just stretched them out to measure. The adult size is just about 6.5 inches from top to bottom at the center, and kid size is about 5.5, if you pull it all the way open. I find them just a bit under-performing in terms of coverage, compared to other masks I have been wearing (mostly self-made), but for the price I am glad to have these extra masks on hand. They will do for when I need to leave my apartment briefly to grab my mail or take out the trash.
  7. Probably wouldn't start now. Fortunately my 15 yo got their braces removed on February 29th! We got a clear retainer that day, and were supposed to come back in a few weeks for the palate-molded retainer, but that didn't happen. We go to a dental school for our dental care, and the clinic announced on March 13 that they were shutting down everything but emergency care. They were supposed to "reopen" this week, still for emergency/urgent care, and after that they will prioritize "any disease that might progress and cause risk if left untreated." Braces are a ways off for their clinic.
  8. From what I can see, August is mentioned because of the timeline expected from spread based on relaxed restrictions. Nothing special about August itself.
  9. So far I have only used it for removable filters, telling people they can reuse them if they hand wash the filters in cool soapy water. I plan to try sewing it into the next round of masks, with the instructions to either hand wash the whole mask, or machine wash on gentle/cold, and hang to dry. I am making this change because my extended family is mostly skipping the filters.
  10. The last time I was in a store was March. I mostly buy stuff online and get things delivered, and I order curbside grocery pickup which my ex picks up and brings by. Stores that were closed are just starting to reopen over the last 10 days or so. Cases are slightly declining. I live at the border of 2 counties with a combined death total of 2660 so far. That is about 1/3 of the statewide total. The last time I left my property was about 2 weeks ago, when I went to get my 15 yo, who stays with my ex for a few days 2-3 times per month. I did some laundry while I was over there, since I don't have a washer/dryer within my condo unit. The last time I left my condo but stayed on the property was 2 days ago. I took out the trash, and ran into an unmasked neighbor as I was leaving the trash room. Taking out the trash or getting mail or packages means passing somebody about half the time, so I still mask up, and wash up when I get back in from the common areas. There are 50 units in the complex, 10 in my building, and often there are other people around: custodian, landscaper, delivery people, etc. I do appreciate that there are people taking care of things that allow me to stay in seclusion, but it feels crowded.
  11. My ex took our kid to the ER about a month ago. We are in a hot spot. They wore homemade masks to go there. They were screened upon arrival, and given hospital issued masks to wear beyond the entrance, and used the hand sanitizing station. They were the only people in the waiting room. Kid had blood test, urine test, EKG, COVID-19 swab, and was in a bed for a while while they administered an IV. Everything was done very carefully. Hand washing or hand sanitizing a bunch of times. They resanitized hands before leaving. When they got home, they changed out of clothes right away, and showered. Shoes stay at the door. I did not go, as I am the more vulnerable parent. Kid stayed with ex for about a week after the visit, but more because they have their own bathroom there, so better while sick. I got a call the next day telling us the covid 19 test was negative, as expected. I generally keep a bunch of Ziploc bags on me if I have to go anywhere, so I can stash my phone in it. I can still swipe the screen, but the phone surface stays clean. Once home, I slide the phone out of the bag without touching, wash hands, and then I can pick it up. The thing that freaked me out was hearing that they used a valet. Driver was masked though. When they went back to cardiology the next week, they parked in the garage but then used a hospital wheelchair. So having wipes could be handy. We keep wipes by the door now to wipe down the kid's walker when we come back in.
  12. "Hot springs tour around the world" is what came to my mind with this topic. Perhaps because I am currently elevating my very swollen feet. A kind friend delivered Epsom salt this evening so I can take a soothing soak. This thread had me stop and reflect on how fortunate I have been over the years to see so much of the world. Growing up in a military family was not easy, but I did get to see a Viking museum and the fjords of Norway, castles and cathedrals all over Europe, the excavated ruins of Pompeii, cliff dwellings and caves in New Mexico, waterfalls and black sands in Hawaii, and so much amazing food. I have always been an avid museum fan, and have visited hundreds! In college (even though I was an econ major) I took a museum studies class that took us behind the scenes of different museums each week. Fascinating!
  13. This article in The Salt Lake Tribune from this weekend covered that topic: They highlight a bunch of categories and break down how it spreads (or doesn't seem to spread) in those settings
  14. My child gets about $600/month in SSDI. My ex files a very basic statement for the SSA each year, attesting to the amount of it spent on child's behalf, and the amount still available. It does not ask for a breakdown of expenses on the form. We keep track by having the money direct deposited into a custodial checking account, which we only use for things that benefit our child. About half of it goes to pay for dance related stuff. The other half covers medical copays and prescriptions. Sometimes we write a check directly from the custodial account, but also about every 3 months I go through our bills that we paid from our accts, and I reimburse us for stuff that was for our child, and just make a note on the memo line of the custodial check. To complete the form for SSA, we just list a total spent (add up all the payments made), and what the remaining balance is. If we wanted to, we could deduct a portion of the money towards the mortgage, health insurance, etc, but the money is always spent before we would need to do that.
  15. My child was tested at an ER late on a Monday night, and I got a call from a nurse with (negative) results at noon on Tuesday.
  16. The emotional processing that bolt described is very much like what I learned over many years of doing DBT groups, and I find it very helpful. However, sometimes you are not in the right frame of mind or in the right place or in the right company to fully experience your emotions. When you are in extreme distress, and you just need to get through the moment, it could be better to go with a temporary "no." The use of the snapping rubber band reminds me of group members who had issues with self-harm, and might use a mechanism like that to pause their thinking to stay safe.
  17. It is normal for me to go years without seeing my extended family. I grew up in an Army family, moving around a lot. And unlike most other Army families we knew, we had no hometown of relatives to go visit. My father's father, mother's father, and both of my mother's siblings were also career Army, so everyone was on the move. My parents split up around the time I finished high school, and both moved thousands of miles at least four times each after that. I moved to my current area on my own, rather than follow either of my parents. I eventually met and married someone here, and though I expected that we would eventually move away together, we kind of got stuck here. His family was the polar opposite of mine in terms of mobility. He grew up on the same street as his mother's sister and father's sister, who lived next door to each other. The rest of his extended family almost all lived within a few miles, with the one exception being one uncle who moved one state over, and was considered to have abandoned his family. Even that uncle moved back to the area after his divorce about a decade ago. I enjoyed some aspects of the big instant family, but mostly I found it suffocating. My MIL in particular has no respect for boundaries. And now I am in the middle of my own separation. He moved out a little over 2 years ago. Since much of our life was connected to his family, I am a bit adrift now that the relationship has changed. We have one child, who is now halfway through high school. The plan is for me to stay in this home until our child moves out, but that may include some college years at home, especially given the current climate. So I am definitely thinking about "where next?" at this point. But my own extended family doesn't live near each other either, and I have never lived in the places they settled in. Maybe I need to start my own thread about where to go. I need to find a place with REALLY low cost of living.
  18. I just picked out this little one by Whirlpool:
  19. Sensory issues are hard. The only other think that springs to mind is a balaclava style mask, either something stretchy that can be pulled up, or else more of a ski mask.
  20. Have you tried a single piece of elastic that wraps around the back of the head? If you look at the craft passion site there is a picture of a boy wearing it that way. You have to go down a ways to get to the image. That it is what I am doing with my next batch, now that my elastic arrived over the weekend.
  21. Boston Metro, ordered online from Wegmans for curbside pickup mid-afternoon on a Saturday. We still need to book a time 5 days in advance, in the middle of the night, but it lets me edit my list up until a few hours before they start collecting it for pickup. Wegmans has had a limit on fresh meat for a while, limited to 2 beef and 2 chicken. Today I got the beef (ground beef and a steak) I requested, but not the fresh chicken. I requested one of their ready to bake turkey meatloafs as backup because I was expecting the chicken to fall through. They did have the frozen chicken tenders my kid likes, after running out of them last week. Other things I did not receive from my list: yeast, wipes, tissue, tp, dishwasher detergent, vanilla ice cream, tostitos, goldfish crackers I was able to get my milk, oj, eggs, yogurt, hummus, and all of the fruits and veggies i wanted. The bananas look better this week. They might not have to go right into banana bread. The black beans I could not get last week are back, along with their 6 packs of canned corn. I ordered a few things from Target online to ship that I would normally get at the grocery store. Dishwasher detergent, hand sanitizer, and goldfish crackers, among other things.
  22. Pillowcases are a great project. That is what my kid started with.
  23. I just thought of another simple sewing project on our agenda, which we had planned to do over the winter. Door and window snakes. They block the draft, are easy to sew, and we are using old jeans for the fabric.
  24. I found the classes helpful. The classes were at my branch library, which has a dozen machines. It was good to have an experienced seamstress to help guide me. I also took sewing classes as a young teen, but that was very long ago, and I wanted a refresher. I am not sure live classes can be a thing right now, but there is a lot of info online for making projects.
  25. I took a sewing class about 5 years ago. One of the first projects we made was tote bags. Next came pajama pants. At one point I made simple drawstring gift bags to be used in place of paper gift wrap. Once we are done with masks for a while, I think we will make some nice patchwork aprons with the extra fabric. Back in March I used the machine to make some "family cloth" in case we ran out of toilet paper, but we have not needed those yet, thankfully!
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